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Thread: ShadowJay's Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke

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    ShadowJay's Pokemon Moon Nuzlocke



    As part of the Sun and Moon communitylocke, I will be participating in a nuzlocke of Pokemon Moon. Here are the rules I will be playing by:

    (And yes, I did just copy-paste from the main thread).



    1. Death Clause: Fainted Pokemon are dead and must be released or permanently boxed. If all Pokemon in the party and PC are dead, the player loses the game.
    2. Catching Clause: You may only catch one Pokemon in each area. This Pokemon must also be the first Pokemon you encounter. If the Pokemon faints or flees, you do not get a catch for that route.
      • Revived fossils count for the town or city they are revived in.
      • If a cave has multiple levels with varying wild Pokemon encounters, you may only catch one Pokemon from the entire cave.
      • Trading Pokemon with NPCs is prohibited.
    3. (OPTIONAL) Duplicate Clause: If the first encounter of an area is a Pokemon from an evolutionary line that you have already captured (dead or alive) it does not count as the first encounter of the area. You may catch the first Pokemon that does not object to this clause.
    4. (OPTIONAL) Shiny Clause: If you encounter a shiny Pokemon, you may capture and use it regardless of the catching or duplicate clauses.
    5. (OPTIONAL) Nickname Clause: Nickname your Pokemon to strengthen the bond you have together.
    6. Legendary Clause: Legendary Pokemon (Solgaleo/Lunala) cannot be used in the player's party for the duration of the Communitylocke. Their capture is allowed, although it is recommended that trainers do not battle these titans due to severe danger to their Pokemon, who will still die during battle. Additional points may be awarded to players who defeat these Pokemon.
    7. Checkpoints: Players are allowed to complete the Nuzlocke at their own pace. You can complete the Nuzlocke in a day if you so choose. Players must, however, create a thread (or use their sign-up post) and post a description of the events that happened between each checkpoint. You should update your thread and/or post an update only once a week. Players must have completed the Nuzlocke by a certain date and must be at or beyond the first checkpoint by the first week, second checkpoint by the second week, and so on. Usually this will be to defeat the next gym leader or eclipse an important event in the games. The next checkpoint will be announced after this time has elapsed, or after every player has reached the checkpoint. The first failure in reaching a checkpoint will result in a warning. The second will result in being kicked from the Communitylocke.
    8. The Game's End: The Communitylocke ends upon the defeat of Blue/Gary at the Pokemon League.
    9. Log Keeping and Important Events: For every checkpoint, a log of 'important events' must be kept. Important Events are occurrences in-game that result in the loss or gain of points. You must post one log-post per checkpoint, and include all Important Events within this single post. If you do not complete a checkpoint in a single save, you may edit the single log post you have made to include additional events until you reach the checkpoint. Also, every log post must contain how much time each checkpoint takes (measured by subtracting the in-game time of the previous goal from the current time). The fastest player(s) will be rewarded with extra points.
    10. Points: Points are awarded or deducted for logging important events during a checkpoint. These include capturing Pokemon, the death of a Pokemon or completing special challenges, amongst other events. The Communitylocke has two goals. Firstly, trainers should aim to survive the Communitylocke. Secondly, trainers should strive to obtain as many points as possible. The player with the most points will be hailed Communitylocke champion.

    An accordance with the communitylocke rules, I will also be using a point system to track my progress.

    Point system:

    • Catch a Pokemon = [+1]
    • A Pokemon dies = [-2]
    • Fastest Nuzlocker in each checkpoint = [+3]
    • Reach a checkpoint on time = [+1]
    • Missing a checkpoint deadline for the first time = [WARNING]
    • Missing a checkpoint deadline for the second time or after = [-2]
    • Missing a checkpoint deadline for the third time = [DISQUALIFICATION]

    Now what are these aforementioned checkpoints? For the two different sets of games, they are as follows:



    • Checkpoint 1: Beat Kahuna Hala
    • Checkpoint 2: Beat Captain Mallow
    • Checkpoint 3: Beat Kahuna Olivia
    • Checkpoint 4: Beat UB-01/Arrive at Ula'ula Island
    • Checkpoint 5: Beat Kahuna Nanu
    • Checkpoint 6: Beat Lusamine at Aether Foundation
    • Checkpoint 7: Beat Kahuna Hapu
    • Checkpoint 8: Beat Mother Beast Lusamine in the Ultra Space
    • Checkpoint 9: Arrive at the Elite Four
    • Checkpoint 10: Defeat the Champion & Tapu Koko



    Current Checkpoint: Beat Kahuna Hala
    Points: 0

    Point Log:



    Lurking in the Shadows...

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