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    Writer's Desk Rules

    We love 'em, we hate 'em, but we sure do need 'em. Rules for the Writer's Desk!

    1. All Forum Rules apply here.
    This is still the forum, and as such, any and all rules apply. There may be some tweaks which will be regarded here, but overall, they remain the same. No flaming, being respectful, etc., all remain in effect. Short, simple, and sweet. Haven't read them yet? Please read them here before posting anything in the Writer's Desk, or in the forum.

    2. Constructive criticism.
    No comments such as "This sucks!" ever help. It is considered rude, and could even be seen as flaming. If you don't like a story, try to take into account what you did find well done, and maybe explain why you didn't like it. Criticism is constructive when it tells the author exactly how you felt when reading the story and giving strengths and weaknesses. You may also be able to combine the positive aspects with the negative aspects, giving advice on how to change one thing while applauding the author on another thing which they executed well. The more of an explanation you give, the better the author will understand how to improve. Also remember that your views are your opinions, and if the author does not wish to alter their writing to suit your preference, it is not your place to insist. All criticism is advice based on opinion! (There may be exceptions to this, such as the rules of grammar, however.)

    When leaving a positive comment, there is nothing wrong with a short response. Writing something like "I really like this story" is perfectly fine, as any positive encouragement is generally welcomed by all authors. However, it is always nice, as an author, to receive reasons why someone considers their story enjoyable. Therefore, writing a more detailed response could not only help the author understand that their story is enjoyed, but also why it is enjoyed, and what about it appeals to readers. Even a short extension of a positive comment could be, "I really like this story because of the characters. I especially liked that funny scene in chapter two!" It gives the author more to work with, and also allows them to expand upon what readers are already responding well to. Please do not feel as if you are required to leave a detailed review, but if you can spare a little extra time to throw in a few reasons why you liked a story, it could make a big difference to the author.

    3. Posting Rules
    Most rules are the same as the community rules, but below are a few exceptions. Please try to have at least four words in each post, but obviously, we prefer more!

    i. Necro-Posting
    Necro-posting is the act of reviving a dead thread after a specified amount of time, which is against the rules. For the Writer's Desk, we understand that it can take a long time for the next segment of a story to get pumped out of the recesses of the brain machine, and as such, the rules for this are different. Authors are allowed to revive their thread at any time with a new chapter or perhaps an update on the status of the story, while readers are allowed to post in a thread which has not been active for up to 12 months before (unless they have permission from the author to revive the thread). Sometimes it's nice to receive a comment on a story which the author wrote a long time ago but still values enough to receive reader input for!

    ii. Double-Posting
    Authors are allowed to double post, even triple post, when chapters break the character limit and need to be put in separate posts. They are also allowed to double post in order to post a status update on the next chapter, make an announcement, or post a new chapter. Readers are not allowed to double post. If you have something else you need to say, edit it in. Same goes for the author - editing is preferred to double-posting, especially when the reason is not overly important.

    iii. Bumping
    Bumping is when someone makes a post with the intention of moving their thread up to the first page. This is generally frowned upon; however, with writing, it happens all the time with updates. An author should only bump their thread if it falls off the first page, and also must make the post that does it relevant in some way. Asking for feedback, an update on the next chapter, etc., are all ways in which to do so. But, don't worry too much about bumping - it tends to happen naturally in the Writer's Desk, rather than be forced in other locations.

    4. Plagiarism
    While posted in community rules, it needs to be reiterated. Under no circumstances will you be allowed to copy someone else's story and post it here without permission and credit. This is STEALING, which is against the law. Those found having committed the act of plagiarism will be subject to the story being deleted, the owner alerted, and a ban on the forum. This forum has a zero tolerance policy with plagiarism and art theft, and will be strictly enforced. Don't do it.

    If you suspect someone has plagiarized, please contact a Moderator.

    5. Appropriate Content
    Pokemon Crossroads generally has a zero-tolerance policy for explicit material, and this goes for stories as well. It is highly recommended to include your story's rating in its thread title, which may be formatting like so: "A Pokemon Story [G]" In the case of swearing, violence and other listed issues, please ensure that you include a warning before the chapter which includes this material is posted. If you want to do one general warning, make it in the first post, and you may want to write it in bold, red text so that it is not missed. These are the specifics on what is and isn't appropriate, and the suggested ratings:

    G Rated - "General"
    All content must be completely suitable for a young audience.
    Violence: Regular pokemon battling/cartoon/fantasy violence is fine, but abuse, blood, or any sort of violent actions beyond regular battles is not tolerated. Similarly, no severe psychological damage is acceptable. Mentions of death is okay, as long as it does not breach any other rules.
    Language: Nothing mildly offensive--all language must be appropriate for a young audience. Mild language such as "crap," "damn" and "hell" are not tolerated in a G rated story.
    Explicit material: No tolerance. A small peck on the lips or the cheek is fine, but kissing beyond that is inappropriate. Absolutely nothing beyond kissing is acceptable either. This includes humour; all humour must be suitable for a young audience and must not breach any of the other rules.
    Gambling: No gambling is to be displayed in G rated stories.
    Substances: No drugs or alcohol are to be mentioned in G rated stories. Coffee is fine, in terms of caffeine, but nothing beyond that.

    PG13+ Rated - "Parental Guidance"
    All content must be suitable for an audience between the age of 13 - 15 (without parents).
    Violence: A small amount of blood is acceptable, as is violence outside of cartoon/fantasy violence, as long as it is not gory or overly violent. For instance, a severed limb is inappropriate, but a boxing match which includes a blood nose or knocked out teeth is perfectly fine. Torture scenes can be present, but infliction of pain must be either mild or alluded to, rather than directly shown or included. Psychological damage is okay, as long as it is not considered intense or 'scary' enough to need a higher rating. Death and dead bodies are fine, as long as it is not bloody enough to breach the violence rule.
    Language: Mild language such as "crap," "damn" and "hell" are perfectly fine to use, as well as "oh my god." Swearing is barely tolerated, but you can get away with using the 'female dog' word by using some asterisks with it. Please use a warning for language.
    Explicit material: Relationships are perfectly fine, as long as there is nothing explicit. Kissing is okay, but sexual activity is not. Humour or dialogue alluding to sexual activity is not acceptable either.
    Gambling: Gambling can be present in PG13+ stories.
    Substances: Alcohol is acceptable in PG13+ stories, as long as it is casual, as opposed to being linked with addiction or abuse. Illegal recreational drugs are not to be included, however.

    M Rated - "Mature"
    Content does not have to be suitable for people younger than 15 years of age.
    Violence: Bloody and gory violence is acceptable, as long as it is not over the top. Death and dead bodies are also acceptable. Psychological issues and damage are fine as well.
    Language: Swearing is tolerated for M rated stories, but any and all swearing must have at least one asterisk. The forum's language filter will automatically bleep out swearing with asterisks as well.
    Explicit material: Kissing and relationships are acceptable, and suggestive themes are okay. No sexual material is to be shown directly, but may be alluded to (such as in conversation).
    Gambling: Gambling can be present.
    Substances: Alcohol and drugs are acceptable, which may include abuse or addiction. It is preferable that drugs are included only in moderate amounts.

    Nothing beyond an M rating is acceptable for Pokemon Crossroads. If you are unsure where your classification falls, you may contact a Writer's Desk moderator to ask.

    Thanks for stopping by, and please enjoy both reading and writing those stories! 8D
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