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Coming back soon

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So, after being essentially dead on this site for over a year now, and not being super active since something like 2016 or whatever, I’m gonna try to come back. It’s... been rough the last little-over-a-year. If you feel like reading my sob story, I’ll put it in a spoiler below. Long story short, everything went to crap for about a year and I was so stressed that I had to stop everything I was doing to re-ground myself. I currently don’t have a consistent internet connection, so I still won’t be super active, but I’m going to see if I can reinsert myself here even before the internet situation’s fixed.

So, basically, back in May last year, I lost my grandpa to cancer, I made a blogpost about that before, but that is where this began. My dad had left my mom the previous fall while I was attending college out of town. That part didn’t affect me too much at the time because I was only home for one week every month and they split up periodically anyways, but it comes into play later.
During the summer, we barely had the money to pay the bills, but we managed because I had found a job, but I had to leave in the fall to go back to college.
While I was gone, I couldn’t find a job in the college town, and I couldn’t just commute back to my home town, so I was jobless and my family was struggling with my teenage sister being the only one working. I rapidly lost all focus on my school work due to the stress. I failed that semester, but had another chance Spring of 2020, coming back home to the campus in town.
All I had to do was keep my grades up, pass one class in particular, and complete an internship, while trying to find and maintain a job. Sounded easy, but that’s when the crap really hit the fan.
1) In February, my biological father, who I had just decided back in January that I would give another chance to be in my life, was hit and killed by a train.
2) My dad (the one who had left my mom in 2018) came back long enough to use up all of the income taxes before leaving again. (He did help us get out of a few financial holes before he left again, but when he left we were back in the situation of not being able to pay bills again.)
3) Right when I was going to possibly be hired by a fast food restaurant, Covid hit. Literally the week between when I did my interview and when I was told final decisions would be made, the state shut down. And, at this point, my sister had stopped working due to health issues.
4) Due to all the previous, I was unable to focus at all on my school work, I dropped out (with a promise that I’d go back as soon as reasonably possible) in April.
5) The IRS decided that, if you were claimed on more than one income tax, you didn’t get a stimulus because extra money was already spent on you. I was claimed on my own and on my parents’ because I didn’t work hardly at all in 2019. I only got like $300 from my personal income tax refund, but that was enough to prevent me from getting my $1200 stimulus check.
6) To top it all off with the money issues, we have a car that guzzles gas so bad it’s unusable, and one that has so many mechanical issues that we’re expecting it to just die on us any time, not enough money to fix either of them, and no other method of transportation.

Yeah, things are just peachy around here.

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