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So I'm going through a breakup

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It wasn't expected, I thought everything was great. Had a great time with the girlfriend last weekend, she seemed distant this week but I assumed she was doing revision for upcoming mock exams. She was supposed to be down on Friday until Sunday (today) to celebrate six months together. I bought her a necklace locket to give to her this morning.

She called me on Friday morning saying that she needed to break up with me. Apparently she didn't feel the same any more. I didn't see it coming at all. Apparently she was trying to make it work last weekend, but it didn't work out. It completely fooled me because I thought it was genuine, she was her usual self and everything when I saw her for Valentines - even bought her a bunch of flowers...

I was so excited for this weekend, but now it's been filled with brutal emotion. We'd made plans for the next few months and I was taking a gap year to join her and her friend travelling. Now I have to make new plans.

This is hard, and it hurts a lot. I'm very much still in the place where I love her, and I'm struggling. I've broken down a lot, I've had to hide the things she gave me in order to keep myself relatively sane, and I am distracting myself with the support of friends and family.

It wasn't a bad, tempered breakup. It was just emotional and I don't condemn her for calling it off - it's not fair if only one person in the relationship is feeling anything. So I'm hoping, after this no contact situation (I guess we need to separate ourselves a little. It's hard though, because I've pretty much spoken to her non-stop for an entire year now. it's really quiet without her texts...) we can continue being friends, because she was one of my best friends in the end. It won't ever be the same but... It's better than anything.

So Sealboy is very sad. I'm torn up and I'm struggling, but I'm moving along slowly.

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  1. Desolate Divine's Avatar
    Sorry to hear about that man. VM me if you wanna talk.
  2. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Aw Sealboy. D: I'm sorry to hear that. It's always hard to go through these kinds of things. =/ I hope the forum can help get your mind off things. :c We're all here for you. <3
  3. Chibi Altaria's Avatar
    Sorry to hear that. I went through something myself recently. Though I was not on the receiving end of the break-up, remember it works both ways. She might be just as sad as you are - I know I was (and still am) that I couldn't work things out.

    It still hurts, and still takes time. But don't worry, I think the forum will be a good place for you. :) Just keep busy in the meantime, and we're all here to help. It'll work out.
  4. SassySnivy's Avatar
    Breakups are NEVER fun, but I'm glad for you that it at least ended on a good note. It will be really hard, but looking on the bright side of things: you could have both broken up after a year or two of being together. It's like, the longer you're with someone, the harder and harder it is to let go. Don't get me wrong, though: six months really is a lot at our young age.

    On a slightly unrelated note and because I always seem to HAVE to bring up a story of mine in order to relate: I almost went through a breakup with my boyfriend of almost two years now (this was back in November). We managed to work things out and have been good since. Moral of this story and how it relates to your experiences: never break up with the other person out of anger. Chances are it's late at night and you're tired as hell anyway and need the night to think everything over. Talk with them about it the next day.

    Sorry, a bit of a tangent here. I'm sure it sounds like a common sense thing, but sometimes you really can save a relationship if both of you are going downhill. Just a protip is all! Nonetheless I really hope things start getting better. I am usually somewhat busy during the week, but if you'd like to talk about / discuss anything, you can always feel free to drop me a PM.