It's that time again- for a new chapter discussion thread! My, my. It feels like ages since I last created one of these. Maybe it has been. I don't know. It takes forever to complete each chapter. Maybe I can get this chapter done before I die! Maybe!

Since I don't have any sneak-peaks right now... I can at least have a really pitiful attempt at encouraging discussion and theories, right? I'll start by poking at a bunch of little details from chapter six- and maybe earlier- that some may or may not have noticed. I don't usually put these details in for no reason. Also questions...

- Cero mentions that there's been death in Greyfog Town in the year leading up to that flashback. Hmm...
- Zila has such a fun design
- Who is Miah? Hmm....
- There were other Hounds near Zila when Ace witnessed Zila murdering poor Aine
- Zila knows Night Slash? Strange... I could've sworn...
- Erin, the other Houndoom, seems a bit surprised, don't you think?
- That Charizard has a necklace with a familiar looking symbol...
- What is Zila looking for? Hmm
- Hey look- that symbol is on a letter!
- And is that a picture of another Charizard?
- Those berries look tasty too!
- Hmm... Strange Dark Pulse you have there, Zila!
- RIP Pyrra


When I'm done scripting Chapter Seven, I might post a few quotes as teasers. I hope to actually script before working on art. Not script as I go like usual. xD We'll see!

But for now, here's some words that relate to Ch. 7 in some form or another:

- Betrayal
- Clash
- Douse
- Burn
- Taint