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A bit of an update.

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Hi guys! Hope you're all ok.

I've missed being on here, being my usual active(ish) user. I do plan on coming back at some point, I have a lot of plans for some art which i'm excited to share with you all and be part of the Pokemon discussions, especially with a certain remake coming out that I have strong opinions about. let's not go there! At least for now. haha. Just wanted to give you all a bit of an update after my last blog post and me becoming a bit MIA.

So, if you didn't see my last blog, my mom suddenly passed away back in September and it literally turned my world upside down. I think I can quite honestly say it's sent me into a full mental breakdown. I've always had mental health issues with me going to counselling for for 5 years or so previously and over the last few years I have been struggling with anxiety and depression, trying to fight through some very bad thoughts. I was recently being successful with all that, finally getting a grip on it. And then boom. September happens, bringing all my demons back with it.

Along with that, quite a lot more has come to light and our family is struggling through a lot of things, including a court case among others. Along with this, my dad's health has deteriorated, with him being diagnosed with osteoporosis so he struggles to walk, having another stroke due to the stress of my mum's passing and a referral to the dementia team. I took a break from here and from everything really, quitting my job, having about a month off and then going back to the original job I had at a call centre as it was easier and less draining, compared to my design career I aspire to have. Wanting to put my main focus on my healing and my family, I just let everything stop. At the request of my girlfriend who was really concerned due to my thoughts and actions, I also got therapy. It's not amazing and I'm slowly working through my problems, my past trauma and my grief and I'm working towards getting back to the person I used to be. I was diagnosed with Attachment disorder, anxiety disorder and clinical depression and we are looking into it further to see if this is all part of a bigger mental health disorder based on childhood trauma and stuff like that.

But yeah. Just wanted to give you guys an update. Maybe it's oversharing a bit over the internet but i've been on here for 8 years and it really does feel home and I've known some of you since I joined so wanted to update you as to why I sort of vanished and assure you I'm not gone. I will be back. I just need a bit more time to get back to myself and allow me and my family to heal. I'm getting there slowly. What doesn't kill you makes you stronger, right?

I don't know when I'll be back or how often I'll check in. You might see me every now and then and I hope to be back being creative soon.

Thanks guys!
Your oversharing reptile freak,
Coru :3.

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