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Thread: Plot Holes

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    Plot Holes

    We all know them, those little details that leave burning questions in our minds long after the story or video game is done. What do you think about plot holes? Do they ruin a story, movie, or video game for you? Are you okay with them? Do you make theories to answer them? Any solutions to help writers with them?

    One of my favorites actually stems from the explorers of TDS games. Remember how you're a human from the future? Yet there are no humans present in the present time world at all. How did you come to be then? It's been shown time and time again that you can't be present in the PMD world without turning into a Pokémon if you're coming from another world so you had to have originated there but how? Were there hidden tribes of humans? It's one of those things that I'm probably overthinking but was always kind of fun to contemplate in my free time.
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    I think it kinda depends on what type of plot holes. If it's the kind that just aren't explained and make you wonder about things, that's okay with me. I like thinking up theories anyway.

    If it's the kind that make the story make no sense or contradict itself all the time, that's annoying.

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    Like Scytherwolf said, I think there's two types of plot holes.

    There are the ones that leave things that open up questions and leave things unanswered. Character origin stories, for example, may not be covered in the first installment, but may get revealed more in the following stories. I'm okay with these. Sometimes it's up to the reader to decide what the true nature is behind them, or they could be a good stepping stone for the basis of a sequel. I think it's impossible to answer everything, but that's okay. Just imagine if you only read the first Harry Potter book and not all the others. You'd have questions about a lot of things and many of those get answered in the following books.

    And then there are the plot holes that don't make sense and break logic or contradict components of the story. Those are bad. They make the story feel less realistic and make elements of the story feel shoehorned in "just because." They don't make sense and they often involve things like deus ex machina where problems are solved suddenly and unrealistically. They can also be things that the author carelessly left out, such as "how did this character learn this super ability so fast when it takes others a whole lifetime" and "how come this character comes across this super relic and not anyone else?" It could also be things where there's just plain errors in the writing, such as saying the main character is from X at one point and then say they're from Y at another. Again, these are pretty bad and shouldn't be happening unless there's a really, really good explanation for them.

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