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  • Tapu Fini

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Thread: Which Tapu?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Suicune's Fire View Post
    Completing the game = defeating the league. Fite me. :P
    There are 8 more champions aside from the one you fought so you haven't beaten the League either. :3

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    Quote Originally Posted by 「Metal௵Queen」 View Post
    There are 8 more champions aside from the one you fought so you haven't beaten the League either. :3
    Welp, I completed the main story, which is the game to me. The rest is post-game. xP Point is, that's what I've done. xD

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    At first I never really liked the designs of any of these guys because I thought they were a bit too complex for my liking, but over time I've grown to quite like the whole group, as well as their personalities, which seems to be a thing I like about a lot of new Pokémon. Out of this quartet though, my favourite would have to be Tapu Koko; not only do I like its design the most, but it's the Pokémon that effectively kickstarts your adventure in Sun & Moon, and makes sure the game doesn't end after the first 5 minutes. That has to count for something. :P

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    When Tapu Koko was first revealed, I really liked the idea of the Island Guardians and I was excited to see the others. Anyway, all my friends say I'm a mermaid because of the way I swim, so of course I have to pick Tapu Fini! I quite like them all, though. Tapu Lele is my second favorite for sure, followed by Tapu Koko and Tapu Bulu. Tapu Fini is so pretty and graceful looking, which is what I like to see in a Pokemon. I've only used Tapu Lele in battle (got me pretty deep into super doubles with Mega Alakazam), so I'm not even sure how Tapu Fini compares.


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    God damn Tapu Bulu needs lotsa love xD I still love how Tapu Koko steals the spotlight :'3 I don't particularly hate the others, but again, if at least they had shown cutscenes (during the UB takeover) of each island guarding facing them off, I would have loved them all actually. Especially how they face up to the UBs. Koko is the cocky and psyche'in up one, Fini displays some form of glamour on the field, Lele dances around petal rains, and Bulu breaks stuff to intimidate his opponent x3
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