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    PRS Ping/Mention List

    As suggested a while back, I've decided to make a thread where people may request to be alerted to future PRS updates. I'll have a few lists for different things. Just post if you want to be added to one or more of the lists.

    Page Updates
    You will be notified whenever a new PRS page is posted up in the main Update thread.

    News Updates
    You will be notified whenever a new news post is made.
    @Alphys @RobinHoude

    Calendar Updates
    You will be notified whenever a change to the calendar is made.
    @Alphys @RobinHoude

    Stream Updates
    You be notified whenever I'm going to start an art stream. (Scheduled streams are listed in the Calendar)
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    Could you put me down for news and calendar updates? That way I'll have less of an excuse for forgetting when the next movie night is. =P

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    All of them would be great thanks.
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