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Saraibre Ryu

Warning: Sabifury Inbound.

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I'm going to put this in the nicest... most least vulgar way possible. A long time ago I sent my girlfriend's family money to help with their mortgage, as they were out of money and out of luck, and someone just lost a job. I was thanked for it and life went on, I was happy to help.

Months later, after someone [namely the problem person who started my girlfriend's, household's debt] finally gets their job back, you find out that they have been taking money OFF of the mortgage when they were already a month behind it, making them two months behind it.

Lets have that just sink in a bit: something you helped pay for and gave generously to so that your girlfriend wouldn't lose their house, was just taken by some idiot who thinks he knows better and just made the situation worse.

Sunk it yet?

I cannot believe someone has the outright audacity to take money off of a mortgage of a house for a family who a. made that debt, b. keeps making it worse, and c. abused the generosity of a gift and misused the money for something else afterwards. How dare such an ignoramus of an excuse of a human being throw more debt a family who is struggling to stay afloat and keep a roof over their heads! No concern for any of those around him with the exception of himself, he lacks the intellectual magnitude to bother working things out like a human being, instead just leeches like the unsatisfied parasite that he keeps proving to be.

What does he do when someone tries to talk to him about it? He only says 'Don't lecture me' at which case, no, this receding braincells sack of excrement needs exactly that. Maybe I'll write a nice one up right now. Immoral, selfish and ignorant to the highest degree is what this parasitic excuse for a human is. How dare you take from a family that doesn't have anything to give you.

How dare you.

[End Rant]

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  1. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    Wow... o.o What an insensitive douche. That's really horrible, and utterly disgusting. >.> That's so kind of you to put money toward their struggles, but to have it abused like that...I would be absolutely fuming too. >.> It sounds like he needs to find somewhere else to live--either that or he should pay BACK what he leeched. Wtf.

    I feel for ya, gurl. =/ What an absolute moron, to put it lightly. Some people just know no bounds. >.>
  2. Grassy_Aggron's Avatar
  3. Winter's Avatar
    ...Wow, just wow. Some people suck big time.
  4. Sanctus's Avatar
    I got a job when I was 16 and with that unwittingly supported my brother's drug habbit and mother's laziness. I'm speaking from some measure of experience when I say , "Don't lecture me," means "I feel guilty but I'm selfish." He needs no less than a change of heart. It happens in some people, and for others it doesn't. Nevertheless, I hope for the best in this situation. Total bummer that you went out of your way and were taken advantage of for it. That's typical.