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    Other Chat Rules

    Other Chat is the place for all discussion that doesn't fit in another board! Anything is allowed as long as you follow the forum rules!

    We also allow serious discussions here. If you make a thread which you would like to be a serious discussion, please mark it with the [Serious Discussion] prefix.

    If a thread has a [Serious Discussion] prefix, the following additional rules apply to it:

    1. Respect others at all times. Even if you disagree on something, remember that everyone is entitled to their own opinions and everyone should be treated with respect regardless of their opinion.
    2. Focus on the argument NOT the member. Directing posts against members is not allowed. Keep to the topic and feel free to respond to what others have posted, but no personal attacks are allowed!
    3. This thread is for serious/mature discussions. Keep on topic and try to post intellectual and mature replies. This is not the place for one sentence replies, jokes or memes.
    4. Anyone breaking these rules will be infracted at the very least. No warnings will be given for serious offences.

    If you have any questions or problems, please contact a staff member. We hope you enjoy your time at PXR!

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