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    I like that approach, makes it more about what an individual Pokemon's good at. Would it mean moves/abilities wouldn't really be referenced by name in-character? Like there wouldn't be instances where a character could go, "That was a powerful Thunderbolt, Pikachu."

    But thank you! Just hmu when you're looking for a post. I finished my skim yesterday so I know where we currently are in the story.

    A lovely Secret Santa gift year round!

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    Character's Name: Adrian Miles
    Age: 19
    Gender: male
    Backstory: Never one to really to settle down on any one thing, Adrian spent most of his life bouncing from one interest to the next. college and this trip is no exception. with no set major he'd try any experience he thought might lead him forward. his only continuous hobby was to collect and read comics and manga. Occaisonally he'd read some normal books as well, but he had a fascination for dramatic images telling stories.
    Personality: Adrian is a wild, adventurous spirit who is constantly getting himself in trouble. Often times people wonder if he has any common sense when it comes to danger. He's an honest soul, but isn't above telling a little white lie if he feels its necessary, especially if it means he can go do something he's exited about.
    Likes: story telling/listening to stories being told, extravagance, games/competition, generally having fun
    Dislikes: people who whine/give up early, dry foods, things he finds boring
    Which Pokemon are you?: Riolu
    Defining features/colors etc.: no physical differences from normal
    Accessories: wears red finger-less gloves and motorcycle goggles -he's going to find a scarf to complete his image, but he wanted it to be an actual item, not just for appearance-
    Special Ability: Endurance of spirit - he can push himself farther than most other pokemon through mental strength, but this tends to mean he ignores pain temporarily and can rack up damage to himself-
    Rescue Team Name: Team Meteor
    Desired Partner Pokemon: Shinx
    Desired Partner Pokemon Name: Shawn
    Desired Recruited Pokemon: eevee, gollett, starly, raltz(male)

    -sorry for the wait, my brother's graduation was yesterday and I didn't get a chance to finish up my form.



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