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    News - January 2018

    Table of Contents

    - Update Status
    - Buffer Status
    - Patreon Updates
    - Livestreams
    - The New Raffle System
    - Returning the PXR Post-Incentive
    - Links

    So it's been ages since the last news post, I figured I'd mention some of the changes of recent weeks.

    Update Status

    So PRS has been on a steady update schedule for the first time in a while. It's kinda weird. We've been steamrolling through Chapter 8 at a record pace with all those extra December updates. Thank the patrons for that- I owe an extra update per month because of them. Then I went and did a little extra to get that one silly page up for Christmas. As things stand, the current chapter will be done in just a few weeks. And goodness, the last few pages have quite a few revelations that I've been hinting at for a while. I wonder- how many of you will see it coming?

    Once Chapter 8 is done, I will be going on hiatus again to do pre-production on Chapter 9. Due to the fact that Ch 9 is the start of a new story arc, I may require a little more time to plan this out than usual. I'll definitely give an update on this later on. I will probably open up the PRS asks again during this break to help pass the time.

    Buffer Status

    The buffer has actually been in place for a while. Usually not more than one page ahead- but it counts! Patrons have access to all pages one week ahead of posting. Buffer currently extends through Page 15. I will have page 16 done on Wed/Thurs.

    Patreon Updates!

    As always, a big THANK YOU to all the amazing patrons. Y'all are great and your support is certainly a huge help. No matter how big or small every contribution is more than just a monetary donation: It's a sign that people care about the story and an incredible source of motivation.

    The patreon queue might be a little unsteady as school picks up again, but most of the main uploads should be going up as planned. Currently the weekly schedule looks like this:

    - Sunday: PRS PSD files. (Weekly)
    - Monday: General art PSDs (Every other week)
    - Tuesday: PRS Bonus Updates (3rd Tuesday of the Month)
    - Wednesday: Desktop Wallpapers (Every other week)
    - Thursday: Art Recording Videos (Weekly)
    - Friday: Early PRS Access / High-Res PRS (Weekly)
    - Saturday: Non-patron day: New public video (Weekly)

    When I have time to do sketches and other misc. stuff it'll go up on days nothing else is scheduled.

    During the end of chapter hiatus, the PRS updates will change into Scripts, Layouts, Annotated PDFs, etc. of the chapter followed by sneak-peaks of the next chapter.

    January and February Postcards will be mailed out by the end of this week. Sorry for the delay on the January cards. I have ordered postcards to last through April. Starting this month they will be mailed in envelopes due to an increased frequency of cards getting heavily damaged on the way to their destinations.

    Patreon Page:


    We had a very successful Request Stream over the weekend. Thanks to all that came- it was a blast! I'm hoping to get normal streams done on a more regular basis if possible. I don't always stream PRS pages since some can be a bit spoilery even without the dialogue present on the page. I think the next few pages should be good to stream though! If I do stream during the week, it'll be on Wednesday evenings. I will not promise regular streams due to homework being an unpredictable thing.

    Stream Page:

    The New Raffle System

    Last month I launched a revamped version of the raffle system that would allow for better prizes to be offered. What is it? Basically a way of saying 'THANK YOU' to those who take the time out of the day to post thoughts and comments on the PRS comments section (or just my art in general.) In the past it was simple: 1st comment on every page/art = 1 ticket in automatically. Every month, a few winners would be drawn based on the number of tickets.

    However, this process was flawed and I had complaints that the prizes were not 'good enough' (postcards, sketches, wallpapers- simple stuff.) Additionally it allowed anyone and everyone to be entered. I closed the raffles for a few weeks while I worked on restructuring it to be more flexible on my end and the participants end.

    Now everyone who wishes to participate must contact me to opt in. Any posts by people who have not opted in will not count. Additionally, instead of winning prizes/goodies, you win points. These points are tracked and can be saved up for better prizes. This way I can open the raffle prizes up to things I would never consider offering on a monthly basis due to time constraints (like fully colored drawings).

    Note that tickets are only gained from posting/commenting on SJ/DA. The other column for tickets is labeled 'other' and is for stream participation or whatever other events I deem worthy of adding tickets for.

    For more information, check the spreadsheet:

    Bringing Back the PXR Posting Incentives

    So way back when I'd offer a simple deal: Every 50 posts or so in the PRS section of PXR would get a bonus update to the comic. I stopped that after the patreon opened since I didn't want to offer two different incentives at once until I knew I could handle a little extra- and how much. Now that the patreon has gotten a strong start and things are going relatively smoothly, it's time to bring this back.

    So here's how it'll work: For every 100 posts in the comics section- yes, the entire comics section, not just PRS- I'll add one bonus update to the schedule. There is a max of one bonus update per month. The count starts on the 1st of every month and restarts at the end of the month. So if 98 posts are made in February... welp- too bad! Gotta start over in March. Consider it a challenge to post feedback in the comics of everyone here at PXR- PMDXR included, of course. If other comic authors here want to participate in this, feel free!

    Just remember: Us comic authors absolutely LOVE to get feedback on our work. It lets us know that people read and enjoy the comic. Even a simple 'Great job so far!' can go a long way for morale. All artists love feedback. The lack of feedback is often misinterpreted as 'My work stinks' due to the self-conscious and paranoid nature of artists (especially less experienced artists!) Show your love and support to all artists. They appreciate it. I swear!


    Tumblr (PRS):
    Tumblr (Asks):
    Tumblr (Main/Art):
    PXR Forums:
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