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    Privacy settings?

    One thing I'd love to do is share my writing with some friends. Here is why I don't. I am very open in my blogs. More than I am in real life and I have said stuff that I don't want anyone whom I know from real life seeing. And I am worried that if I give someone a link they will stalk my profile and find stuff.

    I could simply delete all the blogs that are personal but I have a lot of blogs. It also means that I'd lose my main form of condensing my thoughts. That and I do like to read them again years later and laugh/cringe at how stupid I was.

    Here is what I am requesting.

    On Facebook you can create lists and limit who sees your posts. For Blogs, something like that would be amazing. Even if there is just a button to press so that it isn't visible to guests/only registered members can see it?

    That way I can share my writing with people who I know would never join the forum and still retain my privacy.
    Anything like that possible?

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    @Desolate Divine

    There are some settings here:

    "Members on your contact list" are people you have added as friends
    Then there are "other members" which would be anyone with an account
    And then there are "guests". So if your friends aren't gonna sign up to look at your writing and you make your blogs invisible to guests, that should take care of it? :)

    Those settings are for your blog as a whole though.

    If you go to a blog post and click on advanced editor you can select the "Restrict entry viewing to Contacts and Blog Moderators" check box on individual entries, which would make them only visible to people you've added as friends. You could do this for more sensitive entries you've posted in the past or something, if there are specific ones you're worried about.

    "The Restrict entry viewing to Contacts and Blog Moderators option will restrict the viewing of an entry to just those members on your contact list and to Blog moderators. This allows you to leave your blog open to all members but still have the ability to restrict viewing on an entry to entry basis. "

    It's not perfect, but hopefully that helps?


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