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    400 Fan Milestone Event!

    PRS recently hit 400+ fans on smackjeeves. It's quite exciting! Seriously guys- THANKS. You're all awesome. I think. Well, let's just assume so.

    Anyway- you know what I usually do to celebrate fan milestones. That's right- starting tomorrow, we're getting a page a day for a week! Though, no promises- I don't have a buffer to work with, so if I'm a bit late with some of the pages, don't kill me!

    I wouldn't have made it this far without all of the support and encouragement from you fans. So in addition to the update insanity, I'll be hosting a mini event/raffle for you fans.

    This event will span across Smackjeeves, Deviantart, and Tumblr. I will be drawing three winners from each site. Yes- it is possible to win on more than one site, but you can only win up to two times.

    How to get tickets:

    Smackjeeves: Just post comments on the pages! For each page in the next week, you get a ticket. (Only the first comment per page counts.)

    Deviantart: Same as SJ- except if you post the same exact comment on both, I'm only counting the first. It's spammy otherwise. You may also get tickets for posting on any new PRS related art (though, I'm not sure I'll be getting any non-page art done next week).

    Tumblr: Reblog any PRS related things posted onto the PRS-tumblr. Comment for a second ticket. Again, though- repeat comments don't count.

    And as a reward to all those who have been extra awesome and have been posting already- you will get tickets for pre-existing posts that were made on any page/art after Chapter Six. No new comments on older content will be counted for tickets!

    So- what's the prize? Postcards! I still have some extra from the Patreon Run. So the winners will be allowed to pick between the two PRS Postcards to be sent to them with a doodle or two on the back.

    For Patron people who already have the postcards or those uncomfortable with sharing their address (which is perfectly understandable, though do know I would never share any personal information)- we'll work something out should you win.

    The raffle winners will be drawn and announced on August 5th with the usual Friday update!


    Here are pictures of the postcards!

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    Possible delay for tonight's update.

    So... I'm taking two classes this month to lighten my workload in the coming semesters. One of them is online.

    On Friday, we had a test- open note, open book, open lecture video, open classmate. So several of us got together to work on the test. Took a few hours (the tests are a bit tough) but we got it done. The deadline to take and complete the test is tomorrow- we just wanted to get it out of the way.

    However, blackboard/ecampus/whatever died yesterday. We thought it was just down for maintenance. Oh, if only.

    All the test data was wiped yesterday. So depending on whether or not the question bank is the same as it was before (our professor said he was making a 'new' test) I may have to go meet with the group and redo the test.

    You see, the test draws from a question back of ~100 questions. All of us had different sets of questions so we'd create a spreadsheet with all the questions we see and the answers. It helps everyone in the group. If the new word bank is the same as the old, the new test will take 10 minutes to complete- if it's new questions entirely... then it'll be at least 3-6 hours to start over.

    I'm so sorry this had to happen during suicide week. I'll stay up as late as necessary to get the update done.

    (Also the internet here is being stupidly laggy).

    - Neko

    Edit: The test went up again and it thankfully uses the same question bank. So no worries now!
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    I might have to take tomorrow off. The pain levels in my shoulder are reaching levels that they rarely get to and if I don't allow it to rest, it'll get MUCH worse.

    So if I miss a day or two of suicide week, it's because the pain levels are getting too high again. Whatever days of suicide week that are missed will be made up next week when I can. I'm expecting I may need to skip Saturday as well- so might add a Tuesday/Thursday update for next week in place of Wed/Saturday's pages.

    On that note, the Patreon bonus pages will now be 3rd Tuesday of the month. That just works better with the schedule so I can focus on other patreon rewards earlier in the month.

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    Congrats on an awesome achievement Neko! :) Also those postcards look amazing!

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    @Pokemon Trainer Sarah

    Thank you! I never imagined PRS would get to 50 fans- but 400? Wow. xD


    While I had to cancel suicide week for health reasons, I will extend the raffle participation window through the rest of the month- so any posts from now til August 30th are valid for the raffle!

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    YOU GOT 400 FANS BECAUSE YOU HAVE AN AWESOME COMIC, SILLY. It's well deserved. <3 You're very dedicated. The postcards are beautiful! <3 The raffle sounds like a great idea. C: I've been avoiding DA because of Sun/Moon spoilers though, I don't tumblr, and I'm inactive on SJ... xD I should comment on there though. I MUST.

    And hey. A page a day is insane so you did well. xD


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