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Life Update

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Oh boy. This is probably a big thing? I know it's been a while, and a lot has changed. A lot really can change in 3 years. You guys already know I got hit with the Type 2 Diabetes. I have that nastiness on lock, though. Not really any worries there. You already know I got married. That's doing well. The only issue I have is a combination of the 2. Being married, you tend to get a little lax in your physical well being. I'd like for both of us to be more active. For me it would just get me to a spot where I wouldn't have to take medicine, anymore. Because I don't really eat bad, anymore, I just don't do a lot outside of work. This is mostly due to COVID, so she and I really don't wanna catch it, so we avoid the outside whenever possible.

So, here's something you don't know, and something that was actually a thing when I was around the last time: I became a professional wrestler! Not a famous one, obviously. But I do it, and I'm good at it. I've earned a few championships by myself, but I find that I perform best in Tag Teams, at least for now. My current tag partner and I are reigning Tag Team Champions.

Honestly, I'm surprised I never mentioned it in previous blogs, because at the same time I became a diabetic, I became a wrestler to help keep it under control. So I've been at it for a number of years, now. Unfortunately, I'm becoming a little pudgy and out of shape, because of COVID, and because of COVID, we haven't been able to wrestle in Ohio. I miss it, terribly. Maybe one day, soon? One can hope.

I've begun a deep study and interest into Norse Paganism. From ancient lifestyles to modern practices, and a lot of what my wrestling character is based on is built from what I've learned. The character is literally called "The Viking," so it stands to reason that I've learned enough to put this into practice. But, honestly, that's another thing that I've done for several years, now. I think I've been on it for about a decade, now. Learning as much as I can, because there's just so much culture and history. Their habits, and religion. It's all absolutely fascinating.

Have I converted to their practice and religion, you may ask? I wouldn't go that far. I've taken to calling myself a 'Skald' and a berserker when I'm angry. I also find all of it much more interesting than anything Christianity has provided me through the years. But, fun nicknames and pale interests are hardly a conversion. I just wanna learn. By the way, RUNES?! Those are confusing, wonderful, obnoxious, and incredible. So much work for such a small image.

I'm a Starbucks Barista, now. I technically work for Kroger, so we're not a "Real Starbucks." But I bet I could work circles around all those REAL ones, cause all I hear from customers about the nearby REAL ones is how often they mess things up. But one thing I can say for sure, is that getting paid $14 an hour to make coffee is freaking brilliant. The fact that Minimum wage is going up to $15 so I'll be at the bottom of the barrel again kinda stings. Like, my 10 years of retail and customer service experience means nothing? My devotion to pleasing the Karens and Chads of Ohio has gotten me nowhere? Neat-o.

That's all silly life stuff. Let's talk Pokemon! It's a Pokemon Forum, after all! So, I play Pokemon Go pretty frequently (as not to contradict my first paragraph, I do this from my car, not on my own two legs.). Actually, with this recent Red and Green event, I got to pick up all my missing Kanto Pokemon and complete the DEX for that region. I still have a lot of doin' for the rest of them, though. I've played and beaten Pokemon LET'S GO Pikachu (with help from Jessu, actually.) I've also played and beaten Pokemon Shield (Because I always buy the Red game.), while also helping my wife beat Sword.

You ready for the BIG shocker? Scizor isn't my #1, anymore. After nearly a decade at the top, he's finally been knocked off. No Pokemon holds rank, really. With so many that I favor, I couldn't just single out one. But, honestly.. If I had to choose, at this stage it'd be Mimikyu. I've grown quite fond of it, so much so that I'm actually getting a tattoo of it for my birthday. Very exciting stuff. I have plans for a Scizor, as well. I actually.. just got an idea that would be pretty sick.

Alright, so I have so many favorites, and I've been really wanting a reason to get a full sleeve tattoo. I might end up combining them all, as one unique style, and cover my arm in their image. Stay tuned for that! Anyways, I think that'll do for a blog. A little life update, mixed with some mad creative thoughts, because that's how my brain works. I'll post another one, soon. Maybe even tomorrow. We'll see how it goes.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Hey dude, thanks for sharing that life update! Yeah, COVID-19 has been a big suck for everyone, including me, though I enjoy the working from home aspect as opposed to lugging my butt all the way to the office.

    That's nifty about the wrestling stuff, though! And hey, I'm still playing Let's Go, Eevee, which I recently picked back up after a long hiatus. Well, glad to see you're still doing pretty well.

    Cheers and good times, dude! :D