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    PRS Monthly Raffles!

    So, this is a thing I do mainly for DA/SJ since most of the PRS related traffic goes through there. If the PRS section here ever gets active enough, I might consider adding PXR to the list. We'll see.

    Mainly, it's a means for me to say 'THANK YOU' to the people who take the time out of their day to comment and leave feedback on the comic (and other art on DA). For each post/comment a person makes on either site, they get a ticket (max one per art/page to prevent spam). I'll draw 3 tickets each month of posts.

    Prizes include just about anything that is offered to Patrons, including:

    - High-Res version of pages/art
    - Desktop Wallpapers
    - Postcards!
    - Access to Patron-Only art videos
    - Etc. (Ask me)

    Winners are to contact me regarding prizes ASAP!

    I'll be posting the results here as well as DA/SJ. Again, I'd love to see PXR have enough activity in the PRS section to warrant a drawing for here. If I had the time to count stuff, I'd love to extend it beyond the PRS section to encourage posting in general, but... it's work. xD And most of the prizes are PRS-specific.

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    December Winners:

    DA: PaygeBrooke @Noblejanobii @LKWayvern
    Smackjeeves: Soraindigo, UmbreonMegaAbsol, @NeonUmbreon

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