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A XaiakuX Blog

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Yeah, don't get comfy with it. This is probably the only one that I'll ever do. So it's gonna be long, and it's gonna talk about me a whole lot. If you don't want to read a bunch of crap about me, then go away. This is the story about me, and how I came to find Pe2k, what all I've done on and for Pe2k, and PxR, and still doing on PxR.

A lot of you don't realize that I'm actually secretly becoming a huge work-a-holic for this forum/site. Though optionally volunteering to take on way too many tasks at a time, then getting yelled at for it by HKim or Ray_Quazaa. There's like 8 million projects I'm helping with, or working on as a favor. I'd never do all of this stuff for free for anyone else. But it's you guys, and I love all of your faces.

Except for Metal Gear Snivy.

Anyways, let me take you back to 2004, when I was fresh into my teenager years, and just learning about the coming adulthood that was a mere 5 years away. So back then, SOME of the err.. grown-up things kind of already reached my young brain, and it didn't take long for the internet to ruin the very innocent image of Pokemon for me. There went my early childhood. But I found myself increasingly fond of it at the time, and believe it or not, it was during one of those not-so-harmless Google searches that I found Pe2k. Apparently some idiot posted a no-no picture on the forum, and found himself promptly booted. I, however, remained. With the name Scizor_Master2oo4, and thus began my journey through Pokemon Forum life.

My first major thing would be with a conflict with a moderator who went by the name of "Marth." I don't know the details anymore, but I know that I definitely did something small, like not posting 4 words in a post, or something dumb to that effect, and I watched him blow it way out of proportion, and thus started my "anarchist" rebellion. So if you want to know why I kinda do what I want, blame Marth! I remember saying "Adios" to him at the very end of our dispute, and he fired back with, "It's 'Adiós'." With that stupid little accent over the "O" like the é in Pokémon. I silently replied "F*** you, buddy."

After that I think I actually kinda vanished for a while, I was none too pleased about how I was treated right off the bat, but eventually returned. However with an All new account. My XaiakuX turned Pheritzelf. That's right, I had a second account for years. Not on purpose, I had just forgotten the password to Scizor_Master2oo4. I believe I eventually told HKim about it, (my first actual conversation with him) and he helped me get my old account back.

In my time as Pheritzelf/XaiakuX (the first) I became friends with a lot of people. including Tombi, Anastasia, and Woodchuck. That list is ridiculous, if I don't name you, then deal with it. There's too many of you, and not enough patience to sit here and write out all of your names! I also decided to show off my skills as a sprite artist, and it got me a little recognition, and I'm pretty sure I'm one of the first few people to actually do animated sprite art on Pe2k.

More time as Pheritzelf would get me introduced to Role-Playing, and graphic design, something I excel at, today. I want to credit Tombi a little, because she kinda helped me grow as a graphic artist, and I think for the better part of those years we kinda helped each other grow, a lot. Amazing that a young girl from England could help me grow up more than any of my real life friends. Oddly enough, or maybe more "who didn't see it coming?" the growing and friendliness and hours chatting sparked a brief romance between Tombi and myself that I won't go into because it's private, and SHUT UP.

I will say that a lot of people wondered why I was so obsessed with her. It wasn't obsession, it was infatuation. We were a thing. The fact that no one knew made me create the most hilarious group ever. It was called "The Official Pe2k Tombi Fan Club." With Tombi, I was a freaking idiot for the way that I acted at the end of it, and I'm really glad that Tombi and I are still really awesome friends. With that out of the way, I think it's time to switch accounts and kill Pheritzelf forever. Everybody say BAAAAAAAI! Good riddance. After a few off and on lengthy hiatuses, we're back on Scizor_Master2oo4, turned XaiakuX (the second), turned Onii-San, turned XaiakuX (the final). This is when I started familiarizing myself with newer faces like Saraibre Ryu, Gem-n-Ems, Typhlosion Explosion, Grassy_Aggron, and several other moderators.

I think it was at this stage, or even earlier, if I really want to become a moderator, or something, I could have. I just didn't want to. I wanted to stay the regular member, and not have a big role in anything. But, thanks to the likes of Charbok, Omega Mitch, and Graceful Suicune, that didn't last very long. Eventually I found myself in projects helping with things like the Pe2k Podcast, Member of the Month, Banner of the Week, Masters of Cinema, and so many other things, I wanted to blow my brains out.

I was slowly becoming a Pe2k work horse, so much so that I was actually promoted to Site Staff to write articles for the site. At the time I thought I was going to be cranking articles everyday. Fun fact, I never wrote a single freaking article. But I'm getting ahead of myself, because I'm leaving out a very important aspect of my new responsibilities. I had another admirer, and a new romantic interest in Gem-n-Ems. This one lasted a LOT longer than with Tombi, but still ended horribly. Honestly, it was after that I swore to myself I wouldn't do it, again. So ladies of PxR, I'm sorry, but I'm not going through all of that again. It really messes a person up.

Back to the happy stuff! So there I am, neck and neck with Graceful Suicune on the Pe2k Podcast before if eventually dwindled to nothing, but I did gain something from that. Recognition. That's why I run the PxR podcast, today. In the final years of Pe2k, the most I did around there in my brief tenure returns was help judging WARs and tun my team and clubs. All of the awesome old friend that I had made in the earlier years didn't frequent, and it had really become a lost cause to even go on there anymore.

Then one day while I think I was just sitting on facebook, bored out of my mind,the current "Suicune's Fire" messaged me, and was like. "So Ryan (Mr. Pe2k himself) basically stopped doing stuff for Pe2k. Everyone's gone to this new forum called Pokemon Crossroads! Come check it out!" ... Meh? So I go there, I sign up, typical howdy-do, I'm XaiakuX, I'm new to Pokemon forums and definitely NOT from Pe2k. Treat me nice, and don't make me do carnival tricks.

Then I vanished for a few weeks. Then Suicune's Fire in her endless persistence messages me on facebook, yet again. "I got this new show called Cross12 that I'm doing. I want you to be the first guest." ... Meh? So I go be on this show, and then I'm like, "Okay, let's Podcast, again." This goes for about 7 weeks, and then Suicune's Fire gets a life, vanishes from PxR, and I'm sitting here, like, what? So I start bothering people, like HKim, and Ray_Quazaa, then I get myself control of the PxR Tumblr page, whilst also getting myself a "Site Writer" position.

Eventually I talk to HKim, and I'm like "Dude, Suicune's Fire usually posts my stuff for me, but she is busy having a life, and I want to post my own stuff." Then I got that power, because someone decided that was a good idea. But I guess now every site writer has that ability? I don't know. If I'm wrong blame Corey, he told me this was a thing. With Suicune's Fire kinda gone, I've recruited Metal Gear Snivy as my protégé, and more projects are on the horizon.

Years and years. 9 to be exact. I'm friends with just about all of you. I'm grateful to all of you for growing with me, for being my peers, my friends, and my family. For a couple of you, my love interests, and for a select few, my best friends. This has indeed been a crazy wild ride, so far, and it's hard to believe I'm only just getting started.

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  1. Saraibre Ryu's Avatar
    I feel so much closer to you now, like, we've bonded over space and time. *shot for being cheesy*
  2. Rival Max's Avatar
    Its funny how one bad encounter with a mod can throw off someones time on a forum.
  3. Dragon Master Mike's Avatar
    "Tags: a decade of anarchy"... lol?

    I enjoyed reading your story. Really kinda makes me wish i didn't leave Pe2K after the two or three weeks i had joined. Whatever, i am here now, and better late than never. Let me just stop now before i get anymore off topic.