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Thread: PRS Q&A - 2018

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    PRS Q&A - 2018

    Put simply, PRS is on extended hiatus. With the end of the first major story arc of the comic I need some time to sit down and work out the details for the upcoming chapters. This will take longer than the usual 1-2 month break between chapters since I haven't really ironed out all the details of the events that occur between Greyfog town and... other things that I have fairly planned out. I have no idea how long this hiatus will last and if possible, I hope to be back in 2-4 months at most.

    Until then, I'll be doing a Q&A session for the PRS cast. I will allow questions to be asked on SJ, DA, Tumblr, PXR, and Patreon. Patreon will get the answers first in place of PRS update days and sketch days (depending on queue). Tumblr will update a week behind Patreon. SJ will get them in small chunks in place of normal Friday or Tuesday uploads. DA will not get them.

    For SJ asks: Please ask them at the Q&A Page.
    For DA asks: Please ask them at the dedicated journal.
    For Patreon Asks: Please ask them in the dedicated Q&A Post.
    For Tumblr Asks: Please use the 'Ask the Cast!' form!
    For PXR Asks: Please ask them HERE

    ----- Links ------

    DA: Not up yet.

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    It seems that Talon's past has come back to haunt him... Just as a yes or no, is it going to have a major to intermediate impact on the story at some point?
    I'll be watching...

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    I think this is the last I'm gonna post here. =/


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