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Thank You!

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It's seems that this is my final stop.

I was approached by Harry back in late 2012 to help with him in rebuilding the community from PE2K and creating a new environment, which we know as PokemonCrossroads. That was start of a special journey.

Today I am resigning from the position of Senior Administrator, due to the lack of time and attention I can commit to this community. I wish everyone success and good fortune. PokemonCrossroads will always mean dear to me, as it taught me so much about myself and interacting with a community.

As always, I'll still visit the forums but I feel that now is the best time to step down and let the community thrive.

Apollo out.

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  1. Rival Max's Avatar
    Thanks for everything you did man! Your hard works woven into the foundation of this place. Its success is your success.
  2. SassySnivy's Avatar
    Whaaaaat? Well, it's always sad to see someone resign, but keep being on PXR every so often, okay? <3 you are awesome!!
  3. Trainer17's Avatar
    :( It's sad to see you go off man. But always remember, if it weren't for you, the forums wouldnt have prospered this much. You were part of the devie team back then. Of course, the creator of Tokens :3 I wish you the very best in your future endeavors !
  4. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Thanks for making PXR possible! It's sad to see you go and I appreciate everything you've done to make this place possible, especially in the wake of a failing PE2K forum. You guys did an awesome job bringing this place to life and keeping the community alive.

    Double thumbs up and best of luck to you. May life treat you well, amigo. :)
  5. Corey's Avatar
    Aw, hate to see you go...We'll all miss you!! Thank you for all of your hard work during PXR's early days. Best of luck, and hope to see you pop back in soon!!