I am thinking of maybe starting an RWBY RP. The story is based around the land of remnant, where creatures of darkness known as Grimm plague the land. The four main characters in the series attend the Beacon Academy, a training facility where they will be trained to hunt and kill Grimm.

The series goes for about two hours in total (I watched all sixteen episodes on YouTube in a night). However it is only up to volume one, with volume two due to be released in July.

I am thinking of opening an RP in which the characters are students of the a Beacon academy, and follow themes in the show, eg initiation and such, and build on it. However I have two concerns.

1. Would it be frowned upon for me to ask people who want to join to watch the series? It doesn't go for too long, and is kind of essential to understand it all.
2. I am leaning towards waiting for the whole volume to be released, as the whole direction of the show could change and allow for continuity errors due to new episodes, and possibly even put off starting the RP even longer depending on what happens in the season. So it could be months, possibly even a year or longer before I open sign ups.