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    The Digidestined

    Welcome, to Server. I uphold the believe that this is a needed group, and i am aware that there are those that agree. These digital monsters that inhabit our little abode do not get enough love, compared to their pocket counterparts. We have all endured war amongst the fandoms, both sides. Both sides have done wrong, but we do not lose faith in our little creatures. We, the few, a small island in an ocean of Pokemon fans, remain strong in our love for Digimon. Here, we discuss all the qualities of digimon. The anime, the creatures, the games, the manga, the music(Yes, it does indeed have music)

    We uphold respect, and hope that there is a group event one day in which we can take part.

    Take up faith with digivice in hand, young knights of server, and show us your brave and caring hearts. Who among you are brave enough to join?

    EZ & Agumon - Co-Founder
    NobleJanobii & Kudomon - Co-Founder
    Chakra & Terriermon - Motivation
    Lunar & Veemon - The Role Model
    Wisteria & Keramon
    Sieses & Dorumon - That Guy Over There
    Sarah & Hawkmon - Wish Maker
    Suicune & Antylamon - The Phantom of Server
    Midnight Sun & Salamon - Loyal & True
    Snowy & Gotomon

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