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Rival Max

No means no, means no, means no, means no

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Being told over and over again how you aren't good enough by someone you are not even asking out is like being batted in the face with a news paper for no reason other than the person was holding the paper and didnt know what to do with it. I am sooooo sick of this stuff. People should wear a sign above their head that says "Waster your time" "Not worth the time" " Potential Friend" "Instant Friend" and "That Jerk Xanthe"

This way you'll always know what someones intentions are.

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  1. Pokemon Trainer Sarah's Avatar
    Don't worry hooligan, we'll always have our boi Guzma!
  2. Fate's Avatar
    /holds a sign saying "Potential Grizzly" above his head
  3. Rival Max's Avatar
    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah ... not sure our boi Guzma can solve this problem yo!

    @Fate - I forgot that one, its important.
  4. AD's Avatar
    @Rival Max
    Ya boi Guzma has the solution. Ignore the haters, and shine like the freakin diamond you are fam. If they say you are not good enough while you ask out dat girl you like, hold that chin up, keep strong, shade that haterade and show that sweet misses who the mature one is.

    They are masking their own insecurities with their crude attempts at dismissal. They lack the confidence, swagger and stamina dat the boi of skull has. You ma boi fam
  5. Suicune's Fire's Avatar
    XDDDDDDD Can someone please make me that sign?

    Also whoever keeps doing that to you, throw 'em.
  6. Neo Emolga's Avatar
    Haters gonna hate.

    Just know that while you may not mean much to one person, you mean everything to someone else. Those are the people you aspire to please. Not the iffy haters.
  7. Rival Max's Avatar
    Guzman coming through with the great advice! Good looking out @Sacred Fire
    @Suicune's Fire Im working on it right now
    @Neo Emolga - Thats a really cool way to look at it. I need to spend more time with those who are happy to see me.
  8. EmeraldSky's Avatar
    ::hugs you::

    I second everything Neo said--you may mean the world to someone and don't even know it yet!