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Ready? Have some fun.

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When you change the o to an a it becomes

Palaman. Basically, my name becomes suppper mascuiline. B] Lmao, that's just insane. xD

Now. Change that to an e you get

Palamen. What are Palamen?

Okay. Change that back to an o and make the n an m you get

Palamom. I guess that would mean I'd have a kid? Okay.

A few more. Change the m back to the n but change the l to a t you get

Patamon you know, that Digimon with wings on its head. Okay, another one change that t back to a l but add a u next to my a and add an i to the end.

Paulamoni A character in Princess Tutu, I think.

Okay, a few more. Going back to Palamon now just add an ey to that you get

Palamoney ...Okay. Strange.

Take the ey out and then put an a between the o.

Palamoan so I moan whenever I say Pala. Kay.

Last one.

Now take the second a out and you get

Palmon the Digimon that people confuse my name to be.

And there you have it. That's the fun you can have with messing with my name. BD

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