One thing I'd love to do is share my writing with some friends. Here is why I don't. I am very open in my blogs. More than I am in real life and I have said stuff that I don't want anyone whom I know from real life seeing. And I am worried that if I give someone a link they will stalk my profile and find stuff.

I could simply delete all the blogs that are personal but I have a lot of blogs. It also means that I'd lose my main form of condensing my thoughts. That and I do like to read them again years later and laugh/cringe at how stupid I was.

Here is what I am requesting.

On Facebook you can create lists and limit who sees your posts. For Blogs, something like that would be amazing. Even if there is just a button to press so that it isn't visible to guests/only registered members can see it?

That way I can share my writing with people who I know would never join the forum and still retain my privacy.
Anything like that possible?