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    When it comes to the Stadium games Stadium 2 in particular had some good ones, Furret's Frolic was my jam big time.

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    I love to frequent the Battle Royal Dome myself. I've had a few close calls. Hey, even us Professors have a challenge. I just hope one day I can challenge that Masked Royal guy. He would be a great challenge, yeah!

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    I'm really enjoying the Battle Agency, if you even want to consider it a mini-game. It is at least a side-feature. It gets to be rough though once your grade becomes like 10 or more since only rarely will there be random passerbys with a grade close to yours online (most will be grade zero meaning level 50 Pokemon), but the offline partners the game assigns never level up either. I suppose maybe that is where the challenge is meant to come from? I don't know, I just know that most of the time now 2 out of 3 Pokemon I must to use are 13 levels lower than every one I face, makes it tough. But, it's kind of addicting and was fun getting to grade 13, and I check every now and then to see if there are other randoms on around the same grade range for me to use and grade up again.

    Some of these dank movesets on these rental Pokemon, I must say...But it makes it fun, some of them are awful and some work but I like the variety. Battle Agency was a nice little addition to the games, I approve

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    I kind of burnt myself out on gaming right now. Recently, I have been

    playing a lot of the older COD games, like COD 2, WAW, etc.

    And I have a few favorite over all:


    Tomb Raider

    Gears of War

    Hyperdimension Neptunia

    Project Gotham


    Sonic the Hedgehog



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    The ones I spent more time palying were Pokémon Jump and Dodrio's Berry Picking (Pokémon Fire Red/Leaf Green). I remember meeting with some friends to play these mingames for hours lol

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    Stadium are the greatest

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    I did enjoy Mantine Surf. That was a fun mini-game that allow us to travel between islands. Also gain BP without battling.
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    Hmm, im not sure but i think that Pokémon Stadium minigames are my favorite! im playing dream catcher game on 9winz - thats reliable online casino for playing cash
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    Gamecorner stuff like slots and roulette makes me feel at home in the pokemon verse, but pikachu surfing and the stadium games are nice as well.
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