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    News - July 2016

    Table of Contents

    - Update Status
    - Buffer Status
    - Patreon Updates
    - Weekly Livestreams
    - Recordings
    - Movie Nights
    - The Twinpocalypse
    - July Calender of Streams/Updates/Events
    - Links

    Update Status

    For the last month or so I've been doing the 3 hour drives home two or four times a week. As a result, I've been put a bit behind on my usual work schedule and habits. While these trips will soon be ending, expect some possible delays on any Tuesday updates. I do anticipate needing to drive home at least once after this coming weekend for a dentist appointment (got a filling last month, now hurts like heck).

    I also missed an update in June. Since I wasn't able to make it up in a timely manner, I'll be adding it to the July calendar as a make-up update. Sorry about this! I do try to stick to the schedule!

    Buffer Status

    The buffer is... uh. Non-existent at the moment. I hope to fix this in the near future.

    Patreon Updates!

    Firstly, thanks to all the Patrons on Patreon! You guys are awesome!

    On the patreon side of things, I'm also a tad behind on things. Things have slowed down a bit cause of all the driving, but I'll catch up in July! Before I go into reminders for the time-sensitive things, let me announce some changes to the Patreon Rewards.

    - Postcards will be available for the $5 tier starting this month. I decided this since it doesn't really cost so much to mail them out and I would like to get some more out to people each month. It's something small, but I do enjoy seeing physical printed work.

    - Monthly Sketch/Art request is being moved down to the $10 tier while the $15 tier's Sketch/Art request will be upgraded to color!

    The rewards for each tier are subject to change over time. Right now I'm still very much in the experimentation phase of the whole Patreon thing and would like to balance things as well as I can.

    Lastly, a change to the total pledges for month have dropped things below Goal #2. As a result, the reward for that goal is no longer active. In other words, there will be no update on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Sort of. I did fail to get this update done last month, so the June bonus update will be added to the July Calendar.

    - Monthly Postcard
    I have the next set of postcards ready to ship! All processed pledges tomorrow will be mailed out first chance I get. If you want this month's postcard (or last month's), today is the last day. If you do not specify which card you want, I will default to the current month's card. Below is a picture of this month and last month's cards.

    - Monthly Desktop
    The July 2016 desktop is currently not ready. However, it will be sent out to all processed Patrons as soon as it's done. ETA: mid-July.

    - Request Stream
    The July Request Stream currently has no set date. Please throw suggestions! I would love to accommodate as many people as possible!

    - Monthly Art Request
    Patrons of the $10 tier and up get a monthly simple art/sketch request. $15 tier requests will be in color. All processed Patrons as of June 1st will be able to request.

    Patreon Page:


    Weekly art streams will continue to take place on Thursdays starting at 7-8 PM. The streams have typically been going for 3-5 hours.

    Do note that this is just the weekly time for the summer break period. I may adjust in the fall as my school schedule changes around. Weekends will be more predictable then, so it's likely they'll move to Sundays for the fall. Also note that I may have random streams for whenever I feel like it. These random ones will not effect the weekly Thursday streams.

    Lastly, there will be a monthly doodle request stream for patrons. The stream will be open to the public to view, but only patrons may make requests.

    Look below at the schedule for a full list of planned streams/movie nights/updates.

    Stream Page:


    Below are all the new art time-lapse recordings made in June in case you missed them!

    PRS Page 05-32:
    May Art/Sketch Requests:
    PRS 06-00:
    PRS 06-03:
    PRS 06-05: Will be Public / Currently not rendered

    Rowlett Art: - Patreon Only -
    Operation RoF: - Patreon Only -
    Mist Banner: -Patreon Only -
    PRS 06-01: - Patreon Only -
    PRS 06-04: - Patreon Only -

    Movie Nights

    Movie Night schedule is currently TBD for this month. I'll update the calendar as soon as I pick days. Expect Saturdays around 8 PM though. Current candidates for movies this month are listed below.

    The Jungle Book
    Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    The Good Dinosaur

    The Twinpocalypse


    Calender of Updates/Streams/Events
    All times are in Central. All bolded entries are events that do not happen on a regular basis. All art/request streams start between 7-8 PM and may last anywhere from 1-5 hours.

    06/30: Request Stream
    07/01: Page 06-05
    07/05: Page 06-06 (May be Late!)
    07/07: Weekly Art Stream
    07/08: Page 06-07
    07/14: Weekly Art Stream
    07/15: Page 06-08
    07/19: Page 06-09
    07/21: Weekly Art Stream
    07/22: Page 06-10
    07/28: Weekly Art Stream
    07/29: Page 06-11


    Tumblr (PRS):
    Tumblr (Asks):
    Tumblr (Main/Art):
    PXR Forums:

    Mention List: @Alphys @RobinHoude

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    @Alphys @RobinHoude

    Calendar Update. Added in late page makeup day for today's update. The other missed updates will be covered by the newly scheduled Suicide Week. It counts. Also added tentative start date for the Twinpocalypse and a few August dates. Please do note that the August Calendar is subject to change.

    07/19: PRS Page 06-07 (Late Page Makeup)
    07/21: Art Stream at 7:00 PM
    07/22: PRS Page 06-08
    07/24: PRS Page 06-09 (Suicide Week Start)
    07/25: PRS Page 06-10
    07/26: PRS Page 06-11
    07/27: PRS Page 06-12
    07/28: PRS Page 06-13
    07/29: PRS Page 06-14
    07/30: PRS Page 06-15 (Suicide Week End)
    07/28: Request Stream at 7:00 PM**
    07/30: Twinpocalypse Comic Prologue
    08/01: Postcard Mail Day
    08/04: Art Stream - Open Request Night at 7:00 PM
    08/06: Twinpocalypse Stream at 7:00 PM*
    08/07: Movie Night! (The Jungle Book 2016)

    *Twinpocalypse is the Soullink Nuzlocke with Robin. The stream dates are subject to change since we haven't finalized anything quite yet. An update schedule for Twinpocalypse Comic Pages has yet to be determined.

    **The Request Streams are for Patreon people, however, we've got at least one Patron person who gives his request turns to whoever during the stream- so everyone has an opportunity for requests. The Open Request Nights are for anyone.

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    Okay, first of all, I'd like to apologies for the inconsistent updates as of late. I know I missed at least 2 Tuesday updates recently as well as this past Friday. I meant to make up the Friday- but writer's block hit hard. I have the next page scripted and sketched- but the writer's block was stressing me out a bit since I knew I was out of script and wanted to put focus on that over finishing the next page.

    Thankfully, with a little help from Robin, I managed to sort out the worst of the writer's block. I should be getting back into productivity this week! While I didn't get any scripting done tonight, I did get a more detailed outline for the rest of the chapter written out (before, it was just the bare minimal notes I scribbled) which should get things moving along. The approximate page count for Ch. 6 will be 20-22 pages. It'll be a fun chapter! =D Promise~!

    I'll be counting some of the suicide-week pages as make-ups for the missed Tuesday updates. The missed Friday makeup will be posted outside of suicide week to ensure that we get to Page 06-15 before the month ends.

    Here's hoping I can keep up with it this time around. I haven't had as much time to prepare as I'd like, but I'll do my best!
    @Alphys @RobinHoude

    Reminder: Don't forget to check the sneak-peak thread for new previews of future pages. (Please try to minimize how much I must double post- I do dislike double posting in those types of threads.)

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