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Thread: Your Top Ten

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lunar Latias View Post

    Surprisingly it's never been one of my favourites and I don't even know why I chose it for my username. Probably because it rolls off the tongue. xD
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    @Lunar Latias I think Lunar Pikachu sounds good. Lunar Mega-Altaria...maybe not so much. XD

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neo Emolga View Post
    I can't honestly say any of the Gen 7 Pokémon have bumped their way into my top 10. There are some good ones in Gen 7, but I haven't seen any that really had overwhelming wow factor to me.

    1. Emolga
    2. Bellossom
    3. Pikachu
    4. Latias
    5. Latios
    6. Lugia
    7. Lopunny
    8. Umbreon
    9. Ninetales
    10. Furret

    In essence, I love Pokémon that can blend cute and cool together with awesomeness and I love Pokémon that have fun and optimistic personalities. Stats and competitive battling nonsense can go chew a raw cactus for all I care.
    I never knew you liked Bellossom that much. :o

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    1. Shaymin
    2. Mimikyu
    3. Zorua/Zoroark
    4. Umbreon
    5. The Cyndaquil Line
    6. Latios
    7. The Oshawott Line
    8. The Piplup Line
    9. Salamence
    10. Houndoom
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    .....what? I figured I would like to share even though this place hasn't been active for... a gazillion seconds...

    1. Palpitoad
    2. Snivy
    3. The Helioptile Line
    4. Hawlucha
    5. Goodra
    6. The Minccino Line
    7. Chikorita
    8. Togedemaru
    9. Altaria
    10. Ampharos

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