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It's been a while.

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Hi guys! I've been basically MIA for a few months now, minus the few appearances I've made, mainly in the shiny hunting thread haha. So much has gone on that it's been really hard to find time to come on and have any meaningful contributions.

So life has been up and down for the last few months. My last blog post was about my dad going into hospital due to his mental health. Good news is he was released just before Christmas and has been out since. His mental health isn't perfect but is much better, which I'm super happy about. In that respect though, I feel like mine is declining a bit haha. Anxiety is something I'm trying to conquer at the moment, my life has been in flux so much over the last few months I just need some stability so I can chill out a bit.

In the job department, I was at the call centre for 4 months. It was a really good experience. Stressful and I hated it but I met so many great friends there and when you could get past the calls from the verbally abusing customers, you could have a good day. At the end of Feb, I got an interview at a Furniture factory for a marketing role, doing design for them, which is what I studied at uni. I got the job, a few weeks ago I left the call centre and starting my career as a graphic designer. Yesterday I also heard back from someone I sent my portfolio over to a month or so ago and they want to offer me a placement after all the coronavirus stuff blows over. So my work side is thriving, finally.

I'm just a bit conflicted because I still want to set up my print shop and work towards making my own comic book series etc but I just don't have the time and motivation at the moment. Any tips on how to help with that?

Now, the elephant in the room is the Coronavirus. All the issues I had when I wrote my blog last time have now been resolved, but this is now causing more. My pay has been cut as work have cut my hours so they don't go bust, my dad is really worried about getting it and it's getting more chaotic as time goes on. Really, i'm just hoping it doesn't last too long.

I want to post more on here and I want to do more art or something but I'm not sure what, so if any of you guys have any ideas, i'd love to hear them. I need to practise my art and need inspiration haha. I'm not posting any Bo pictures in this blog as I don't want to be the annoying pet person who always shares pictures of his pet but let me know if you want any and I will share haha. He's turning 1 next week and is getting bigger now so probably looks different compared the last images you would have seen.

Thanks for reading :)

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