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    Lillie?! [Story Spoilers]

    As we all know, Lillie leaves the player and Alola to venture to Kanto and see Bill to ameliorate Lusamine's severe illness. So, when do you think we'll see Lillie next, if ever? Maybe she'll be in Kanto remakes, or perhaps present in the third-version game?

    I doubt we'll see a Sun and Moon follow-up game, but who knows at this point. I'm thinking that, if we ever see Lillie again, that it'll be in a Kanto remake, which I imagine isn't too far down the road! Maybe Lillie will make a cameo in the next games (DP remakes?!), or maybe she'll turn out to play another important plot role! But honestly, I feel like Lillie could just end up like Zinnia. I definitely thought we'd see Zinnia again, but, well...yeah. What do you think?!


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    I have a feeling we probably won't be seeing her again. Any new games they usually just make up new characters and roll with those. If you think about how many characters there were in the past games and how many of them didn't make a second appearance, I have a feeling the chances of Lillie ending up in that same boat are pretty high.

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    I also suspect that we won't be seeing Lillie again, unfortunately. The Pokémon games have an awful habit of creating character arcs that remain incomplete due to the lack of sequels or other ways to follow up on the story. Lillie may just be another victim with this, and Hau too, with the whole speculation about who his father may be.

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    But really I think it's pretty likely that Lillie won't be in another game. If she did appear in Kanto remakes that would be cool, but even then I expect she would just be standing around somewhere rather than being part of the story. :( Pokemon games aren't very good with character development and stuff. I mean, Sun and Moon was already pretty amazing for that compared with other games! I'd be surprised if they extended it anymore. xD

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    Kanto Confirmed, please yes let it be, Pokemon i swear do not play with me.

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    I clicked "NEVER" for all the 1s.


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