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    Foraminis [SUDS]

    In July on 1952, thousands of families across the USA looked to their skies from their yards, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Foraminis Meteor Shower that was falling to earth. The event itself lasted a night, however the world had no idea how long the effects of the storm would last.

    Unbeknownst to the world, when the meteoroids vaporized upon entry, the dust dispersed over Earth. Whilst this dust itself had no effect on humans, it affected the photosynthetic processes of Earth’s plant-life, creating a colorless, odorless gas, that created genetic abnormalities in young children.

    This was first revealed 1965, when the children born in the year after the meteor shower turned thirteen, and began displaying abnormalities. A mixture of physical defects such as hardened skin, or the growth of extra limbs, whilst others displayed superhuman abilities, such as enhanced strength, night vision or telekinesis.

    Within the first week of this phenomenon, the first casualties occurred, caused by a teenager who discovered they had the ability to chill the air around them, and accidentally froze their classmates.

    Governments around the world focused their resources on discovering the cause of the phenomenon, six months later, determining it was most likely caused by the meteor shower thirteen years earlier and that the effect on Earth was permanent. Efforts were then focused on creating a vaccine, which came to fruition two years later in 1967.

    The abnormalities manifested during adolescence, and as long as the vaccine was administered before then, the effects of the Foraminis Meteor Shower could be negated, and people could live normal lives, with a 99.99% success rate, only being ineffective on individuals with a specific gene. There were eight million children who had manifested abnormalities that could not receive the vaccine in time, five million of which had shown superhuman abilities, whilst the other three million showed physical abnormalities.

    The vaccine soon became compulsory at age two, sparking protest by anti-vaccination groups, however governments didn’t budge. In addition to this, use of superhuman abilities became outlawed, with governments pushing for people to report anything suspicious, due to the slight chance of manifestation. The topic of superhuman abilities was a taboo subject, those possessing abilities earning the title of Foram.

    Over the next fifty years, governments continued to regulate and monitor Foram. The number of individuals reduced over time, as affected individuals died off, with one in ten thousand born having the gene making them immune to the vaccine.

    In December 2014, an individual from New York City, known only as his online handle Impact, came to internet fame. Impact began acting as a vigilante, wearing a mask and using his power of telekinesis to stop petty crime, as well as speaking openly about his abilities in online forums.

    Impact broke society’s rules for Foram, using his abilities, and being open about them online. Following in his lead, dozen’s of Foram began disguising themselves, and taking to the streets, fighting for what they believed was right, and to show the rest of the world they meant no harm to them.

    However others addressed their dislike towards societies attitude towards Foram with extremist acts. A group soon emerged calling themselves Demon’s Run, revealing themselves to the world by destroying a vehicle transporting the Foraminis Vaccine.

    Since the first Demon’s Run attacks, governments have been increasing their efforts to identify Foram, stopping vigilantes and putting an end to Demon’s Run. However on Christmas Eve of 2017, a threat was issued. By the New Year, Demon’s Run would rule Manhattan.

    On Christmas Day, Impact, as well as other well known vigilante’s posted statements online about Demon’s Run threat, whilst the police insisted that they’re doing all they can to put an end to Demon’s Run, and urging the public to report any Foram activity, be it Demon’s Run, vigilante, or anything in between.

    Sign Up Form
    Power (If any):
    Alignment (If any):

    -The usual. No bunnying without permission. No Godmodding.
    -Keep posts substantial. If you want to do a multitude of small posts, PM or Discord, then compile them into one post.
    -Keep it PG. A little violence or language is okay. I don’t see any need for funny business in this sort of RP.
    -Please be active. Or at least let us know if you’re gonna disappear.
    -We are playing superpowered characters. Keep it fair. No invincibility.
    -Keep it realistic. If your character uses their powers in the middle of Times Square, have their house raided by the government or something.

    -This RP will be based primarily in New York City, especially Manhattan. If you wanna have your character based outside of here, please contact me, just so it is smooth.
    -Foram are frowned upon and stigmatized. If people see Foram using their powers and are identifiable, chances are they will report it. The consequences are steep. Months spent institutionalized is not unusual.

    Tommy Smythe (Impact)- Desolate Divine
    Amy Richards- Desolate Divine
    Roberta Lee “Arlee” Garlake- Kentucky Fried Torchic
    Jonathan Miller (Night Blossom)- Neo Emolga
    Roy Acciai (Blind Spectre)- Noblejanobii
    Nadire Masson- Noblejanobii
    Cole Dyson- Desolate Divine
    Tam Jojo- VelloJello
    Aria Leland- VelloJello
    Arden O'Conner- Pokemon Trainer Sarah
    Ceclilia 'Cici' Morris- Winter
    Robert 'Rob' Barrett- Winter
    Cassandra 'Cassie' Cole (Needles)- absols
    Conrad Campopolus (The Righteous Armadilloman)- Kentucky Fried Torchic

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