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Greetings! Mein funk Verstaendnis reicht zur Not

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Bond with me, Jimmy.
One of my big goals in joining this here website is to eventually rack up some old funk-meisters like me who love the classics. Now this isnt my sole-reason for joining, but its a relevant one. I never blogged before but I think its a solid prospect in a forum where alot of the users know eachother in some shape or form. As long as the banhammer isnt too heavy, you know?

Why the classics? A bad question there son! No I aint talking about NES. Pokemon is a side gig for the most part, but also the only beast taming SIM that has had content made in a while. I appreciate its nod towards more hardcore and serious settings, but such nods and notions were abandoned shortly after made (its been a good long while too). Its hard to appreciate a series that is all over the place in tone and consistency. Jade Cocoon consumed far more of my passion and time, that single game made for a home console. Imagine that. To be faiiiiir, it does also have THE BEST fusion system in any monster owning SIM to date. I always considered that to just be a really tasty cherry ontop, but having more than 2 million potential variations of beast is really something else. An absolute classic.

I talked a little bit about this in my introductory forum post, but fluid (primarily) creature dependent combat is by far the best, I mean pokemon can still rely somewhat on move commands, but the weak point is how dependent and absolutely slave like a creature is to their growth rates and typings. Talk about 2 dimensional. Yet STILL Agile flying beasts dodge roughly as well as a giant girthy stone golem. Shooooooooooooooooooot, even fire emblem lets you give characters major stat boosting items, and the pvp they put into FE still just stands as people comparing their team preferences.

Its possible, but not the most financially viable move in the world when your goal is set on making a game every 0.9 years. Its tough enough to adapt already existing features and previously almost completed features in these financially rough deadlines IT TAKES ALOT OF WORK TO KEEP RATTATA TACKLES IN THE SERIES, OKAY GUYS? I feel like alot of pokemon fans come down way too damn hard on people who dont already sound like whipped hype beasts. I had my list of issues with the pokemon video games creators/overseers with their sloth and corporate attitude towards game development for a long time now, but man damn did I get verbally tackled to the ground if I even so much as brought up contradicting pokedex entries back in 4th and 5th gen days. So much spit and salt, probably from furries and competitive players for the vast majority. With Sword and Shield most anything is fair game nowadays, that trainwreck.

I always 'reckon that the classics were mostly from the ps1 and ps2 age. Alot of golden label action and rpg titles. Some people associate the SNES with the gold ages of gaming, and with its library I might be inclined to say that there is more than a kernel of truth... The amount of crazy stuff done with SNES-tier tech is pretty outstanding. The only issue is that kids wont touch something unless its atleast in decent looking polygon levels I feel. Imagine trying to tell someone to go play one of the oldest major consoles they know of? It just wont happen. Next best thing is early Playstation era stuff, and we all know that its pretty damn good. PS2 isnt even that old, the ps3 was made around 2010 or something and there arent any games for it.

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