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    Yep I totally agree with you guys! I was worried about participation dropping off and thought therefore the event should have as few weeks as possible. But really it would have been better for it to go longer but have the events more spread out! That's great feedback for next year and something we will definitely do I think! :D

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    Ugh so... yeah...

    Things started happenning in RL and I never really got around to proclaiming a spirit winner or writing up the posts I'd promised in the RP. I probably could have done it if I had pushed myself, but between trying to enjoy vacation, traveling to watch the eclipse, and panicking over college preparations I never got around to it.

    So... My apologize to Everyone involved in the RP, if it gets pulled out of the archives I'll be sure to write something up, especially since Velocity and I went through the trouble of planning how to end the dread metal derby.

    As for the Spirit contest, Gracidea Order Won by a landslide. They had the most participation points easily, so they won that, as the only ones to put in a week 2 portfolio they won that section as well, though I will note that for the first two weeks, I was more impressed with the Platoon's portfolio as they did a slightly better job of representing both their team's efforts and their team's theme. Sportsmanship was on par between the Platoon and the G order, I was especially impressed by the Platoon's team work on larger projects, while the G order seemed, from what I could tell looking through the various threads, the friendliest toward all participants.

    The Steel scavengers.... well we were 2nd in participation but otherwise we failed to show spirit majorly.

    I think I may need to re-work the Portfolio system, since it was clear that as it was an extra side piece it wasn't high on anyone's list to complete by the 4th week when everyone was somewhat burnt out. The sportsmanship system didn't work too well either, though I think that's more due to the nature of the forum-based-contest than anything else. I'll see if I can rustle up a different idea for future games.

    Overall though I think PXFIRE was a resounding success! Props to everyone who made it possible! I'll put up my chart on participation as a reference for anyone who wants it in a bit.



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