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    Pardon the Mess (On SJ)

    The PRS SJ site is currently going through some renovations! I'm updating all the pages with new graphics to better suit the new size! Along with that, I'm working on getting that darn Patreon Integration in!

    Let me know if you experience any issues!

    To-Do List

    - Update background to fit the new 800px width pages. COMPLETE. Now features Echo and Naya instead of Mist.
    - Add in early access to new pages for Patrons. COMPLETE. Members of the $5 tier or higher should now see pages up to 2 weeks early.
    - Add in Patron content page. COMPLETE. Content on the Patron page will vary depending on patron tier.
    - Add in non-patron message to Patron content page.
    - Make Patron-content page prettier.
    - New divider between pages and comments. COMPLETE. Now with more twins. Also information on how to support the comic and links to Patreon/Etsy. Links and said information are only visible to non-patrons. Twins are visible for everyone.
    - Add new News image. Cause I forgot to do that ages ago.
    - New images to force-stretch the layout to 800px on all non-comic pages cause the background looks weird.
    - Weed out inactive affiliates
    - ???
    - Profit

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    Awesome job renovating! I don't visit SJ because it's all here. XD But I do like that site! It's really cool. I bet you'll feel much better when it's all sorted. It's sort of like having a messy desk and then cleaning it and feeling like you have so much more room to breathe.

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    @Suicune's Fire

    While I do post here, the SJ site IS the main site for PRS. It'll remain so for a while yet. xD I do like to make things look pretty though. xD


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