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    Pokemon Sun & Moon Section Rules and Quick Links [READ FIRST]

    Welcome to the Pokemon Sun and Moon section! Here, we discuss theories, speculation, reveals, and more! But before you post that theory you thought of in the shower last night, please take a look at our Pokemon Sun and Moon section rules (now with tl;drs)!


    All Pokemon Crossroads Forum Rules apply
    -They can be found here!

    tl;dr: Follow PXR's global rules.

    -Blaquaza and Corey are the Moderators for this section. Feel free to contact us at any time for any questions, suggestions, issues, or reports regarding the Sun and Moon section! We'll be more than happy to help!

    tl;dr: Message Blaquaza or Corey for help, information, suggestions, issues, etc.


    Be courteous
    -A Pokemon or feature may be revealed that you happen to vehemently despise in every way, shape, and form, but please, remain courteous. You may express your dislike for a Pokemon, feature, etc politely. Do not bash and do not quarrel with other members who may happen to like the Pokemon or feature. Similarly, do not bash or mock another member's opinions or speculation. You may find their taste in Pokemon to be foul or may find their fan theory to be silly, but do not criticize and bash. Disciplinary measures will be afflicted on offenders. If you feel you or someone else is being bullied, please message Blaquaza, myself, or any Senior Staff member.

    tl;dr: Don't be hatin'.

    Now that you've read over the rules, fellow trainer, get out there and post!
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