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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleobel
    @LKWayvern Thank you for asking. I have also had some rough patches, and I am going through one right now.
    (About a month ago, I told our friend KFT that I was looking for a new home to rent, as you can see on the previous page of this thread. I still haven't found a place to rent. But that's not the only reason why I'm going through a rough patch.)
    I also wish there could be more activity on PXR again. And I agree with your opinion about forums : I too enjoy easily looking up old threads and not feeling pressured to reply immediately. However, I think instant messaging is very convenient in some situations (such as gaming nights). Therefore, I wish forums and Discord could coexist again : in my opinion, they serve different purposes.
    Seems we've all had our difficulties, huh? I do agree about Discord servers having their place--and I do believe that they were originally intended as a place to voicechat about games, so it only makes sense that they'd be really good when it comes to that purpose! I think they're also good when you need to ask a lot of questions and receive answers fairly quickly. For example, if you're in the midst of some sort of commission and want to ask clarifying questions to the commissioner, or send them updates on how progress is going.

    Quote Originally Posted by Kentucky Fried Torchic
    You've hit the nail on the head for me. I've found it intimidating to try and join a community and find that there are hundreds of unread messages between the start and the end of a work day in a large general chat. If you're looking for something specific, you have to hope that someone sees your message, has the information or link available, and that you see it too. Notably, I've seen the message flood occur in groups with members in the single digits. The compartmentalization of a forum is a very nice contrast to that.
    Yep yep, strong agree with this too. Intimidating is precisely the word. When this happens to often, I end up losing the will to try catching up at all, and just keep getting left out of the conversation.
    Not to mention, the inconvenience of how if you want to find out more info about a given subject, you need to actually go into the server and ask questions. With forums, it's all publicly available so you could perhaps find the information you want directly from a search engine, potentially. Which I quite like, since I'd feel weird about joining a server just to ask a question and then leave, but at the same time, I don't particularly like staying in servers that are too active, especially when I don't know anyone.
    I do agree with what Cleobel said above, though, with how forums and servers are good for different things--but in that same vein, using servers as a perfect replacement for not precisely a 'perfect solution' by any means. XD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleobel View Post
    Thanks KFT, I appreciate your support. :)

    I'm glad your travelling went well! I'm sorry you came home to a dirty house and a full inbox.
    How come your house got dirty, if you don't mind me asking? Did you mean dusty?
    Good luck with your work and the rest of the summer!
    Well, it was more like it needed to be cleaned when I left, and it still needed to be cleaned when I came home. :X
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    I came here to stalk Kimmy a bit, but I guess he doesn't come around anymore. Man, it's been a while.

    But ah, I see he's on discord. Definitely held his end of the "10 years" bargain with sharing his identity lol. Happy 107th birthday to him, or thereabout.
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    OH SWEET GOSH. So apparently it takes curiosity to drag me back here after heck knows how long, even if the things I came here for aren't about these days. But here's to hopefully more active times despite fading from the face of the forum without warning! Heh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C0L0R3D View Post
    OH SWEET GOSH. So apparently it takes curiosity to drag me back here after heck knows how long, even if the things I came here for aren't about these days. But here's to hopefully more active times despite fading from the face of the forum without warning! Heh.
    Good to see you back! No worries yeah. These days are just busy all around it seems like.

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