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    [COMIC] Jentoh Adventures ~ At least one new comic every week! (Unless life decides to change that!)

    So it's official, today I've made the jump back into working on sprite comics. I know, I've been gone for what feels like an eternity but I'm glad to be back. Personal issues had kept me from doing anything I loved for more than a few minutes. Mostly a mixture of depression and gender dysphoria

    So, with my return to sprite comics, I figured I'd shift everything from Pe2K over here. For now, this will just be a comic thread, as I don't plan on posting much else in the way of sprites here, or anywhere for that matter.

    -Please let me know of any dead or broken links, I just copied everything from Pe2K and didn't have time to go through everything and re-upload it.-

    Guest Star registration is CLOSED. Sorry! (You can still submit applications!)
    New descriptions in battles from 57+, please leave your opinion on the new style!

    Anthony has just beaten the Elite Four in Kanto and stopped Team Rocket. He's all set to do absolutley nothing when a letter comes to his door that will change his life forever. He finds himself in a strange new land where adventure and friendship are sure to find him. The only catch, he has amnesia!
    He can't remember anything about Kanto or his pokemon there. Will he regain his memory?
    Read the comics to find out!

    credit to KLNOTHINCOMIN at TSR for the battle backgrounds.
    credit to Kyledove (Kymotonian) at TSR for the building interiors from chapter 23 and on.

    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2
    Chapter 3
    Chapter 4
    Chapter 5
    Chapter 6
    Chapter 7
    Chapter 8
    Chapter 9
    Chapter 10
    Chapter 11
    Chapter 12
    Chapter 13
    Chapter 14
    Chapter 15
    Chapter 16
    Chapter 17
    Chapter 18
    Chapter 19
    Chapter 20
    Chapter 21
    Chapter 22
    Chapter 23
    Chapter 24
    Chapter 25
    Chapter 26
    Chapter 27
    Chapter 28
    Chapter 29
    Chapter 30
    Chapter 31
    Chapter 32
    Chapter 33
    Chapter 34
    Chapter 35
    Chapter 36
    Chapter 37
    Chapter 38
    Chapter 39
    Chapter 40
    Chapter 41
    Chapter 42
    Chapter 43
    Chapter 44
    Chapter 45
    Chapter 46
    Chapter 47
    Chapter 48
    Chapter 49
    Chapter 50
    Chapter 51
    Chapter 52
    Chapter 53
    Chapter 54
    Chapter 55
    Chapter 56
    Chapter 57
    Chapter 58
    Chapter 59
    Chapter 60
    Chapter 61
    Chapter 62
    Chapter 63
    Chapter 64
    Chapter 65
    Chapter 66
    Chapter 67
    Chapter 68
    Chapter 69
    Chapter 70
    Chapter 71
    Chapter 72
    Chapter 73
    Chapter 74
    Chapter 75
    Chapter 76
    Chapter 77
    Chapter 78
    Chapter 79
    Chapter 80
    Chapter 81
    Chapter 82
    Chapter 83
    Chapter 84
    Chapter 85
    Chapter 86
    Chapter 87
    Chapter 88
    Chapter 89
    Chapter 90
    Chapter 91
    Chapter 92
    Chapter 93
    Chapter 94
    Chapter 95
    Chapter 96
    Chapter 97
    Chapter 98
    Chapter 99
    Chapter 100
    Chapter 101
    Chapter 102
    Chapter 103
    Chapter 104
    Chapter 105
    Chapter 106
    Chapter 107
    Chapter 108
    Chapter 109
    Chapter 110
    Chapter 111
    Chapter 112
    Chapter 113
    Chapter 114
    Chapter 115
    Chapter 116
    Chapter 117
    Chapter 118
    Chapter 119
    Chapter 120
    Chapter 121
    Chapter 122
    Chapter 123
    Chapter 124
    Chapter 125
    Chapter 126
    Chapter 127
    Chapter 128
    Chapter 129
    Chapter 130
    Chapter 131
    Chapter 132
    Chapter 133
    Chapter 134
    Chapter 135
    Chapter 136
    Chapter 137
    Chapter 138
    Chapter 139
    Chapter 140
    Chapter 141
    Chapter 142
    Chapter 143
    Chapter 144
    Chapter 145
    Chapter 146
    Chapter 147
    Chapter 148
    Chapter 149
    Chapter 150
    Chapter 151
    Chapter 152
    Chapter 153
    Chapter 154
    Chapter 155
    Chapter 156
    Chapter 157
    Chapter 158
    Chapter 159
    Chapter 160
    Chapter 161
    Chapter 162
    Chapter 163
    Chapter 164
    Chapter 165
    Chapter 166
    Chapter 167
    Chapter 168
    Chapter 169
    Chapter 170
    Chapter 171
    Chapter 172
    Chapter 173
    Chapter 174
    Chapter 175
    Chapter 176
    Chapter 177
    Chapter 178
    Chapter 179
    Chapter 180
    Chapter 181
    Chapter 182
    Chapter 183
    Chapter 184

    Bonus stuff
    Super Special Awesome Special #1
    Super Special Awesome Special #2
    Super Special Awesome Special #3 (Q&A answers round 1)

    Jentoh map

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    Character Bios have been moved to their own thread here
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    -=Guest Stars=-
    None, because I don't need anymore right now

    Name: Jesse
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Loud and and happy, but has a small case of angermanagment, loves his pokemon but hates to lose, is very obnoxious and generealy hates new people but will get along with others over time.
    Preference: Both.
    Trainer Title: Male Snowboarder from D/P/PT with the orange sweater thing.
    Pokemon 1: (Main Pokemon, doesn't evolve) Skitty, no nickname, Female
    Pokemon 2: Snorunt>Frosslass, no nickname, Female
    Pokemon 3: Wailmer>Wailord, no nickname, Male
    Pokemon 4: Poliwag>Politoad, no nickname, Male
    Pokemon 5: Electrick>Manectric, no nickname, Male
    Pokemon 6: SWablu> Altaria, no nickname, Female

    Name: Grunt Halifax
    Age: 18
    Gender: Male
    personality : He is Grumpy and antisocial, he hates everyone but himself. he treats his pokemon badly and uses them as a sort of slaves. but his pokemon loves him tough.
    Trainer Title: Organization-X grunt
    Pokemon 1: (Mightyena, Male )
    Pokemon 2: (Hippowdown, Female )
    Pokemon 3: (Metang, No gender )
    Pokemon 4: (Yanmega, Male )
    Pokemon 5: (Aerodactyl, Female )

    Name: Greg
    Age: 15
    Gender: male
    Personality: He is serious and always wants to do something.
    Preference: battles
    Trainer Title: Dragon tamer
    Pokemon 1: Gible, Chomp, male
    Pokemon 2: to be catched
    Pokemon 3: to be catched
    Pokemon 4: to be catched
    Pokemon 5: to be catched
    Pokemon 6: to be catched

    Name: Tyson
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Cheerful, but easy to anger too. He gives all in battles, and train his pokemon's very hard, but he pushes himself as hard too.
    Preference: Battles. He think contests is for girls.
    Trainer Title: Can I choose a custom one? If I can then I want Blue's(Last Kanto gym leader from HGSS) hair but colored green and ace trainer(normal terrain) body with black clothes. If I can't get a custom one, then just stick with Ace trainer.
    Pokemon 1: Yanma, Yuki, female
    Pokemon 2: Anorith, Crey, male
    Pokemon 3: Trapinch, Trinch, male
    Pokemon 4: Sneasel, Blizzard, male
    Pokemon 5: Beldum, Meta
    Pokemon 6: Aron

    Personality:Always cheerful supports his pokemon but also he is a smart battler but he constantly forgets things(lol).
    Preference: Battles
    Trainer Title: Bug catcher
    Pokemon 1: Nincada
    Pokemon 2: Mudkip
    Pokemon 3: Silcoon
    Pokemon 4: Ledyba
    Pokemon 5: Caterpie
    Pokemon 6: Totodile

    Name: ??? (Marek)
    Age: About 19
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Extremely quiet, only speaking when necessary. Prefers pokémon training over battles but never rejects a challenge and only gives out his real name when he discovers a trainer with exceptional talent.
    Preference: (battles or contests) Battles and training, likes to watch contests for ideas of new techniques though
    Trainer Title: (i.e. trainer sprite. ex: bug catcher. nothing before d/p or after hg/ss) D/P PI probably would work best.
    Pokemon 1: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender) Gible, no nickname, male, stays as a Gible but has the moves and power of a fully grown Garchomp.
    Pokemon 2: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender) Salamence, Sally, female, used mostly for flying but is used in double battles (if you have any)

    Name: Aroura (Arow for short)
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Trainer Title: Gym Leader (If possible) if not, then Pokemon Trainer
    Personality: She is quite calm, kind, yet sensitive. She trains hard, and soe day wishes to be the Elite Four Champion. She gives berries to her Pokemon normally to keep them happy.
    Pokemon 1: Charmander (Char) Male. Likes sour food.
    Pokemon 2: Arcanine (Leo) female. Likes spicy food.
    Pokemon 3: Eevee (Night) Male. Likes sweet food. (Soon to evolve into Espeon or Umbreon)
    Pokemon 4: None.
    Pokemon 5: None.
    Pokemon 6: None.

    Name: Darix
    Age: 16
    Gender: male
    Trainer Title: unova champion
    Pokemon 1: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): blazakin shiny, male
    Pokemon 2: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): blastiose, male
    Pokemon 3: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): typhlosion, male
    Pokemon 4: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): empolion, male
    Pokemon 5: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): Butterfree, male
    Pokemon 6: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender): rare egg...

    Name: Amy
    Age: 15
    Gender: female
    Personality: bubbly
    Preference: (battles or contests)
    Trainer Title: something like
    Pokemon 1: Piplup,Bubbles,female
    Pokemon 2: chickorita,chiky,female
    Pokemon 3: houndour,flames,male
    Pokemon 4: None
    Pokemon 5: None
    Pokemon 6: None

    Name: Anya
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Has a contagious kind of happy personality; like when you're around her, she could make you laugh for ten straight minutes! (exaggeration of course); makes friends easily; loves her pokemon to no end, (but not in a mary sue like fashion; those kind of people disgust me :P yuck) If she's ever sad, she tends to drag behind and kind if goes into a daze for a while
    preference: She likes both, but tends to lean more towards the contests range
    Trainer Title:basically just a regular trainer; but for the battle sprite (or like a sprite on a trainer card) the body style of Sinnoh gym leader Candace combined with a long-haired brunette.
    Pokemon 1: Roserade; Sprintrose; Female
    Pokemon 2: Ledian; Lady-An; Female
    Pokemon 3: Rapidash; Striker; Male
    Pokemon 4: Beautifly; Tifly; Female
    Pokemon 5: Luxray; Joltiz; Male
    Pokemon 6: Cherrim; Petal; female

    Name: Holly
    Age: 19
    Gender: female
    Personality: Loves to be organized and clean, hates to lose
    Preference: Contests
    Trainer Title: Cynthia's sprite from D/P/Pt
    Pokemon 1: Shiny Milotic, female, level 45
    Pokemon 2: Gardevoir, female, level 50
    Pokemon 3:Rapidash, level 40, female
    Pokemon 4: Butterfree, level 45, female
    Pokemon 5: (to be caught later) Pidgeot, level 50, male
    Pokemon 6: (to be caught later) Wigglytuff, level 50, male
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    I am not accepting Guest Stars at this time.

    I am looking for a few guest stars for an upcoming issue! It's not going to be the next one, it may not even be within the next 12 issues, but I will try to find a place for you. Whether you're a random trainer battle or in a contest you will be in here! Please use this form when applying for a guest spot!

    Preference: (battles or contests)
    Trainer Title: (i.e. trainer sprite. ex: bug catcher. nothing before d/p or after hg/ss)
    Pokemon 1: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender)
    Pokemon 2: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender)
    Pokemon 3: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender)
    Pokemon 4: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender)
    Pokemon 5: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender)
    Pokemon 6: (species, nickname(if it has one), and gender)
    When it comes to the team please no 5th gen. Wait, scratch that, no 5th gen at all.

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    And final post for me tonight, I give you #140! My first new comic in too long haha.


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    Yay now I can keep up with the comic now that the old site is dead. Keep up the good work Ant2011

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    Nice work Ant2011! And it appears that 137 doesn't seem to work (well for me it doesn't)

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    Oh man. This comic brings back so many memories. Hello old friends C:

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    Has this died? I really hope not as I love this comic.


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