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Wow. What?

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So I go looking for PEK2 to discover it no longer exists. Wow... I'm really shocked... it was almost 14 years since it was created, and I had been there for six years. I joined when I was ten... maybe by accident? I don't remember. I was ten. I used my real name (shhh, that's a secret, forget you ever saw that) when I joined. In reality, it was my very first Pokemon forum. That was around the time, my brain was wrapped around something called "idiotfication". Of course, during that time, I was ten, and really stupid, so I probably didn't know that "idiotfication" wasn't real--but who would blame a fourth grader?

A stupid fool that made stupid things up and believed every imaginary thing she made up... ...I was on ADHD pills then, too. So... I guess I wasn't always "in control" but those things were horrible. Ten and doped up on ADHD pills: what a sick and twisted world it is out there.

Too bad I wasn't on PEK2 enough... I was there maybe 30 times in all. That's it. I guess I should have been there more before it vanished.

R.I.P. Pek2: 2000-2013.

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