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    What's Happening on PXR!

    Hey there, PXR! :D

    Want to know what's happening around the forum? Look no further than this thread! Events such as community activities, competitions and contests currently being held will be listed below and updated when necessary. This will keep existing members in the loop, and will help new members see what PXR has to offer.

    To return to this page, simply hit the Current Events button at the top of your skin! (Except Crossroads Pro. Sorry!)


    Stalkers RPG Season 4
    Dive into the dark, creepy world of Stalkers, where you must become a pokémon Emissary to save the world of Yaru from falling prey to the evil, heinous agents of Abyss in this RPG-style game. Run by yours truly!
    >> Sign up here! <<



    PXR Adventures!
    Writer's Desk
    "We make fun of you!" This light-hearted thread hosts silly, creative stories revolving around members of the PXR community as they engage in funny adventures. These stories are never offensive, and are designed to uplift featured members and bring a smile to the lips of those who read each story.
    >> Link here <<

    PXR Community Comic!
    Comics Central
    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads is a place-holder name for PXR's first ever community comic, where members of all kinds can come together and make a collaborative comic! The link below leads to a thread discussing the guidelines for joining in on the project.
    >> Link here <<

    Every time a new event is added to this thread, a new post will be made announcing said event.
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    I'm a few days late with this post, but Member of the Year voting is now ready to rock! If you would like to cast your vote in various categories to members who you thought stood out during the course of 2016, head on over to the thread here!

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    Added "Community Threads" which aren't necessarily events, but are still worth putting in this thread. :] These are threads that involve multiple members.

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    The Valentine's Pairs event has begun! Whether you have a pair or don't have a pair, have some fun with this year's celebration for Valentine's Day!
    >>LINK HERE<<

    The Valentine's Event has begun! Send out messages to your friends, or even to a stranger to brighten their day! Choose a Pokémon to represent you and see it appear in your recipient's postbit with a message!
    >>LINK HERE<<

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    Both Valentines events have ended, but the pokemon will remain in your postbit until the end of February!

    Pokémon Stalkers RPG has started! Sign-ups are open, but the actual game won't begin until the 23rd of February.

    The world of Valdyne is in grave danger. Emissaries, which are humans turned into Pokémon, are being sent to Silvercoal City to help uncover the secrets of the murderous spirits known as "Stalkers." In this RPG-like experience, players will interview NPCs, search locations for clues, complete puzzles, and root out the heinous and malevolent spirits from the depths of the underworld in a murder mystery-like setting.

    >> SIGN UP HERE! <<

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    The Eevee Experience - April Fools Event*
    As an Eevee, you will need to decide which Eevee Evolution you want to evolve into. Join up to an evolution school and learn the ways of your desired evolution to achieve a new YOU!

    >> SIGN UP HERE! <<

    *not a joke. Just an April Fools celebration. c:

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    Silly ol' me, I've been forgetting to keep this thread up to date (sorry, guys) but it's all fixed up now! The Winter Carnival has finished, but if you haven't already, you may participate in the Member of the Year Voting for 2017!

    Link here.

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    The Winter Carnival has come to a close, as has the Member of the Year voting for 2017. Spread the love with the PXR Valentine's Event!

    Valentine's Event
    Valentines Event 2018
    Send a person of your choice an anonymous message which will appear in their postbit as a Pokémon! Head over to the thread to find out more.
    >> Link here! <<

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    Stalkers RPG Season 4
    In case you missed the fifty-billion other announcements, Stalkers RPG is back and it is ready to roll! By that I mean that sign-ups are open and the actual game will start on Monday. Until then, read up and get hyped!
    >> Sign up here! <<

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