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    Episode 10: Mastering a Coordinated Assault

    As crowds began filling into the Contest Hall the next day, they did not notice a red haired woman and a purple haired woman in futuristic silver, white, and black garb watching them from behind a small grove of trees. "Admin Mars to Supreme Leader Cyrus, we are here in Jubilife City now." the red haired woman said into a watch-like communicator on her left arm.

    "Excellent--remember that your only goal for now is to observe in the city, and find any threats to our goal of a new world." an older male voice crackled back through Mars' communicator. "It would be wise for you and Jupiter to have a disguise to avoid detection."

    "We already have disguises and some alter egos in mind." the purple haired woman assured the image of a blue haired man on the tiny communicator screen. "Mars is going undercover as a Coordinator, and I'm going undercover as a Loremistress."

    "A wise choice. Jubilife has its own Contest Hall, and the Fantasy Stage is often held in conjunction with Contests." the man explained. "So you should have no trouble blending in."

    He added. "In case you do find threats to our plan, you have my permission to pursue them, if they manage to outwit you or get away."

    "Understood, boss--Mars out." Mars replied before her transmission ended. "Well, let's get into our alter egos' costumes."

    "Here's mine..." Jupiter paused to dig out a majestic white, blue, purple and green minstrel's costume from a plastic bag.

    "And here's mine." Mars showed her partner a lovely red and white costume with silver diamond patterns. "If you look at it at the right angle, the diamonds form Mars symbols."

    "Very clever." Jupiter smiled before ducking into a comfort station to change.

    Once both admins emerged in their costumes, Mars told Jupiter "Remember--my alter ego's name is Marta Bryant."

    "Haven't thought of a last name for mine yet, but my alter ego's first name is Juno." Jupiter replied. "Let's move out."

    With that, both admins went their separate ways. Mars hurried into the Contest Hall, and Jupiter towards the outdoor theater where the Fantasy Stage was taking place.


    Meanwhile, in the Pokemon Center, Dawn emerged from a dressing room. She finished tying a pink ribbon in her hair, then addressed the boys. "What do you think?" she asked as she revealed the pink gown she wore to the boys and Tintri.

    "Wow!" Ash cried, impressed at Dawn's look.

    "You look beautiful!" Brock smiled.

    "Can you turn a little bit for me?" the image of Joanna on a nearby videophone requested.

    Dawn nodded, and performed an elegant twirl before the videophone. "Thanks so much for rushing this costume here, Mom." she began.

    "You're welcome, sweetie pie." Joanna replied before noticing something. "Although, I see you're missing the matching choker."

    Dawn felt around her neck and discovered nothing was there. "That's was there when I took it out of the box..."

    A meow got her attention. "Opal?" she gasped as a Glameow approached the group.

    "Opal?" Ash asked, intrigued in the gray cat Pokemon with a coiled tail.

    "My pet Glameow at home." Dawn explained. "But this one's a bit darker compared to Opal."

    Piqued, Ash read up on the gray cat Pokemon:

    "Glameow, the catty Pokemon. When it's happy, it demonstrates beautiful movements of its tail, like a dancing ribbon."

    He smiled as the Glameow swished its tail before Dawn. "Well! Seems this Glameow found your choker." Joanna smiled as Dawn took the tourmaline choker from the Glameow's tail.

    "Can you tell me where your master is, so I can thank them?" Dawn asked the Glameow.

    The Glameow looked up and meowed as a girl with a pair of sunglasses perched in her short wavy hair arrived. "Oh, you found the choker's owner, Sylvie?" she asked as she brushed some sandwich crumbs from her shirt and vest.

    "Yes--that choker was mine." Dawn replied as she put it on. "Thank you..." She realized she had not asked the girl her name.

    "Name's Zoey." the girl smiled. "...and my partner, Sylvie." she added, petting the Glameow. "Sylvie found that choker on the floor last night, and you were the only one wearing anything that would go with it."

    "Thanks for finding it, Zoey." Dawn smiled. She wanted to get to know Zoey more, but balked when she saw both Zoey and Sylvie had departed.

    "Don't worry--you'll get a chance to see her again." Joanna assured Dawn. "Good luck in the Contest!"

    It dawned on Ash that if the Contest and the Fantasy Stage were taking place at the same time. I can't be in two places at once...

    "How am I gonna cheer both you and Brock on if both events are happening at the same time?" he asked.

    "If you need to miss one of the events to see Brock, I'll understand." Dawn replied.

    "Well, I'm on after this lady named Juno, and then Nando is on after me." Brock replied.

    "So if you time it right, the Dance part of the contest should be over or be close to ending." Dawn explained. "Let's go!"


    ..."Entry number J-495901--Dawn Solberg and Kori!" the emcee announced as Dawn and Kori emerged from the entry tunnel for the parade of contestants. "Dawn is the daughter of legendary Coordinator Joanna Solberg. It will be exciting to see how she carries on the family legacy!"

    In the stands, Ash looked over the other contestants. "Okay, we have Marta, who has a Bronzor..." he mused as the disguised Mars passed by the left end of the stands. "Some guy with a Mightyena..." he mused as the second contestant passed by. "Zoey, from earlier..." he noted as Zoey, now in an elegant pantsuit, walked by with Sylvie. "...and Dawn." He waved as Dawn passed by.

    Once all four contestants had returned, the emcee explained the rules of the Visual competition. "Our first event today is the Visual competition. In the dressing rooms, where you'll find a fashion case filled with a hundred random accessories. Your job is to choose up to five of them that creates a coherent look based on a theme in sixty seconds."

    He added "The order that you finish here will determine the order for the next event."

    Once sure the four contestants had no questions, he revealed the theme. "You're aiming for a colorful look this time."


    "Colorful, huh?" Dawn mused as she opened the fashion case. She balked at the various puffballs, feathers, jewels, scales, and other trinkets inside. "How am I supposed to get a coherent look out of this?"

    Her heart raced when she saw a clock in the room blip to life with sixty seconds. "Ready...set...GO!" she heard the emcee say.

    [No one told me we were being timed!] Kori panicked as she watched the numbers tick away on the clock.

    "Come here, Kori...I have an idea." Dawn motioned for Kori to come to her. She then proceeded to stick a blue puffball near Kori's head, some white ones near her stomach, and some blue ones on her fins. "There..."

    [I look like a clown...] Kori sighed as the clock expired.

    "Well, a clown is colorful, right?" Dawn assured Kori as she watched the crowd ooh and ah over Mars' glittering Bronzor. "This Marta girl knows what she's doing."

    [Zoey's not too shabby herself.] Kori smiled as Zoey emerged from the dressing room next to her, the jewels in Sylvie's fur glittering in the lights.

    "Next is Kori!" she heard the emcee announce, to laughter and "aw"s over Kori's look when she emerged from the dressing room.

    [Not bad for her first try.] Tintri smiled as Kori posed cutely for the judges.

    "Yeah...she'll get better at this the more Contests she competes in." Ash agreed.


    Awed chatter filled the hall as a large black platform with lights and smoke jets around it rose up from the floor. "Wow...I can't believe they were able to put that beneath the floor..." Ash gasped, amazed at the platform's size.

    [Looks like a Dancing Star platform turned up to 11...] Tintri was equally impressed.

    "Next is the Dance competition." the emcee explained. "Before you is the Bailatron, a state of the art dancing platform inspired by video games such as Dancing Star. But rather than stomping on pre-determined arrows to the beat, you'll be making up your own steps."

    This got the crowd excited. "The order our contestants will dance in is determined by how well they did in the Visual competition."

    He reminded the coordinators "Remember, the Bailatron will record every stumble and fall, too. Mess up too often, and you're out of competition."

    He then told the audience. "Let's give our coordinators a minute to choose the songs they will dance to..."


    "Hm..." Dawn mused as she perused the massive song list. Every so often, she glanced at the screen displaying what was going on in the Contest Hall. "What song would Kori like most..."

    The familiar introduction of the Macarena and the crowd cheering snapped her to attention. [I didn't know the Macarena was a Dancing Star song!] Kori gasped. On the screen, hundreds of people did the classic dance in the stands as Mars' Bronzor spun, whirled and warped about the platform in time to the pounding beat.

    "It's on some of the console versions, most famously on 'Dancing Star Disney Beat'." Dawn explained. She stiffed a giggle at Ash and Tintri doing the dance in the stands before turning her attention to the music player holding the song list.

    She smiled as the Bailatron reset for Sylvie to dance. "Wonder what Zoey picked for Sylvie to dance to?"

    A blaring rock melody answered her question. The crowd roared as Sylvie elegantly twisted and jumped across the platform. Granted, she didn't understand a word of the Japanese lyrics, but Sylvie looked like she was having the time of her life grooving to the beat.

    [Dawn...] Kori whispered. [May I have the song selector? I know exactly what I want to dance to!]

    "Here." Dawn handed Kori the song selector. "What song do you want to dance to?"

    Kori smiled as she showed Dawn the song she had picked--"Hero". [I want to dance to "Hero"--you did great on that song on the Dancing Star machine yesterday.]

    " can dance to 'Hero'." Dawn assured Kori as she watched Sylvie strike a confident pose as her song ended...


    "Dawn's up next..." Ash mused as the Bailatron rest for Kori's performance. "Although Sylvie did great with 'Break Down'..."

    [Come on, Kori!] Tintri called as Kori hopped aboard the platform. Ash whistled in encouragement as the lights dimmed, signalling Kori's performance was about to begin.

    Kori struck a cute pose, then skipped and twirled across the platform in time to the song...

    In the middle of the night my hero comes to rescue.
    He's so fine, I'm gonna make him mine.
    He's sincere, I know his heart is beating
    just for me, only for me.

    But at the break of dawn he is gone.... Kori posed in time to the singer on the phrase "he is gone."

    The wind has carried him awa-a-a-y... Kori did a graceful aerial twirl at this line.
    And like a comet on the sky
    he will return someday!

    [Kori's doing great down there!] Tintri smiled. He watched as Kori twirled and swayed through the rainbow lights whorling around her.

    "I think I know why Dawn picked that song..." Ash smiled. "She wanted to evoke our own dancing to it on the Dancing Star machine yesterday." He let that hang as he returned to watching Kori, who was enthralled by jumping, twisting, and twirling through the wave of rainbow lights around her...

    You are my hero.
    You are my hero.
    You are my hero.

    The crowd roared as Kori struck a triumphant pose at the song's end. [Way to go, Kori!] Tintri called as he applauded. Kori took an exhausted bow for the cheering crowd, then hurried off to reunite with Dawn.

    Ash was stunned as Kori's results appeared on the leaderboard. "Wow! Kori's the best one so far!"

    [She even beat Sylvie.] Tintri agreed.

    With the lull in the competition, Ash motioned for Tintri to follow him to the exit. "Come on, bud--let's go see how Brock is doing in his Fantasy Stage debut so far."

    To Be Continued...
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    Episode 11: Arrival of a Rival!

    "...It was only then that she revealed herself as the shining Goldeen!" Jupiter--in a white, blue, purple, and green costume--concluded her tale. She took a bow for the cheering crowd, just as Ash and Tintri arrived in the outdoor theater.

    Tintri noticed Brock was next to perform. [We made it just in time--Brock's about to tell!] he smiled. He watched as Brock--now in his costume--stepped onto the large round stage.

    "Number K-42207, telling 'The Rescue of Princess Daisy'. an announcer told the crowd. Brock, meanwhile, took a few breaths to ease the Beautiflies in his stomach.

    After he saw the cue to begin, Brock started his tale. "Once a young prince named Lucas was riding through a meadow. The meadow stretched for miles as far as the eye could see, until he came to a deep ditch. He was turning to avoid it, when he heard someone crying for help in the ditch. He dismounted from his Ponyta, and hurried in the direction the sound came from."

    Concerned murmurs wafted through the crowd as Brock went on. "To his astonishment he found an old woman, who begged him to help her out of the ditch. So Prince Lucas bent down and lifted her out of the ditch, asking her how she had managed to fall in to begin with."

    "My son, I am very poor, and not long after midnight I set out for town to sell my eggs in the marketplace. I lost my way in the dark, and fell into this deep ditch, where I would remain forever if it were not for your kindness." he explains in character as the old woman.

    "You can hardly walk; I will put you on my Ponyta and lead you home. Where do you live?" he asks in a mimic of Ash for Prince Lucas.

    Tintri grinned at the real Ash. [Brock mimicking you has yet to get old!]

    "I'm still amazed he learned my voice in a single day." Ash grinned. He giggled as he savored the memory of Misty's shocked face when Brock mimicked his voice for the first time.

    "Prince Lucas lifted her onto his Ponyta, and soon they reached the hut." Brock goes on. "The old woman dismounted, and said to Prince Lucas..."

    "Wait a moment, and I will give you something." he instructs as the old woman.

    He narrates as himself. "She disappeared into her hut, but returned and said..."

    "You are a mighty prince, but at the same time you have a kind heart, which deserves a reward." he explains as the old woman. "Would you like to have the most beautiful woman in the world for your wife?"

    "Would I ever!" he cries as Prince Lucas, to the delight of the crowd.

    "The most beautiful woman in the whole world is Daisy, the daughter of Rosa, the Queen of the Flowers. She has been captured by a Hydreigon." Brock explains in character as the old woman. "If you wish to marry her, you must first set her free, and I will help you do this. I will give you these three magic jewels: if you sing 'Karuto, iichiida shou...' to the emerald, Arashi, the King of the Braviaries will appear. If you sing 'Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...' to the ruby, the holy Delphox Kitsune will come to you. If you sing 'Rou iitsa ron selga vichii' to the sapphire, you will see Undine, the Queen of the Sea, by your side. They will help you if you are in any danger. Now farewell, and may Arceus' favor be on your undertaking."

    [Spellsongs!] Tintri sparked in excitement.

    "Yeah, those are easily my favorite parts of a tale." Ash smiled.

    Brock shows three prop jewels to the crowd. "So she handed him the three jewels, and the hut and everything around it disappeared, as if it was a mirage. It dawned on Prince Lucas that he had been speaking to a light fairy in disguise."

    "Oh"s go up at this. "After putting the three magic jewels in his pocket, he rode home and told his father the king that he planned to set the daughter of the Flower Queen free." Brock explains. "He intended on setting out the following day in search of the maiden."

    He continues "So the next morning, Prince Lucas mounted his fine Ponyta and left home. He roamed around the world for a year..."

    He looks up at Ash and smiles. "The adventures he had during that time are stories in themselves."

    Giggles ripple through the theater at this. "...but he had found no trace of her at all." Brock continues. He came at last to a hut, where a very old man lived, and asked him..."

    "Do you know where the Hydreigon lives who keeps Princess Daisy prisoner?" he asks as Prince Lucas.

    "The Hydreigon lives there on the mountain, and he has begun his year of sleep." he explains in a gentle older voice for the old man. "For a year he is always awake, and the next year he sleeps. But if you wish to see Princess Daisy, go up the second mountain. The Hydreigon queen lives there. She has a party every night, and Princess Daisy attends them often."

    As himself, Brock continues "So Prince Lucas went up the second mountain. At the peak, he found a castle made of gold with diamond windows. He was about to walk in when seven Hydreigons ambushed him and asked him what he wanted."

    "I have heard so much of the beauty and kindness of the Hydreigon queen, and would like to enter her service." he explains as Prince Lucas.

    "Well, you may come with me, and I will take you to the queen." he replies in a guttural voice for the Hydreigon.

    As himself, he continues "They entered the castle and walked through twelve rooms, all made of gold and diamonds. In the twelfth room they found the Hydreigon queen sitting on a diamond throne. She was the biggest and ugliest dragon Pokemon under the sun, and larger than her seven attendants put together. Her appearance was an understandable shock to Prince Lucas, and so was her voice, which was like the croaking of many Murkrows all at once. She asked him..."

    "Why have you come here?" he asks in a Murkrow-like voice for the Hydreigon queen.

    "I have heard so much of your beauty and kindness, that I would very much like to enter your service." he replies as Prince Lucas.

    "Very well, but if you wish to enter my service, you must first lead my Rapidash out to the meadow and look after her for three days." he replies as the Hydreigon queen. "But if you don't bring her home safely every evening, we will eat you for dinner."

    The crowd shudders at this. "Prince Lucas agreed, and led the Rapidash out to the meadow." Brock continues. "But no sooner had they reached the grass, she vanished. Prince Lucas looked everywhere for her in vain. He finally sat down on a big stone and contemplated his grisly fate. As he sat there lost in thought, he heard a Braviary cry off in the distance."

    He shows the crowd the prop emerald. "Then he remembered the three magic jewels, and taking the emerald out of his pocket he sang..."

    He then sings as Prince Lucas Karuto, iichiida shou.... The crowd whispers with excitement as the prop emerald glows in response to his voice.

    As himself, Brock narrates "The emerald glowed, and he heard a mighty rushing wind. In moments Arashi, the King of the Braviaries, landed at his feet.

    "I know what you want of me." he assures the crowd in a strong voice for Arashi. "You are looking for the Hydreigon queen's Rapidash, who is galloping about among the clouds. I will call all the Braviaries of the air together, and order them to catch the Rapidash and bring her to you."

    As himself, Brock continues "With that, Arashi flew away. That evening, Prince Lucas heard a mighty windstorm. When he looked up he saw thousands of Braviaries driving the Rapidash before them. They all landed before him and gave the Rapidash over to him. Prince Lucas returned to the Hydreigon queen, and told her that his task was complete. The queen was stunned when she saw him, and invited him to that night's party. She gave him a cloak made of gold, and led him to a huge room where millions of dragon Pokemon were dancing together. But the only human there, it seemed, was Princess Daisy."

    He continues "Her yellow and orange dress was woven out of the most beautiful flowers in the world. Her face shone like the dawn. As Prince Lucas was dancing with her, he managed to whisper..."

    "I have come to set you free!" he whispers in character as Prince Lucas.

    "If you succeed in bringing the Rapidash back on the third day, ask the Hydreigon queen to give you the Rapidash's shining foal as a reward." he replies in a mimic of Dawn for Princess Daisy.

    As himself, Brock continues "The party ended at midnight, and early the next morning Prince Lucas led the Hydreigon queen's Rapidash out into the meadow..."


    Number S-50396, telling 'The Minstrel Queen'. the announcer explained as Nando took his place on the stage some time later.

    [Brock did great!] Tintri raved.

    "He usually does, but what's Nando's telling style like?" Ash asked as Nando took his harp and played a gentle melody to compose his thoughts.

    "Once upon a time, there lived a king and queen who lived happily and comfortably together." Nando began, playing a soft melody to go with his words. "They were very fond of each other and had nothing to worry them, but eventually the king grew bored. He longed to go out into the world, try his strength in battle against some enemy, and win all kinds of honor and glory--although not necessarily in that order."

    Ash chuckled at Nando's quip. "So he called his army together, and told them they were going to a distant land. There a king ruled who mistreated or tormented anyone and everyone he could get his hands on." Nando continued. "The king gave his parting orders and advice to his ministers, bid his queen farewell, and set off with his army across the sea."

    Some in the crowd clapped along to the harp's adventurous melody. "Whether the voyage was short or long, I don't know; but at last he reached the realm of the young king. He marched on, defeating all who stood in his way." Nando went on. "Before long, he came to a mountain pass, where a large army was waiting for him in an ambush. What soldiers that did not flee were either captured or killed, and the brave king was taken captive."

    [Oh no!] Tintri gasped.

    "He was carried to the prison where the young king kept his captives. Saying the conditions were harsh is putting it nicely." Nando sighed over a sad melody. "The prisoners were chained up all night, and in the morning they were yoked together like Tauros and had to plow the land until dark."

    "That's not very nice!" someone gasped.

    "This went on for three years before the king found any means of sending news of what had happened to his dear queen." Nando continued. "He somehow managed to send a letter asking her to sell off everything they owned, in hopes that would be enough of a ransom to set him free."

    He next started a hopeful melody. "The queen received the letter, read it, and wept as she said to herself, ‘How can I rescue my husband? If I go myself and the young king sees me, he will take me to be one of his harem. If I were to send one of the ministers...I hardly know if I can depend on them."

    As the last chord fades, Nando interjects "She thought, and thought, and thought some more...until an idea came into her head."

    Ash giggled at the high note Nando played to simulate an idea lightbulb. "She cut her hair to resemble a boy's hairstyle and dressed herself in a minstrel's clothes. Then she took her favorite harp and without saying anything to anyone, she went forth into the world."

    He started a "traveling" melody for effect. "She traveled through many lands, saw many cities, and went through many hardships before she got to the place where the brash young king lived. But that is a story in itself. When she got there, she walked all around the palace and at the back she saw the prison. She went into the great court in front of the palace, and taking her harp in her arms, she began to play all manner of beautiful melodies. All who heard her felt as though they could never hear enough."

    [Pretty!] Tintri smiled as Nando played a beautiful dance for effect.

    "After she had played for some time, she began to sing the following..." Nando began before singing for the crowd:

    I come from my own country far
    Into this foreign land,
    Of all I own I take alone,
    My harp in my hand.

    Oh! Who will thank me for my song,
    Reward my simple lay?
    Like lover’s sighs it still will rise
    To greet thee day by day.

    I sing of blooming flowers
    Made sweet by sun and rain;
    Of all the bliss of love’s first kiss,
    And parting’s cruel pain.

    Of the sad captive’s longing
    Within his prison wall,
    Of hearts that sigh when none are nigh
    To answer to their call.

    My song begs for your pity,
    And gifts from out your store,
    And as I play my gentle lay
    I linger near your door.

    And if you hear my singing
    Within your palace, sire,
    Oh give, I pray, this happy day,
    To me my heart’s desire.


    ..."The queen took the short way home, got there before the king, and changed back into her royal robes." Nando continued his tale. "An hour later, all the court was celebrating the king's return. The king greeted everyone very kindly, but he would not so much as look at the queen. But then another problem arose--the court had feared the worst for the queen, and no one knew where she was."

    He assured the antsy crowd "Whilst the king was debating with his council, the queen found time to disguise herself. She took her harp again, and slipping into the court in front of the palace she sang the following, clear and sweet..."

    I sing the captive’s longing
    Within his prison wall,
    Of hearts that sigh when none are nigh
    To answer to their call.

    My song begs for your pity,
    And gifts from out your store,
    And as I play my gentle lay I linger near your door.

    And if you hear my singing
    Within your palace, sire,
    Oh give, I pray, this happy day,
    To me my heart’s desire.

    The crowd applauds the song's end. "As soon as the king heard this song, he figured out that the minstrel that had rescued him was his queen!" Nando announced, to more cheers.

    He smiled at the enthralled crowd. "Who can tell how happy the king was? In the joy of his heart he gave a great feast to the world, and the whole world came and rejoiced with him for at least a week."

    The crowd roared as Nando took a bow, but Ash was shocked to see that Nando had beaten Brock. While Brock's bar was three fourths of the way across, Nando's stretched across the entire scoreboard. Wow! Nando wasn't kidding when he said he's performed for years!


    "So, how was the Contest?" Brock asked as the group reunited in the Pokemon Center that evening.

    "After Kori made a strong showing in the Dance competition, Zoey edged me in the Appeal round with all these cool combos." Dawn explained. "The finale being this quick Double Team and Quick Attack combo that electrified the audience."

    "Wow...I have my work cut out for me in beating Nando." Brock sighed. "He wasn't kidding when he said he was a pro."

    He smiled. "Although, he was nice enough to let me learn the story he told." he assured his companions as he unfurled a piece of paper filled with Nando's elegant writing.

    "'The Minstrel Queen'...sounds interesting." Dawn mused.

    "Well, I will say you both did a great job, even if you lost." Ash assured his companions. "Every trainer, coordinator, and loremaster had to start somewhere..."

    "Thanks." Dawn smiled. "Mom didn't win all her prizes and awards overnight--I only have to work hard and come up with creative appeals."

    "I didn't become a master storyteller overnight, either." Brock agreed. "It still is a lot of work learning new songs and new stories."

    He looked over at Ash. "You still have your competition left...our next stop is Oreburgh City and your first badge."

    "Whatever happens on our roads to glory, let's face both the highs of victory and the lows of defeat together!" Dawn vowed.

    "Yeah...and no great hero--or heroine--ever fought alone." Brock smiled.

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 12a: A Staravia is Born! (part 1)

    The wind rustled as Estrella dove down into a clearing somewhere in a forest. "Estrella, use Aerial Ace!" Ash's voice echoed as the small bird Pokemon trained her eyes on a target hanging from a tree.

    "Eh-streh-yah!" came Brock's voice, breaking Estrella's concentration on the attack!

    [Uh oh!] Estrella cried when she realized she was too low to hit the target.

    "Pull up, Estrella!" Ash called, hoping all the while his Starly would have time to avoid a crash.

    "Eh-streh-yah!" Brock corrected him as Estrella crash-landed in the brush.

    Dawn was first to arrive, with the boys not far behind. "You were lucky Estrella didn't crash into that tree." Dawn assured Ash.

    [Yes, better the brush than that tree.] Estrella agreed as she eased herself to her feet. [But now my left leg hurts...]

    Brock examined the tiny gash on Estrella's left leg. "The good news is, it's a minor injury. A little medicine on the wound and a Band-Aid and we're good to go."

    "I've got the first aid kit!" Dawn volunteered as she set down a white box and set out some ointment and the Band-Aids.

    "We still need to do some more practice on Aerial Ace." Ash mused as Brock cleaned and dressed Estrella's wound.

    "Once her wound heals, you can do all the practicing you want." Brock replied. "Preferably away from thorns and burs."

    Some rustling in the brush snapped Ash to attention. "Who's there? Friend or foe?"

    A lavender haired girl in the familiar red garb and wide brimmed hat of a ranger stepped from the bush. "Friend, traveler." she assured Ash. "Is everything all right?"

    "Uh, yeah--my Starly and I were practicing Aerial Ace and she went at the target too low." Ash explained. "I'm Ash, by the way, and my companions, Dawn and Brock."

    "Hi!" Dawn smiled. "Nice to meet you."

    Ash facepalmed as Brock approached the girl, guitar in hand. "Judging from your attire, you must be a ranger!" he smiled before playing an expectant D chord. "Allow me to sing a little ditty chronicling your exploits!"

    [Save it for the stage, Mr. Teen Idol!] Kage scolded after jabbing Brock in the sensitive areas.

    The girl laughed at Brock's pained look. "While it would be nice to have a sing-along, it can wait for the campfire at the end of the day."

    Then it occurred to her she had not introduced herself. "Oh, listen to me chattering on like a Starly and forgetting my manners! My name's Rosebay, of the Midori Forest Research Corps. Part of our job is to observe, document, and research Pokemon activity in the forest.

    "So, what are you researching now?" Dawn wondered.

    "At the moment, I'm documenting nest activity." Rosebay explained as she motioned for the group to follow her. If you need any pocket money for your travels, you're welcome to volunteer!"


    "Right there..." Rosebay pointed out a Swablu nest in the distance. " a nest I've been observing. A pair of Swablus made that nest a few weeks ago. Since Swablu are non-native Pokemon, it is in our best interest to observe them."

    "That makes sense--wouldn't want to damage the natural ecosystem." Ash grinned.

    "That's right." Rosebay agreed before offering Ash a pair of binoculars. "Here--you may have a look at the nest."

    "Let's see..." Ash took the binoculars. "I think I see five eggs in there, but no mama or daddy Swablu."

    "Let me see!" Dawn pleaded.

    After accepting the binoculars from Ash, she too observed the nest. "Well made, five eggs, but no mom or dad anywhere!"

    "That's strange...usually one or both parents are at the nest by now." Rosebay mused. "This may tie into the missing Hoothoot colony last week, and an alarming decrease in overall activity..."

    "If you want, we can help solve this mystery for you." Ash offered.

    "Of course--maybe an outside pair of eyes may catch a clue we missed." Rosebay suggested. "I'll give you all some pocket money as a reward."

    Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Come on out, Estrella!"

    "Eh-streh-yah!" Brock corrected Ash as the Starly flitted on Ash's shoulder.

    "Can you do a flyover of the area and see what bird Pokemon you can find?" Ash asked Estrella. "Or any clues about why they're disappearing?"

    [You got it!] Estrella chirped as she fluttered off into the sky.

    When Estrella returned some time later, she reported. [No sign of any birds anywhere! Or who could be taking them!]

    Ash sighed. "You leg holding up okay?" he asked, aware of the bandage on Estrella's left leg.

    [Yeah...] Estrella replied.

    "Could you do a second flyover to be sure you didn't miss anything?" Dawn requested.

    [Okay!] With that, Estrella fluttered away again...


    Meanwhile, four Swellow squawked in surprise as they flew into a large net. "It was a good idea to put a trap here, as all the bird Pokémon in the forest come through the valley." Jupiter mused. She studied the two admins' latest catch for a moment. "Okay, these will do." With that, the net deposited the captured blue, red, and white bird Pokemon into some cages.

    "Remind me how this can help Team Galactic?" Mars asked, unimpressed. "What does collecting bird Pokemon have to do with creating another world?"

    "It's as Lord Cyrus says--we need a lot of energy to form a new world, and many bird Pokemon have a lot of energy." Jupiter explained. "So every Pokemon helps. The ones we can use, we keep, and we let the rest go."

    "Makes sense..." Mars mused as three more Swellow and Estrella landed in the net.

    She noticed the bandage on Estrella. "You sure you want to keep this one? It's been wounded..."

    "Yes, I want to keep it." Jupiter replied as she analyzed the energy counts of their latest catch. "Wound or not, its energy level is through the roof!"


    "What's taking so long?" Ash wondered as he paced the grass. "Estrella should've been back by now..."

    "Maybe she got lost?" Brock suggested.

    All the bird Pokémon use the valley path, so it's possible that your Starly and the other Pokemon are there." Rosebay suggested.

    "Come on!" Ash led the way down the hill. "Estrella might be in trouble!"

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 12b: A Staravia is Born! (part 2)

    Previously, on "Pokemon Shine Diamond"...

    "What's taking so long?" Ash wondered as he paced the grass. "Estrella should've been back by now..."

    "Maybe she got lost?" Brock suggested.

    "All the bird Pokémon use the valley path, so it's possible that your Starly and the other Pokemon are there." Rosebay suggested.

    "Come on!" Ash led the way down the hill. "Estrella might be in trouble!"

    Meanwhile, Estrella waved a wing at another cage, where a Hoothoot sulked. [Hey...]

    [Hm?] the Hoothoot looked up. [Who are you?]

    [A fellow captive.] Estrella explained. [Only, I have a master.]

    [Really? Wouldn't he--or she--be worried sick about you?] the Hoothoot wondered. [If I had a human master, they would likely worry.]

    [I know my master and his friends are coming to save us all.] Estrella smiled. [But for now, I may have an idea on how to get out of here...]


    "Okay...out of all the bird Pokemon we have thus far, which ones do you think Cyrus would like?" Mars asked as Jupiter took inventory of the cages. "The little Starly whose energy is off the charts, or something bigger and more powerful?"

    "Good question...both of those are intriguing options." Jupiter mused. "So why not settle the matter with a good old game of 'Rock Paper Scissors'? Winner decides what we take to Cyrus."

    "You're on!" Mars smiled.

    ", two, three!" Jupiter called. But both admins sweatdropped when they discovered they had both displayed scissors.

    "So, what if we do if it's a tie?" Mars wondered with a sigh.

    "A tie or a loss is not the end of the world." Jupiter assured Mars. "Let's rig another trap for now."


    The group arrived at the top of the hill some time later. Ash noticed Mars and Jupiter checking their trap, which had caught a Pidgeot. "Those two don't look friendly at all!"

    "No normal person would catch any Pokemon in a net." Rosebay agreed before noticing a familiar insignia on Mars' uniform. "Those two are two admins of Team Galactic--Mars and Jupiter."

    "Admins, huh?" Dawn mused. "Why would they be doing something that's grunt work?"

    "Perhaps the boss trusts them that much." Brock replied. "These Galactic guys definitely sound worse than Team Rocket..."

    "Yeah--they have bigger Magikarp to fry than going after Tintri all the time." Ash agreed.

    With Brock occupied telling Rosebay about Team Rocket, Ash motioned to Tintri. "Tintri...think you can go save that Pidgeot in the trap?"

    [Okay!] Tintri replied before darting off towards the net. After gently charring the knots that held the Pidgeot, he smiled. [Are you okay?] he asked as the Pidgeot fluttered free

    [I think so...thank you for releasing me from those hoodlums!] the Pidgeot replied. she flapped her wings a little to ease the stiffness of being trapped.

    She noticed Ash on the hill. [Is the hat-human your master?]

    [He is--he asked me to save you.] Tintri replied. [He'll know what to do to save the other captured birds!]

    [Climb aboard, then.] the Pidgeot smiled.

    Ash smiled as the Pidgeot arrived with Tintri aboard her. [This is Avis.] Tintri explained. [She's willing to help us save the other birds.]

    "All right...I want you and Avis to gather as many bird Pokémon as you can find." Ash instructed. "We'll infiltrate the base to free the Pokémon Mars and Jupiter already captured."


    "Easiest spy mission ever--those Galactics left the door wide open." Dawn grinned as the group climbed into the base. They made their way into an underground tunnel containing monitors for the security cameras.

    Ash froze when he saw Estrella directing the other bird Pokemon in digging an escape route. "There! There's Estrella!"

    "Eh-streh-yah!" Brock corrected Ash. He retrieved his bow in preparation to shoot down any appealing targets.

    Back outside, Jupiter gasped when she saw a very large group of bird Pokémon flying towards their base. "What on earth? Who could've rallied this many bird Pokemon in so short of time?"

    Mars was stunned when she saw Tintri riding Avis. "That Pikachu! He's leading the birds!"

    [Bombs away!] Tintri cried, prompting the massive flock to swoop in and attack the net, ripping it to pieces.

    "Come on!" Jupiter motioned to Mars to follow her underground, away from the flurry of beaks and talons. "Someone must've messed with the security cameras!"

    "You work on those, I'll go see if the rest of the base is secure." Mars replied before hurrying off to the cage area.

    She smiled when she found Estrella watching the other Pokémon leave through the escape tunnel. "Well well, what have we here?" she smirked.

    "Don't you dare lay a finger on Estrella!" Ash warned as he led the others into the room.

    "All right, I will honor your request." Mars replied before pressing a button on a small remote marked "CALL BOT".

    Ash watched in awe as a humanoid-shaped wooden mecha rose up from the ground. "Whoa...that's way more complex than any Team Rocket mecha..."

    "I'll say..." Brock agreed as he watched Mars' and Jupiter's Pokémon climb the ladder into the mecha. "They even Tintri-proofed it by building it from wood."

    "This way!" Dawn led the way into the escape tunnel. The mecha transformed into a miniature tank to pursue the group.

    A large game of Meowth and Rattata ensued as the group and the Galactic admins chased each other. After what seemed like an eternity, Ash heaved a sigh of relief when he saw sunshine in the distance. We did it! We're home free! he thought.

    The group emerged onto an overlook, where the captive bird Pokemon had gathered.

    He gasped as the mecha emerged from the hole some moments later. As he watched, it broke apart because of damage it had sustained from the rocks, roots and thorns in the tunnel.


    "So, does Team Galactic have some kind of a motto?" Ash taunted as Mars and Jupiter emerged from the wreckage of the mecha.

    "You're not in Kanto anymore, hat-boy." Jupiter shot back as she summoned a Zubat. "Besides, actions speak louder than words, so we don't need to say a dumb motto."

    [HAH!!!] Estrella cried as she flew to meet the Zubat Jupiter had summoned with a Wing Attack.

    "Algol, use Gust!" Jupiter commanded.

    Ash watched as the Zubat flapped up a powerful wind gust. "Whoa, that Zubat is powerful..." he noted as Estrella went flying into a tree.

    "Leona, aim a Hyper Beam at the Pikachu!" Mars called as she summoned a large gray and white cat Pokemon.

    "Argent, I need your help!" Brock heaved a Poke Ball skyward, revealing the massive Steelix. Tintri leaped away from the familiar orange beam seconds later.

    "Algol, try Gust again!" Jupiter commanded

    She smiled as the wind gust drove the huge Steelix backwards.

    Brock flashed an emerald ring with ivy inlays at Jupiter. "You forget I have a secret weapon!"

    With that, he held the ring to the sky. Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo...

    "What in the..." Mars gasped as Argent was engulfed in a burst of green light, sparkles, and leaves. "How could your Steelix evolve even further?"

    "Never underestimate the power of Mega Evolution!" Brock smiled as he looked over at his now Mega Steelix.

    Dawn looked at the massive crystalline Steelix in awe. "Wow! Mega Evolution is AMAZING!!!!"

    In all the confusion, a blob squirmed inside Brock's bag. [What's going on? Is there a fight? Put me in, Brock! I wanna fight too!]


    "Algol, use Confuse Ray!" Jupiter commanded as the battle raged on some hours later.

    "Argent, use Ice Fang!" Brock commanded. He watched as his Mega Steelix lunged to bite the tiny Zubat with sparkling teeth, engulfing it in ice.

    The groups started charging toward each other, each side intent on destroying the other. But Ash stopped in his tracks as Estrella flew up high and started to glow bright white. "No way...Estrella's evolving!"

    He smiled. "Estrella, use Aerial Ace!"

    Dawn, meanwhile, read up on Estrella's new form as the aerial Ace sent Mars and Jupiter flying:

    "Staravia, the starling Pokemon. They maintain huge flocks, although fierce scuffles break out between various flocks."

    [Bye!] the Hoothoot called as it waved to Estrella. [And thank you!]

    [Anytime!] Estrella waved back to the departing bird Pokemon.

    "I can't thank you enough for saving the birds here." Rosebay smiled. "Anything you need on your travels, and it is yours."

    "It's okay--just the fact that Estrella evolved is a reward enough." Ash smiled as he hugged his new Staravia.

    "Eh-streh-yah!" Brock corrected Ash, prompting the others to laugh as Ash blushed in embarrassment...

    To Be Continued...
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    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 13a: Leave it to Brocko! (part 1)

    "Our next stop is Oreburgh City..." Brock read from the guidebook. "It is a hotbed for mining coal, metals, and gems. Nestled in the shadow of Mt. Luster, it is known as the City of Energy thanks to its thriving coal industry..."

    He looked up and balked at the silvery mountain that loomed in the distance. "Whoa...that has to be Mt. Luster."

    "Don't tell me we're going to have to climb that mountain..." Dawn groaned.

    "I'm sure there's a pass, or trails we can use." Ash assured Dawn. "Let's keep going!"

    "Actually, I need a place to stop and rest before we venture across the mountain..." Dawn sighed, gesturing to a Pokémon Center at the foot of the mountain.

    [How much further do we have to go?] Brock heard a voice say. [I'm starved!]

    He noticed his Sandshrew Terra glancing up at him with sad Growlithe eyes. "Okay, I suppose there's no harm in having a snack." he assured Terra as he found a container of walnuts in his bag.

    "That's a clever idea..." Dawn smiled as Terra went to work cracking open one of the large nuts with her claws.

    "Walnuts are one of a Sandshrew's favorite foods in the wild. Getting the thick shell open is also a game for them." Brock explained.

    A breeze snapped the group from their conversation. "Over there!" Ash pointed out Nurse Joy in the distance, attempting to help a humanoid Pokemon with a long nose and a leaf on its head.

    Dawn, meanwhile, decided to read up on the odd Pokemon:

    "Nuzleaf, the wily Pokemon. They live in densely overgrown forests. They occasionally venture out of the forest to startle people."

    She gasped as Nurse Joy scrambled to avoid the flurry of Razor Leaves the Nuzleaf had created. But her fear turned to frustration as a guitar chord got her attention. I will twine, I will mingle her raven black hair... she heard Brock sing. With the roses so red and the lilies so fair...

    [Go sing in a garden, country crooner!] Kage snapped as he delivered a jab to Brock's sensitive areas, creating a discordant Eb chord. [Nurse Joy is in danger, and the best you can do is sing a song?] he muttered as he dragged Brock away, guitar and all.

    "Whoa!" Dawn cried as she and Ash leaped away from a gust of wind.

    After rolling away from the brunt of the gust, Ash led her back by Brock's side. "Everyone okay?" Ash asked. "Although, save the ballads for the stage or the campfire next time."

    "Yeah..." Brock replied as he shakily stood up. "Nuzleaf are generally afraid of people, but I wonder why this one has decided to venture out..."

    "I'm open to suggestions--it believes me a threat." Nurse Joy mused.

    The group watched as Brock approached the Nuzleaf and stooped to its eye level. "'s okay...we're not gonna hurt you." he assured it.

    Inspired, he picked a blade of grass, shaped it into a whistle, and proceeded to play a familiar three note melody that rang through the foothills. "Epona's Song!" Dawn gasped when she recognized the tune.

    She did not see a blob squirming in Brock's bag. [Is that what I think it is? Are you telling 'Jack and Epona'?]

    The Nuzleaf smiled and danced a little, pleased at Brock's song. "You like that, huh?" Brock grinned before offering the little Pokemon an Oran Berry.

    [No.] the Nuzleaf turned away.

    "Maybe it would be willing to accept food from a fellow Pokemon?" Nurse Joy suggested.

    [I'll do it!] Terra volunteered, forgetting about her walnuts completely.

    "Okay, go see if the Nuzleaf will accept a Berry from you." Brock replied, giving Terra another Oran Berry

    Nurse Joy smiled as the Nuzleaf accepted the Berry from Terra's claws. "Leave it to a musician to tap into a Nuzleaf's innate love of music to gain its trust."

    "But isn't the Nuzleaf family native to another region?" Ash asked as Brock used a Potion on a large scrape on the Nuzleaf's right leg.

    "That is in fact true. But somewhere in the Lustrous Hills stands the Millennium Tree, so named because it was planted a thousand years ago." Nurse Joy explained. "The Millennium Tree is the only place in this part of Shinou where you can find the Seedot family."

    "If you'd like; we can take the Nuzleaf back to the Millennium Tree." Dawn offered. "I'm sure its family is worried sick!"


    "Aw...I think the Nuzleaf likes Terra..." Ash smiled as he listened to Terra and the Nuzleaf chatter to each other.

    "You believe the Nuzleaf thinks Terra is a Grass type?" Dawn suggested. "But when you think about it, the grass comes from the ground, so a Grass type befriending a Ground type is not completely unheard of..."

    "You actually bring up a great point--Sandshrew do rely on Grass types to help them find food in the wild." Brock explained. Sandshrew tend to eat bugs, berries, nuts, and nectar..."

    The group didn't notice Mars and Jupiter spying on them in the bushes. "There they are--now we can have our revenge for a few days ago." Jupiter mused.

    As the two admins climbed through the brush, Mars spotted a silver hot air balloon in a clearing. "Well! Someone left this here. If we can't follow the hat boy and his pals on the ground, we can always chase them by air!"

    "Good idea!" Jupiter replied before bringing over some tracking devices and weaponry. "Seems that balloon training when we were humble grunts was good for something after all!"


    "Some flight this is..." Mars sighed as she and Jupiter floated over the forest and the mountain hills. "But on the bright side, when we do find Hat boy, we have the element of surprise...

    "Hat-boy ahoy!" Jupiter pointed the group out as they made their way across a stream.

    Mars scrambled to get a look. "See any interesting Pokemon they have?"

    Jupiter analyzed the group's Pokemon. "Hat-boy's Pokemon has a huge amount of energy. I'm more interested in the Sandshrew and the Nuzleaf they're escorting."

    After finding a net-gun from the clutter, Jupiter instructed Mars. "Go find a good spot to land somewhere on Hat-boy's route. I'm gonna see if we can ambush them from above!"

    With that, she fired a net, capturing both the Nuzleaf and Terra. "I've got the net, you try and scare of the admins." Brock instructed Ash as he worked to get Terra and the Nuzleaf free.

    "Estrella, we need you!" Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward.

    "Algol, use Haze!" Jupiter called as she summoned her Zubat.

    The gray haze cleared some moments later. Ash and Dawn gasped in horror when they found the Galactic admins, Brock, Terra, and the Nuzleaf were gone!


    "There--let's see you get out of this, Mr. Balladeer." Mars sneered as she finished tying Brock to a tree. Jupiter was nearby, locking the cages holding Terra and the Nuzleaf.

    After a few moments struggling to pull his arms free, Brock sighed. I don't like having to use the Swanna Song here, but you do what you have to do...

    With that, he sang Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoridis favel siicletu edena...
    At this line two rainbow auras appeared on the ropes.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Mars whirled around in time to see the ropes snap in a shower of rainbow sparks. "Wow! How'd you manage to do that?"

    Brock paused to slip the tattered remains of his bindings off his arms. "I can do it again if I had something to eat first." he wheezed as he gingerly stood up.

    "You got it!" Jupiter smiled. "Name it, and Chef Jupiter will have it cooked up in no time at all!"

    "Need I remind you that all our ingredients are back at the base?" Mars interjected. "So what are we going to cook with?"

    Inspired, Brock replied "If you two would like, I can show you what recipes I know--and a show to go with dinner."

    "Well! Never thought I'd get dinner theater in the middle of nowhere." Mars smiled as she and Jupiter watched Brock start a cooking fire...


    "And here we are! Mountaintop Chili." Brock smiled as he delivered two bowls of chili to Mars and Jupiter.

    "Mm...this smells wonderful!" Mars raved before taking a bite. "Nice and hearty, with a bit of a bite from taco seasoning...I think?"

    "It is taco seasoning!" Jupiter grinned as she took a bite. "Tell you what, Rock Star--give us a show to go with our dinner, and we'll set you free."

    "Deal!" Brock replied as he tidied up his work area.

    He next pondered the longest, most adventurous story he could think of. The longer I can keep these two occupied, the less likely they'll notice me making off with Terra and the Nuzleaf.

    He started the first story that came to mind. "In a certain kingdom there lived an unmarried king. He had many archers in his army, and the bravest of them all was named Andreas."

    "Mm-hm..." Jupiter mused.

    "One day Andreas went hunting." Brock explained. "He wandered in the forest all day, but fortune was unkind to him, and he didn't catch a thing. The sun was setting, and Andreas decided to return home. On the way, he saw a Pidove sitting on the tree and shot at it. However, the arrow missed its mark, and the Pidove spoke to Andreas in the words of humans...

    "Please, don't kill me!" he pleaded in a mimic of Dawn for the princess. "Take me home and put me on the windowsill. When you return at nightfall, you will find your happiness."

    As himself, he continued "Andreas was surprised. He concluded the Pidove had to be someone under a spell, or a Legendary in disguise. He returned home, put the Pidove on the windowsill, and went to prepare his dinner for the night. That evening, he was shocked to see that the Pidove had turned into a beautiful princess, whose name was Marla."

    "Thank you, young hero." he smiled in character as the princess. "An evil wizard cursed me to live as a Pidove unless someone showed mercy on me, and took me home. I love you, and wish to marry you."

    He went on as himself "And so, Andreas and Princess Marla were married, and lived happily for a time."

    "Aw..." Mars smiled, unaware Brock was sneaking towards the cages.

    "One day, Princess Marla said..." Brock interjected before switching to his "princess" voice. "Andreas, we live in want. I have an idea to make things better. Buy different colors of silk cloth, and I'll make something everyone will be amazed over."

    As himself, he continued "Andreas agreed. He went to the marketplace, bought as much silk as a hundred pieces of gold would allow, and brought it to his wife. Princess Marla wove all night and made a beautiful carpet."

    He started towards the clearing's exit with the cages, still weaving his tale all the while. "The next morning she showed it to her husband. The carpet depicted the whole of the kingdom: towns, villages, forests, fields, the sea, the sky, Pokemon, the sun and the moon. Marla gave the carpet to her husband and said..."

    "Take this carpet to the market and sell it." he instructed as the princess. "Don't ask for any price, take the money that people give you."

    Once sure Mars and Jupiter were still listening to him, Brock went on "The next day, Andreas took the carpet and went to the marketplace. Many people wanted to buy the carpet, but no one knew how much it was worth, because Andreas never told them how much he was asking for..."


    [Did we lose them?] Terra asked. Brock had finished retracing his steps back to where the Galactic admins had ambushed them. I hope we can find the others soon!

    "I think so, but it's only a matter of time before they figure out we've escaped." Brock replied. "Try Double-Edge on the cage."

    He braced himself as Terra whacked the bar with her claws. [I got a bar to bend, at least...] she told Brock.

    "It's okay. Let's try that again." Brock assured Terra.

    [HAH!] Terra whacked the weakened bar a second time, creating an opening large enough for her to fit. [We did it!] she cried as she danced in the grass. [I'm free!]

    To Be Continued...
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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 13b: Leave it to Brocko! (part 2)

    "Brock, where are you?" Ash called into the brush.

    "If you can hear us, sing something!" Dawn called into the trees. "Even if it's a sappy love song!"

    [No go, Ash--haven't seen or heard anything from him.] Estrella sighed. She fluttered on a tree branch near a stream, in hopes of seeing any sign of Brock.

    "That's weird..." Ash mused. "I could've sworn I heard Brock sing the Swanna Song..."

    "I'm not gonna say you were hearing things, but we'll keep looking, just in case we hear him." Dawn assured her companion.


    Elsewhere, Brock led Terra and the Nuzleaf towards the forest edge. "Okay...this was the tree where the Galactic admins got us." he reminded Terra and the Nuzleaf, pointing out a familiar maple tree near a rushing river. "So to find everyone, all we have to do is cross this river."

    He smiled as he found a sturdy log that was holding firm in the rushing water. "Terra, return." he commanded, recalling the Sandshrew.

    A loud cry snapped him to attention. "What's the matter?" he asked the bawling Nuzleaf on the ground.

    [Bring back my friend!] the Nuzleaf sobbed. [I'm scared of that rushing water...]

    "Okay, I'll let Terra back out." Brock assured the Nuzleaf as he summoned Terra again. "Terra, the Nuzleaf needs you!"

    Terra motioned for the Nuzleaf to climb on her back. [Climb on my back, and hold on tight, okay? We'll take it one baby step at a time.]

    Minutes ticked by like hours as Brock and the Pokemon carefully walked across the log. While Brock felt confident the log would hold, a sudden swell made Terra stumble. [Whoa!]

    "Everything okay?" Brock looked back to see if Terra and her passenger were in one piece.

    [I'm okay!] Terra reported. [A wave made the log wobble, but I used my claws to brace myself. Nuzleaf's okay too.]

    "We're almost there, so keep going." Brock assured the Pokemon as he led the way to the other bank. After stepping back onto dry land again, he set the Nuzleaf back on the ground. "There we go...we should be safe here."

    Terra gasped as he heard the hiss of a balloon landing. [I think the Galactic goons found us!]

    "Thought you could dine and dash, Mr. Idol?" Jupiter smirked as she and Mars landed in a clearing. "Now we're gonna duel for your freedom!"

    She heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Algol, let's go!"

    [AUGHHH!] Terra yelped in surprise as Jupiter's Zubat materialized in front of her.

    [Hey, coach...] Kage whispered. [Let me go a few rounds with Mr. Flitter-flutter there. No one scares my friend and gets away with it!]

    "All right, Kage, you can duel." Brock replied as Kage leaped into the battlefield.

    Jupiter's Zubat swooped in to Bite Kage, but Kage didn't even flinch at the Zubat's fangs. [Is that all you've got?] he taunted as his rubbery hand turned purple. [Take this!]

    Jupiter winced as her Zubat went flying backwards from the force of Kage's Poison Jab. "Algol, use Poison Fang!"

    Brock watched as Jupiter's Zubat rushed at Kage with glowing purple fangs. Kage, meanwhile, blocked the attack with a Poison Sting. He also noticed Mars and Jupiter were inside a balloon's basket. This will be too easy... he grinned as retrieved his bow and nocked a shot.

    After a few tense seconds, he fired, sending Mars and Jupiter tumbling into the brush below. [Nice shot, Robin Hood.] Kage smiled. [Now's your chance to croon the superpower song they always use on TV.]

    Brock nodded, and started the familiar melody. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...


    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis... The song rang through the forest and over the mountains, alerting Ash and Dawn. "Brock! That's Brock's voice!" Dawn gasped.

    "Let's follow the song!" Ash led the way into the clearing, making sure to follow the haunting melody as it continued...

    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Ash was the first to arrive, where he saw Kage's hand glow white in preparation to use Brick Break. "I'll tend to Brock, you wait on standby in case his team needs help." Dawn instructed as she helped Brock over beneath a tree to rest from using the Swanna Song. "That was a very brave thing you did..."

    "I do guide you to me..." Brock wheezed. "I'd do it...again...many times...over."

    He heard a THWACK!, signalling Kage had gotten off Brick Break. "Kage, well done!"

    [I did my best, coach...] Kage wheezed. [But that Zubat...was...too...] This was as far as he got before collapsing on the ground.

    "It's did great." Brock assured Kage before recalling him.

    "Leona, use Fury Swipes!" Mars summoning her Purugly snapped him to attention.

    "Don't you dare hurt the Nuzleaf!" Brock warned as he stepped in front of the Nuzleaf. He was still a little tired from using the Swanna Song a second time. But, his anger fueled courage had given him new strength.

    Terra watched as Brock and Mars stared each other down. [I have to help my master now...] she mused as she hurried across the river towards a rock on the other bank. [Maybe, I can reach that fat grey cat-Pokemon from the rock! Water or no water, I'm gonna help you, Brock!]

    Just as she arrived on the shore near the rock, she rolled away from a Bite attack. Then, she slammed into Leona with Double-Edge. Leona tried again and again to scratch Terra, but Terra countered with a rain of Swift.

    Ash watched in awe as he watched Terra fight. "Wait, Kage was knocked out?"

    "It looked like Jupiter's Zubat was too much for him." Dawn explained. "Terra's answered the call in his place."

    "Let me know if I need to step in and help." Ash assured Brock.

    "Not for now--Terra has the situation under control." Brock assured Ash as he watched Leona lunge a second time. Terra blocked the attack, and charged forward with another Double-Edge.

    [WAAAUGH!!!] she yelped as Leona bit her, pinning her to the ground. In a desperate attempt to get free, Terra rapidly spun around, throwing her attacker off!

    Annoyed, Leona tried another Fury Swipes attack. Terra rolled away and stomped the ground hard. [Hang on--Earthquake!] she smiled as the ground began to rumble, knocking the Purugly out.


    "Tintri, Brock needs you." Ash whispered to his faithful Pikachu.

    But before Tintri could join the fight, he felt a gust of wind rippling his fur. [Look!] he squeaked, pointing out a brown humanoid Pokemon with a long white mane gliding down to the ground with a pair of leaf fans.

    Piqued, Ash decided to read up on the odd Pokemon:

    "Shiftry, the wicked Pokemon. It is a mysterious Pokemon that is said to live atop towering trees dating back over a thousand years. It creates terrific windstorms with the fans it holds."

    "No fair with reinforcements!" Mars protested as she and Jupiter fled back to the waiting balloon.

    "You forget that the one you tried to capture uses a bow!" Ash shot back as he watched Jupiter grab the Nuzleaf with a mecha arm. "And you know what happens when a balloon meets a sharp object?"

    The Shiftry noticed Brock's bow, and hurried over. [Warrior of the bow, allow me to enchant your arrow with the sacred wind of the Millennium Tree.]

    "Sure." Brock offered the Shiftry the arrow he planned to shoot. He watched as the Shifty's wind gust turned the arrowhead a bright purple with a tornado around it.

    Dawn watched in amazement as Brock nocked the enchanted arrow, then fired. "That was so cool!" she raved as the Galactic balloon went flying off with a ping.. "It's like how you saved me and Kori back at Lake Verity!"

    "Look at it this way...if you can infuse an arrow with fire, you can infuse it with any element you'd like." Brock replied as the Shiftry glided to the ground with the Nuzleaf in its arms.

    [Thank you, warrior of the bow.] the Shiftry smiled. [The residents of the Millennium Tree will never forget your bravery and kindness in bringing back this little one to us.]

    "Aw, it was nothin'!" Ash smiled.

    "It was my pleasure to help." Brock agreed.

    [If you need anything on your journey, we of the Millennium Tree stand ready to help.] the Shifty smiled as hundreds more Seedots and Nuzleafs came to bid the party farewell....

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 14a: The Shapes of Things to Come! (part 1)

    "I'm glad that the Nuzleaf made it back to the Millennium Tree in one piece." Dawn smiled as the group made their way down the mountain road. It had been a few days since the group had undertaken a daring rescue mission to save a lost Nuzleaf. Along the way, Brock had managed to escape Team Galactic.

    "I will say that using your gifts of music and storytelling to escape was very clever." Ash smiled. "Just like in the tales you tell."

    "I was just doing what I had to do to survive." Brock smiled. "I hope those Galactic admins understand not to approach in a balloon."

    He decided to change the subject. "We should be approaching Oreburgh City at any time now..."

    Dawn gasped as the rooftops of buildings appeared inside the canyon in the distance."There it is!"

    "Last one there's a rotten Exeggcute!" Ash called as he raced down the road into the city.


    Later, the group approached a large building made out of stone that stood on the north end of town. "This must be the Gym..." Ash mused before looking over the entry sign. "'Call me Roark the Rock!' Must be pretty confident in himself..."

    The door opening snapped Ash to attention. He growled when he saw Paul with a young man in hiking gear. Him again...

    "Calm down, Ash." Brock cautioned. "As much as you don't like Paul, it's still a good idea to be cordial around him."

    "I'm gonna try..." Ash replied before taking a deep breath to dispel the anger and nervousness welling up in his chest.

    He strolled over to Paul as he and the hiker rounded the corner. "Hey...have you challenged the Gym Leader yet?"

    Paul sighed. "Why do you wanna know, Wonder Boy? The Gym Leader isn't even there."

    "Yes--Roark is away at the moment." the young man agreed. "If you plan to challenge Roark, the Gym features the Rock type."

    "Really?" Ash gasped. First Brock...then Roxanne...and now this guy!

    He noticed Paul walking down the hill towards the city Pokemon Center. "Good luck in your match!" he called, unsure if Paul even heard him.


    "Which color do you want?" the young man asked, offering Ash three different badge cases in different colors.

    "The red one!" Ash replied before taking the red badge case on the left. "Thanks, mister..." He realized he had not asked the young man his name.

    "Cole, please." the young man smiled. "That case will keep any badges you earn safe."

    "Do you know where Roark is at the moment?" Ash asked.

    "He said something about going to the mine at the east end of town." Cole replied. "So your best bet would be to look there."

    "Does the mine offer gem mining to the public?" Dawn asked as the group departed the Gym.

    "Keep in mind that the Oreburgh Mine's primary purpose is coal and metal. So I doubt they'd open it to the public often, if at all." Brock reminded Dawn as the group made their way towards a large cave complex near the east end of town.


    "Hard hats and gloves are required in the mine, okay?" the mine foreman smiled. He gave the group three human sized hard hats and mining gloves, plus a Pikachu sized hard hat and gloves for Tintri.

    "Got it." Ash replied as he stashed his cap in his bag and put on the hard hat. "Nice, it even has a light..."

    "How do you even turn on the light?" Dawn asked as she traded her own hat for the hard hat.

    A click got her attention. "All you have to do is press the palm of the left glove." Brock explained, gesturing to the glowing light on his hard hat.

    "All ready?" the foreman asked as he came to check on the group.

    "Yeah!" Ash replied.

    "Anywhere with workers and tracks is safe for visitors." the foreman went on. "I've made sure to mark dangerous areas."

    "We'll be careful, sir." Dawn assured the foreman as she turned on the light in her hard hat. Once sure the boys were ready, she led the way into the mine.


    "Some job this is..." Jupiter wheezed as she and Mars, in disguise as mine workers, chipped away at a large rock with blue crystals inside. "It takes forever to get to the jewels!"

    "I know, but this will be worth it for our mission." Mars assured Jupiter between strokes. "Lord Cyrus believes jewels my have some sort of connection towards the creation of a new world."

    "True, but jewels have long been revered as having magical abilities." Jupiter mused as she watched a team of Machokes carry out a large ruby for the foreman to examine. "So who am I to think that same energy could benefit our mission?"

    "You have a point there..." Mars smiled before retrieving her pick. "So we can start with these sapphires!"

    About then, the group approached the admins. "Forgive me for interrupting your conversation, but have you two seen Roark anywhere?" Ash asked.

    "Roark, huh?" Jupiter thought for a moment, then lied to Ash "He's deep within the mine, hoping to find a vein of jewels."

    Thankfully, Ash bought Jupiter's lie. "Okay--we'll keep looking until we find him."

    "Nice distraction." Mars grinned as she worked.

    Dawn, meanwhile, pointed out some workers leading a minecart out to the mine entrance. "Look!" she called, pointing out a dull red haired man in mining clothes following the cart. 'That's Roark!"

    "Wait, guys..." Roark told the workers. Once the cart had stopped, he rubbed a design in the ore that somewhat resembled a face and smiled.

    He noticed the group watching him. "Oh, hello! How may I be of service?"

    "Are you the Gym Leader? Ash asked. "I've come to challenge you for a Gym Badge."

    Roark chuckled a little, as if he was almost embarrassed to admit he was the Gym Leader. "Yes, I am the Gym Leader, which means I must be available to take Gym challenges. However, I was so excited about my latest discovery that I just forgot..."

    "What was it?" Dawn asked, curious.

    "The ore we took out could actually have contained a real Pokémon that had been fossilized a long time ago." Roark explained. "Which one, I don't know for sure."


    Back at the Gym, the group watched as Roark told Cole about the ore and the possible Pokemon inside it. "Got a minute?" Brock asked, snapping Ash to attention.

    "Sure--what is it?" Ash asked.

    Brock showed Ash a Budew. "I found this little lady following us around town when we got back from the mine. After asking around and confirming she had no owner, I decided to offer her to you."

    "I'll take her." Ash replied. He took the Budew in his arms. "I think I'll call her...Gaia."

    "That's a pretty name!" Dawn smiled.

    About then, Paul arrived in the room. "I'm here for my challenge, Sir Roark, as we agreed."

    Dawn watched in awe as the floor opened up to reveal a large rocky field. "'s like the Bailatron in the Contest Hall..."

    "As a former Gym Leader myself, I can tell you that Gym Leaders often have fields that suit their Pokémon of choice." Brock explained. "Roark is no exception."

    "This will be a three on three match, okay?" Cole asked both Roark and Paul. "Are both sides ready?"

    "Let's do this!" Roark smiled.

    "Bring it on!" Paul countered.

    "Diana, here we go!" Roark summoned a Geodude onto the Pearl side of the Poke Ball.

    Ash nudged Brock. "Reminds me of Raquel..."

    "Well, Raquel is at home, Poke-sitting Tarina." Brock replied as Paul summoned an Azumarill. "And Paul's choice brings back fond memories of River..."

    "That's a Water-type, which makes it the perfect counter to a Rock Pokémon." Ash remembered.

    He was snapped from his memories of River by Paul calling "Nerida, use Hydro Pump!"

    He gasped as Diana deflected the huge spray of water with a flurry of leaves. 'What in the..." he gasped as his Azumarill went flying into the Diamond safety barrier.

    "Diana, use Rollout!" Roark called.

    Ash winced as he watched Roark's Geodude smash right into Paul's Azumarill. "Bad memories of Johto..." he stammered as the Azumarill went flying into the safety barrier again.

    "Nerida is unable to battle--this match goes to Roark and Diana." Cole reported.

    "What?" Dawn gasped at what she had seen. "How could a Water type lose to a Rock type? That doesn't make any sense!"

    "Maybe Roark was prepared for people to try to beat him with a Water type." Brock explained. "So he probably trained his Pokémon to throw Water-type users off."

    "If that's true, then who am I to think he did the same for the other types Rock is weak to?" Ash worried, looking down at his new Budew. "What if Gaia gets hammered like that?"

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 14b: The Shape of Things to Come! (part 2)

    Ash growled as Paul berated Nerida. "I can't believe he'd rip that poor Azumarill for circumstances beyond his control! How was he supposed to know Diana knew the Grass form of Hidden Power?"

    "This is Paul here--he'll stop at nothing to win." Dawn explained as Paul summoned Surge.

    The group watched as Surge smashed his tiny fist right into Diana. The force of the attack sent her flying against the Pearl safety barrier. "Diana is unable to battle. Paul wins." Cole announced.

    "Okay..." Roark prepared a second Poke Ball. "Say hello to Sterling!" he called as a massive rock snake formed on the Pearl side of the arena.

    "Is that the pre-evolved form of Argent?" Dawn asked.

    "Yeah, that's an Onix, all right." Brock smiled as he admired the huge Pokemon Roark had summoned. "Don't let the size fool you--they can be gentle giants if you treat them well."

    Piqued, Dawn opened her Pokedex to read about the huge Pokemon:

    "Onix, the rock snake Pokemon. As it grows, the stone portions of its body harden to become like a diamond, but colored black."

    "That must look beautiful..." Dawn mused as she watched Sterling veer away from Surge's attempt at Brick Break.

    She gasped as Sterling swung his tail around in an attempt to smack Surge with Iron Tail. But Surge created a dull teal aura around himself, stopping the attack. "I wouldn't rely too much on Protect..." Brock cautioned. "Use it too often and it will fail. Even then, it's not foolproof." He let that hang as Sterling smashed through the Protect aura.

    "That had to hurt..." Ash mused as Surge went flying into the Diamond safety barrier.

    "Sterling, use Stealth Rock!" Roark commanded.

    Dawn watched as shards of rock flew to the edges of the arena and implanted themselves into it. "That looks so cool!"

    "I believe it is a Cool themed move, so keep that in mind for your next Contest." Ash replied. He showed Dawn the move's entry on his PokeNav, where the word "Cool" blinked in orange writing.

    "Whoa!" Brock cried as Sterling slammed right into Elekid with his tail. He suddenly reared back in pain. "I see--Elekid has the Static Ability." Ash remembered. "That means any Pokémon that touches Surge is paralyzed."

    "Maybe Paul is rendering his opponent helpless, then pounding away with raw power..." Dawn suggested.

    "Great theory." Brock smiled as Paul recalled Surge and sent out Goku.

    The group winced as Goku was immediately attacked by the Stealth Rock. "Focus, Goku! Use Dig!" Pual commanded.

    "Sterling, be careful!" Roark cautioned his Onix. "The Chimchar could appear at any moment."

    He gasped in horror as Goku burst from the ground beneath Sterling! "What?" Roark gasped as Chimchar dove back underground.

    "Since Sterling's already paralyzed from earlier, Goku can hypothetically attack again and again." Brock explained as Goku kept bursting from the ground, and diving back under.


    "Sterling is unable to battle." Cole announced. "Pearl has one Pokemon remaining."

    "it's been a good battle so far..." Roark smiled at Paul. 'But let's see how you do against my star Pokemon, Crystal!"

    Ash decided to read up on the small gray reptilian Pokemon with a sapphire head:

    "Cranidos, the headbutt Pokemon. It lived in jungles around a hundred million years ago. It used its skillful headbutts to combat Aerodactyl."

    "Fascinating!" Dawn smiled as Goku burrowed underground again.

    "Crystal, focus and use Headbutt!" Roark commanded.

    Paul winced as Crystal smashed into Goku with Headbutt. "Goku, go underground again!"

    "Time to take my strategy to the next level..." Roark smiled. "Let's evolve Headbutt to Zen Headbutt!"

    "What?" Paul gasped as Crystal smashed into Goku with her glowing blue head.

    "Do that again, Crystal!" Roark called.

    "Goku, try to dodge with Dig!" Paul countered.

    "Fun fact--Zen Headbutt has the side effect of making a Pokémon flinch." Brock explained. "If this happens, the Pokemon that flinched is unable to attack or dodge."

    "Then that means Roark could come back and win!" Dawn concluded as Crystal attacked Goku again and again.

    Ash watched as Goku glowed a bright red. "Whoa! Super Saiyan Chimchar!"

    "Not quite..." Brock chucked. "Goku's ability, Blaze, just kicked in."

    He went on "Blaze powers up a Fire-type Pokémon's attacks when they are low on energy."

    I have to finish this fast... Roark thought as he watched Crystal and Goku heave with exhaustion. "Crystal, try Zen Headbutt!"

    "Goku, use Flame Wheel!" Paul countered.

    The group watched as Goku ran towards the oncoming Cranidos, turning into a blazing ball of fire. "Paul must be desperate..." Dawn mused as Goku performed the attack again.

    "Crystal, try Headbutt!" Roark called as Goku burrowed underground again.

    He gasped in horror as Crystal fell to the ground, just as Goku emerged. "Crystal is unable to battle--by a miracle, the match goes to Diamond." Cole announced.


    "That was a great battle." Roark smiled. "I'm not mad I lost--you were strong, and I was weak. That's all there is to it."

    He offered Paul a small grey badge that resembled a rock. "Here--you've earned this Coal Badge as a sign of your miracle victory."

    "Thank you, sir." Paul replied before departing.

    Ash confidently strolled into the arena. "I'm not letting him get all the glory! I'm getting my first badge next!"

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 15a: A Gruff Act to Follow (part 1)

    "Are you gonna stay and watch my match?" Ash asked as Paul departed the Gym.

    Paul chuckled at this. "Me, watch you lose, Wonder Boy? Get real."

    "I am NOT gonna lose!" Ash shot back. "And stop calling me 'Wonder Boy'!"

    He heaved a relieved sigh when he heard Brock's whistle. "All right, you two, break it up!" Dawn stepped between Ash and Paul and pushed them away.

    "You've already battled Ash once, so there's no harm in staying and watching." Dawn explained to Paul.

    Paul raised an eyebrow as the black haired girl before him. "Who are you?"

    "You don't remember me?" Dawn gasped. "Maybe if you saw my team, it would jog your memory a bit!"

    Brock blowing his whistle again snapped her to attention. "Okay, let's find a place to calm down." Brock led Dawn away to an empty classroom. "Once you're calm and Paul is ready to talk--if he even wants to talk--we'll work this out so that both parties are happy."

    "Come on, spectators are always welcome to stay and watch." Roark assured Paul from the Pearl side of the arena.

    "Okay...I guess I'll stick around." Paul mused. "This should be entertaining."

    "Let's go!" Ash charged into the Diamond side of the arena.

    "Actually..." Roark interjected. "My team's been through a tough battle--can you wait until tomorrow?"

    "Okay!!" Ash smiled. "Rest up well, 'cause I'm bringing my S game!"


    Meanwhile, the Galactic admins strolled down the walkways in a museum. "Those dolts have been getting on my nerves!" Jupiter grumbled as she trudged through the natural history wing. "Not to mention Mr. Balladeer is as every bit as clever as the heroes in the tales he tells! So how do we get our revenge on them?"

    "If we're gonna properly get our revenge, we need to figure out interesting facts about Pokémon first." Mars assured her comrade. "This way, we kill two Pokemon with one stone. We get our revenge on Hat-boy and friends, and also get some info on creating a new world!"

    A large mass of coal got the admin's attention. "Wow..." Jupiter gasped. "Imagine the fire you could make with that big a nugget!"

    "Are you two searching for something specific?" a voice asked, startling Jupiter from her thoughts.

    "Um..." Mars hesitated.

    She then told the brown haired man "We've heard rumors you guys have a fossil restoration machine here. Is the public allowed to see it?"

    "Of course." the man smiled. "I'm Kenzo, one of the researchers that helped design our fossil restoration machine. It's based on the famous one in Pewter City."

    "Fascinating!" Mars smiled.

    Kenzo motioned for Mars and Jupiter to follow him. "The Oreburgh Museum is split into two main areas." he explained. "One is the exhibit area, where the public can go. The other is the research wing. That's where we study prehistoric Pokémon and their abilities to learn more about them."

    He went on "The fossil restoration machine is one of the few places the public can go in the research wing..."


    Back in the Oreburgh Pokemon Center, the boys huddled on a couch to discuss strategy. "Okay, my rock-solid Pokemon should we approach Roark?" Ash asked.

    "Well, Gaia is the only one of your Pokémon who has an advantage against Rock types." Brock cautioned. "But since she is young, she may not be enough."

    "Gaia for sure..." Ash mused. "Sandshrew can learn Brick Break...and Tintri knows Disarming Voice and Iron Tail. Both of those are effective against Rock types."

    He got up from the couch. "So my lineup is Gaia, Tintri, and Terra, with your permission."

    "Sure--I'll be happy to lend Terra to you." Brock replied as he gave Ash Terra's Poke Ball.

    [How come I don't get to fight?] Estrella sighed. [I wanted to fight too!]

    "I'm sorry, Estrella, but you'd get your wings clipped against a Rock type." Ash replied. "Maybe next time. I'll be up against a type you can beat."

    [Okay--I'm holding you to that promise if it's a type I can beat!] Estrella smiled.

    "First time I've heard you say your Staravia's name right..." Brock smiled.

    He turned business-like again. "Keep in mind that Paul's victory over Roark was due to the speed of his Pokémon."

    "Got it--I have to figure out what I've gotta do." Ash smiled.

    "All you have to do is do what I did, Wonder Boy." Paul interjected as he approached the couch. "Hit'em hard, and keep on pounding until they yield."

    "Raw power isn't everything!" Ash shot back. "You have to have strategy too!"

    Just then, a boy ran up to Paul. "Thanks for the Azumarill, sir!"

    "Not a problem, kiddo." Paul smiled.

    Ash recognized the Azumarill the boy was leading away. "You just GAVE Nerida away??? One loss shouldn't be the end of the road! You could've continued working with her, and make her even stronger!"

    "The way I see it, Wonder Boy, Nerida was never going to get any better." Paul replied. "My goal is to win, and if a Pokemon can't deliver, I'll find a Pokemon that will!"

    "I want to win too, but I don't want to win like you do." Ash protested. "If your Pokemon are happy and loved, they'll win for you many times over!"

    "Suit yourself, Wonder Boy." Paul smirked before departing.

    Ash growled in frustration "One day, Paul...your strategy of raw power is going to cost you..."

    "Let it go, Ash--that's just how Paul is." Dawn began. "Every trainer trains differently, and if this is what works for Paul, great."

    A thought occurred to her. "Although...sometimes I wonder what Surge and Goku think of Paul..."


    "That was so cool!" Jupiter smiled as the admins departed the museum that afternoon. "We need to steal the fossil restoration machine! Lord Cyrus would be unstoppable with an army of ancient Pokemon!"

    "Remember when Kenzo showed us the machine?" Mars cautioned. "He said the restoration process takes a day to complete."

    "So? We can steal more fossils while we wait on the one to finish!" Jupiter grinned.

    "Next question: Where would we find fossils?" Mars interjected. Jupiter just sighed in defeat...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Episode 15b: A Gruff Act to Follow (part 2)

    "...And representing the Diamond side, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town!" Cole announced as Ash faced Roark on the Diamond side of the arena.

    "Now it's time for you to see some real battling!" Ash smiled down at Paul.

    "Show me what you've got, Wonder Boy." Paul smirked as Roark summoned Crystal.

    "What?" Dawn gasped as the Cranidos appeared in the arena. "I thought Roark was going to save Crystal for last, like he did with Paul."

    "Gaia, here we go!" Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Start with Mega Drain!"

    Brock smiled as Gaia leaped into the air, creating a green aura around her. "That was a smart move on Ash's part. Draining Crystal early should give him an advantage."

    "Crystal, use Headbutt!" Roark commanded.

    The group watched as Crystal leaped into the air and slammed Gaia in the stomach with Headbutt. "That had to hurt..." Brock noted as Gaia hit the ground.

    "Crystal, time for our secret weapon!" Roark smiled. "Flamethrower."

    Ash gasped in horror at the wave of fire headed for his Budew. "Gaia, try Double Team!"

    He heaved a sigh of relief as the fire hit a few Gaia copies. But his pulse quickened as Crystal slashed away the other copies with a claw. "Gaia, try Energy Ball!"

    "Way to go, Ash!" Dawn called as Crystal went flying against the Pearl safety barrier.

    Ash saw Crystal charging at him with a glowing blue head--a sign the Cranidos was about to use Zen Headbutt. "Gaia, try another Mega Drain!"

    Both attacks collide, causing a massive explosion. When the smoke cleared, Ash's heart sank when he saw Gaia had fainted. "Gaia is unable to battle. This match goes to Pearl." Cole announced.

    "You did well, Gaia--get some rest." Ash sighed as he recalled the exhausted Budew.

    He looked over at his faithful Pikachu. "You're up, Tintri!"

    [Let's do this!] Tintri squeaked as he skittered into the arena.

    "Electricity's not gonna work here, so start with Brick Break!" Ash called.

    "Crystal, dodge and use Zen Headbutt." Roark countered.

    Ash grinned as Tintri intercepted the charging Cranidos with Iron Tail. The force of the attack sent Crystal backwards into the safety barrier again. "That should finish Crystal!"

    [Oh yeah?] Crystal countered before charging at Tintri!"

    "Tintri, try to dodge and use Disarming Voice in the air!" Ash called.

    He gasped as Crystal jumped to meet the Pikachu in the air, hitting Tintri and canceling out the attack. Jao wiisha--! Tintri attempted to sing, only to be knocked to the ground by Zen Headbutt.

    Paul was unimpressed by the match unfolding before him. "If he calls that real battling, I shudder to find out what fake battling is..."

    Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Tintri's tiny voice rang through the Gym, snapping Paul to attention. "Then again, maybe Wonder Boy's got what it takes!"


    "Tintri, use Quick Attack!" Ash called.

    "Crystal, counter with Flamethrower!" Roark urged his Cranidos.

    Ash smiled as Tintri weaved around the flames and delivered an Iron Tail to Crystal's head. "All right!"

    "Crystal's still in it despite being hammered like that?" Dawn was impressed.

    "That's the Rock type for you." Brock mused. "They can take quite the licking and keep on ticking in the right hands.

    Ash gasped when he heard Roark's next order. "Crystal, use Head Smash!"

    "Tintri, Disarming Voice at full power!" he almost screamed to his Pikachu, aware of the Cranidos barreling at Tintri.

    Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... he heard Tintri sing as Crystal smashed into him seconds later. The sound waves melded with the impact, causing a massive explosion.

    Tintri came crawling back from the smoke after a few tense minutes. [I did what I could...]

    "That you did, bud." Ash replied before finding the Poke Ball Brock had lent him. "Terra, let's go! Start with Brick Break!"

    "Crystal, use Flamethrower!" Roark countered.

    Terra, rolled away from the Flamethrower and bit down hard on Crystal's arm.

    She gasped as Crystal threw her off with Zen Headbutt! [WHOOOOOOAAA!!!!]

    Roark watched as Tera went flying into the Diamond safety barrier. "Crystal, use Flamethrower!"

    Ash gasped in horror as Terra was engulfed in flames! "Terra, if you can, use Brick Break again!"

    This time, Roark gasped as Terra's attack sent Crystal crashing through a rock. "Crystal is unable to battle--this match goes to Diamond." Cole announced.

    But no one expected Terra to collapse in exhaustion seconds later! "Diamond has no more usable Pokemon--Pearl wins." Cole smiled.

    Paul smirked as Ash went to retrieve Terra. "You call that 'real battling', Wonder Boy? That would win an award...for Best Comic Acting, that is!"

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"


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