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    PMD Crossroads - Rules, Guidelines, About, and Q&A

    Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Crossroads
    Rules, Guidelines, About, and A&A

    So, what exactly is the PMD Crossroads? It's a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Comic project for the art community of PXR to work together. Here's how it works:

    Each person takes turns making the comic pages. There will be no script, no plotting, etc. So whoever is next in line continues the story however they see fit using whatever previous authors/artists had left for them. This obviously won't produce any extraordinary stories, but it'll be a fun way to test your imagination and story telling!

    Of course, there's going to be some rules to prevent this from descending into total chaos and stupidity. While we want to have fun and all, we also want to try to create a fun and engaging story. Any and all participants must abide by these rules and guidelines.

    Deadlines / Comic Pages

    - All participants/artists will be allowed 2 weeks to complete a comic page. Pages can be black white, rough, clean, whatever. We're not looking for perfection- just to keep the story moving!

    - If for some reason you'll be too busy when your turn comes around, simply state so and pass your turn off to the next person. You may request to be moved to the end of the current rotation. Please communicate this ASAP so we can keep going!

    - If you start a page (thumbnails/sketches/etc.) and are unable to finish in the time frame, you may post that and let the next person in line finish it up! Collaborating just for the fun of it is acceptable too so long as pages are done in time.

    - For consistency sake, all pages should be uploaded at 800x1200px. You can work at a higher resolution, just be sure that the final matches that of the rest of the pages.

    -Please use the font Back Issue which can be downloaded from this link for free.

    - Do not be afraid to join the rotation because of your art/writing skill level! This project is meant to encourage people to draw/write and collaborate on a fun project- not as a test of skill. It'll help you practice and learn some new tricks! All skill levels welcomed!

    - If a page blatantly breaks any of these rules, I have the right to reject the page and the next person in the rotation may do their part.

    - If a participant of the comic feels that the person previous in the rotation has written them into a corner, broken some rules, or has any valid complaint about the page in question, they may request that the page prior be rejected. In this case, the participants will discuss if the complaint is valid and whether or not to keep the page or not. Hopefully we don't have any issues like this, but in case we do, it's up to the community to decide. This is to help keep the story going in a natural progression.

    - Repeated failure to break rules will result being banned from PMD Crossroads.


    - When writing for a character, please keep them true to their personality. No sudden personality shifts.

    - While adding in new characters can be fun, please don't add in new characters for the sake of adding in new characters. In the earlier stages of the comic, we'll be more lenient about this. However, as we go on, I request that anyone who wishes to add a new character ask permission before doing so. Otherwise we may end up with far too many characters.

    - The exemption to the above is for crowd scenes. If you need random characters to toss into the background, fine. Go for it! Try to reuse previous background characters when it makes sense though!

    - Killing off main characters is forbidden without permission. Death should be used purely when it will be beneficial to the plot or character development for others. Never for shock value.

    Story and World

    - While there won't be any plot planning whatsoever, we do want to aim for a serious story. Not serious as in 'dark'- but as in, not sheer stupidity. We want to have a plot- just... no planning. Consider this an exercise in story telling! You can leave possible hints, clues, foreshadowing, etc. That's encouraged. It'll be fun to see what direction other writers/artists take these things in.

    - While there is no set plot, as we continue through the comic, we'll start creating 'world rules' that stem from the worldbuilding done in the comic. These rules will help keep consistency in the world. For example, Pokemon may only learn x number of moves, or must stick to their official movesets. Things like that.

    - The inclusion of legendary Pokemon for plot purposes is going to be expected at some point. But please do try to be reasonable about when to introduce them. Don't just throw them in for the sake of 'LOOK, A KYOGRE!' - I'd advise permission be gained prior to introducing a legendary.

    Before We Start!

    - We will actually start some of the world-building before the comic starts! The writers will create a basic groundwork for the rules of our world. Do team badges teleport them out if they're KO'd, or do they die? Are there guilds, or individual teams? These kind of things! No plot allowed though! These things are subject to change as the story goes and new ideas are formed!

    - We're going to have a contest to determine what species our main character will be. That and some of their personality traits! Check the contest thread for more information!


    - Want to join the rotation of people making the comic pages? Post in this thread and I'll add you to this. You don't need to sign up to help with world-building or other tasks- just the comic pages! Sign-ups are open at all times! New entries will be added to the end of the current rotation!

    Current Artist Rotation

    - Neon Umbreon
    - FedoraEevees
    - enderman-lover
    - Nekomata
    - Neo Emolga
    - Noblejanobii
    - Shruikan
    - Zirilon
    - Arnisd
    - Scytherwolf
    - Suicune’s Fire
    - Venami
    - MajorLeeMan
    - TheAlolanPokeNerd
    - RussianVesper
    - Espeon Person
    - Chakramaster
    - Somerandomguynumber1
    - CosmaComix
    - Mango Cat

    Willing to Assist with Completing Pages

    - Nekomata
    - NobleJanobii
    - Patchikins

    Emergency Fill-In List

    - Nekomata
    - NobleJanobii
    - Penpeaches

    On Hiatus

    - Phoenix Fire
    - Azura Evley
    - Liokora
    - Rival Max
    - Pokemon Trainer Felix
    - October
    - New2XR

    Goals of this comic!

    - To create an enjoyable story for everyone!
    - To encourage people to write, draw, and have fun!
    - Help people improve their writing/art skills!
    - I did mention to have fun, yes?

    Questions? Concerns?

    - This is the place to post your general questions and concerns about the project and how it works. Questions about the story/character/world should be directed to the World Building thread! Discussion on the character design contest and the comic in general should go in general discussion. Thanks!

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    I would like to participate in this project. How do I sign up?

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    That's a VERY good question. I guess you just sign up here! I'll add you to the rotation! I'll make a list of the current artist rotation here in this thread for the time being!

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    Cheers and good times! Neo Emolga's Avatar
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    You know what, I'll give this a shot. I don't usually do comics and most of my art is single picture stuff, but I'm willing to give this a shot and try new things. I feel this could be a lot of fun. :3

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    @Neo Emolga

    Yay! I'll add ya to the list! xD

    At least it won't be like doing an entire comic yourself. That's a lot of work. I would know. xD

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    DEFINITELY sign me up. Yeppity yeppers. I'll tag a few peeps who might be interested.

    @Rival Max @Lunar Latias @Noblejanobii @Liokora @LKWayvern @JamestheTyphlosion (I see you. >:3) @Speed-X @pokemon trainer Felix

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    ME ME ME! I'll gladly join this. :D

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suicune's Fire View Post
    DEFINITELY sign me up. Yeppity yeppers. I'll tag a few peeps who might be interested.

    @Rival Max @Lunar Latias @Noblejanobii @Liokora @LKWayvern @JamestheTyphlosion (I see you. >:3) @Speed-X @pokemon trainer Felix
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    @Noblejanobii Oops, forgot to read your mind.

    Neko, sign her up

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    @MajorLeeMan @Suicune's Fire @Janobii @Neo Emolga @Lunar Latias

    Will add all those who requested to join shortly!

    Don't forget the main character design contest~ =D

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