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    As I realized, not everyone was crazy about the disguise idea! Aww, I didn't think it could hurt, really.

    But we were still kind of lost. And every time I thought I found a nifty way out... nope! Just ice. Well, so much for that idea. I couldn't really see too many ways out of here!

    The Bergmite told us she meant to take us to Crystal Lake Caves on a much warmer island, but I didn't know where that was either. These places just didn't seem too familiar. But she told us bringing us here was totally unintentional and that we were in big trouble. Well, that sure sounded awful.

    And then she turned into an ice type Sandshrew! What the!? I mean, that was cool, but how? Then she dug a tunnel through the wall and signaled us to follow. I kind of shrugged and decided to go along with it because well, I was chilly and I didn't think I was going to find a way out of here on my own. And well, this definitely seemed faster.

    The Archen asked this transforming Pokémon about her name and if she was human too, and while that was on a cool-to-know basis, yeah, I was just shivering. I wrapped my arms around my chest so these nifty cape flaps were used like a blanket, but yeah, I needed something a little more than that, but it worked for now!

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    All the students talked among themselves but the only one who seemed to know how to get them out was the Bergmi...Sandshrew?

    Gregory didn't question it to much though. Weirder things had happened just moments ago.

    When the now sandshrew started to dig a way out with Gregory instantly followed as he really wanted to get out of the cold.

    Gregory tried to help with the digging as best he could whilst avoiding geting in the way of the sandshrew.

    "So can you only turn in to ice pokemon or just pokemon in general. Can we switch pokemon species to?" he asked with a curious expression

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    *GM Note ( I tried to wait long enough for more people to post. I will post more frequently to keep this thing moving. Sorry for the delay. )

    Fya didnt really enjoy the new found attention. When the rock flying type started asking questions she found herself with no other option but to answer them if it helped the others trust her enough to follow her out.

    " My name is Fya, no I am not a human. You are as foreign to me as I imagine I am to you. My true forum is one only a few of my closet friends and family have ever seen." Fya sighed and finally transformed momentarily into her real form. A small pink ditto.

    " I am a ditto. I am the only one of my kind left in this part of the world. My whole life I have had to pretend to be another pokemon because even though my pokemon are kind. Dittos are banned and unwanted because of bad blood and a long history. My normal form is this." She paused

    Transforming one last time before finally sticking to her normal form.

    "When I was little one of the elders found me and taught me to take the form of her family. We are the Zorak family and most of my family is Zoruas just like this. When our world started to go crazy the others out of fear pointed at my family because we are known as the illusion pokemon. Now plase follow me and we can get out of this cold cold cave."

    Fya stayed ahead of the group leading out of the winding cave. When they reached the outside they were greeted with harsh realitiy that they were not going to be getting home anytime soon. Things were only made worse as cold harsh winds from the near by mountains hit them.

    Fya had seen this place only once before and that was years ago. She had heard many tails that these mountains were haunted.
    Just behind them the walls that had seemed set started to shake and crack. Rock pokemon that had layed dormat started to break free of the icey walls. The boldore which had been a normally peaceful pokemon looked much different. Its eyes glowing deep red.

    "We need to move now!" Fya said to the others using her claws to grip onto the slick icy surface of the rocky path.

    No sooner had they reached the pathway out of the mountain when they noticed dim red flashes moving around in the distance in front of them. It appeared that someone or something was looking for them they no choice but move forward. The dark Boldore were now slowly advancing on them.

    As they were forced to move the flames grew brighter. Whomever they were they were here now. Not knowing what to expect. Fya got in front of the students.

    "Get behind me!" She growled. Her tail and fur stood up to make her look more threating.

    " Show yourself whomever you are! If you have come with bad intentions I assure you that you have made a grave error!" She hissed

    The light grew brighter until finally the pokemon search party was in sight.

    " Fya ?" one of the voices said

    A Pancham said walking forward.

    " Thank goddness we found you. We were sent here to resuce you! Please come with us." He paused

    "I dont recognize your friends." He said taking a hard look

    Fya had a sigh of relief
    " Morty! I am really happy to see you. I can explain everything after we get my friends here out of the cold and off this cursed island."

    Morty turned to the other pokemon.
    " You heard the lady! Now please help her friends safly down the path." he said making his way to Fya

    The students were then greeted by new pokemon friends to help them get to the boat. ( These are your partners have fun!)

    [Imgine of the area

    (I pushed this ahead so that you could finally meet your partners ;) )

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    As the pokemon started to dig their way out of the cave, someone asked the pokemon who seemed to bring them here if she was human. The pokemon stopped digging and explained how she was a Ditto pokemon that was forced to transform and live as a different form because where she is from they don't like Dittos. That made Brandon wonder what kind of strange world they were entering. Was it all pokemon? Were there people? Was there some type of war going on between people and pokemon or something? This is what Brandon kept thinking about as the pokemon dug them out of the cave.

    After awhile of digging and walking, they finally reached the outside of the mountain/cave. It was still brutally cold though, because there was wind blowing down on them from the mountain.

    They didn't have time to think about that for long though, because a boldore pokemon started to move toward them and the group had to quickly move away from it.

    It seemed someone was trying to follow them around though, because the group could see flames advancing on them. When it became apparent they couldn't out run the party, the new pokemon called Fya said to get behind her and she started to growl. Brandon also wanted to make it seem like he knew what he was doing and growled from within the group.

    It turned out to be friends of Fya or something and a bunch of pokemon apprached them to guide them off the mountain.

    The pokemon that approached Brandon was a Pipulp, as it got next to him he reached out his paw and said "Hi my name is Brandon, nice to meet you. Are you here to guide me off the mountain? If so, lead the way cause I am ready".

    Brandon waited for the pipulp to respond or show him the way.
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    Fya! So that was her name! She mentioned she was a "Ditto," whatever that was. But then she showed us and it kind of reminded me of bubble gum, but with a face! Kind of an odd little bugger, but I just smiled and shrugged.

    Turned out they had been really disliked and hunted down. Well geez, that was a big bummer. I didn't see what the big deal was. She gave us a small history lesson, right before we were attacked! By the crazy evil Boldore, which were these crazy rock monsters! Wow. My day's never uneventful, is it!?

    We ran, we followed Fya as closely as we could, dodging rocks and mayhem like the whole world was coming to an end! Okay, maybe it wasn't that bad, but things were really getting dicey, and fast!

    And that was went we ran into Morty, the little panda guy. I was a little on my guard after what just happened, but it seemed like he was a friend of Fya's. I had to take a sigh of relief.

    Whew. It seemed like we were safe now, but I couldn't help but look around and just be mesmerized by the cold, rugged landscape. Man, it looked like there wasn't a trace of civilization for many miles!

    "Hey there," a friendly-sounding voice talked to me.

    I turned around and saw I had been greeted by a fiery looking fox! I think the actual name for it was Fennekin, unless my head was still woozy.

    "Oh, hey!" I greeted her. "Name's Chris! Nice to meet you, but wow, what a place for such an occasion!"

    "Ha, ha, you're funny!" she giggled. "My name's Naomi. I was guided by Fya to meet the newcomers here and help them find their way to the boat. I'll show you where it is, but we need to rush because they're expecting the wind to pick up and the temperatures to drop. It's only going to get even colder."

    "Ooh yeah, we'd better go before that happens," I told her, nodding at that brilliant suggestion.

    I then followed her down the snowy path and I could see in the cold, frost air that a few snowflakes were starting to drift down. Yeah, that looked like it was a sign this place was going to get pounded by a blizzard real soon. And I wasn't too crazy about getting frozen out here!

    Most of the rivers and lakes had been frozen over, but there was one area where it was still water, though I could imagine it was hypothermia city if someone fell in.

    Naomi showed me where the boat was, and while it wasn't a lovely yacht, it was a welcome sight to see a ticket out of here. It was made of wood and looked like it had seen plenty of voyages before, but hey, I wasn't going to complain! The two of us climbed on board and get cozy.

    "Whew, thanks for that!" I told Naomi with a warm smile. "I'd treat you out to dinner, but... not sure what happened to my wallet or all the nearby restaurants."

    She laughed and I got a kick out of that!

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    After listening for some time, Ross just continued following. Listening to what Fya had to say.

    (So, Fya is a Ditto. Ross continued watching. Trying to learn more. This whole situation is still so bizarre to the once humans. I mean, Ross can't even stand on two legs yet. Though soon enough I'll be able to), Ross thought.

    The story they heard about how they were hunted down and just very disliked really soured the mood. The fact how someone can be so disliked for a reason and hunted to a point of extinction.

    Soon enough, our fears were brought to fruition. We were being attacked!

    Ross tried staying as close to the others as Fya instructed. Following closely behind everyone. Managing to dodge a few close hits from the Boldore attacking them. Those red eyes they had. Ross just feels those deep red eyes make them feel way more menacing. Though being an electric type. It's not like Icould do much if I even HAD control of these moves. URGH! I can't stop to think. We have to get away!

    Suddenly we found some kind of....panda? Ross really didn't recognize this one. Though it seemed friendly. So we all took a sort of long deep sigh of relief.

    Ross decided to walk to the side a moment. Taking a moment to close his eyes and take another deep breath. Then trying to push himself onto his hind legs. Kind of wobbly, but standing. Taking small steps forward as he gets used to walking on two hind paws.

    "Man, this is really gonna take some getting used to. This feels so different!"

    "Yeah, I'm sure it's tough after running for so long, but never fear! We're here to help guide you to safety now!" a mysterious voice calls to Ross.

    "Name's Luna! Nice to meet you! What's your name? What's your favorite food? Mine's Perfect Apples. Something about them. They're just so.....PERFECT!. I think I'm getting ahead of myself. I tend to talk too much sometimes.

    Ross just kinda laughs a little as she stares back at him with a bright face. She's a Mudkip and a bit hyper, but she seems super nice!

    "Name's Ross!" Ross says as he takes her paw in his own. I...I um can't really say just yet. Kinda still trying to get with everything that's happened.

    "I'm Luna! Nice to meet you Ross! You look like a totally STRONG Pikachu! Glad to be able to help you guys. I'll be the best guide you could ask for! You can count on us!" she said

    Ross chuckled, "Thanks Luna. We appreciate the help you guys have given us. To think what might have happened had you guys not been here to help. It leave me with quite a chill after everything that's happened."

    "Weeeeeeeell it IS about to get MUCH cooler soon. Winds will pick up. So we will only feel more of a chill as that approaches. I say we need to move on before that happens. Fur will only keep you so warm, heheh!" she lightly smiled at Ross.

    We made our way to the boat. No matter how big it was. Ross was relieved to be somewhere safe for now. Being more used to walking on two feet makes getting around a little easier. Still slower than he'd like to be, but it'll happen in time.

    "Hey, Luna? Thanks again for being so friendly to me here. I'm glad to have made such a good and trusting friend here so quickly. Maybe soon enough I'll be back on two feet again.

    "Sure you will! After we get a much needed rest I'm sure you'll be back on two feet in no time! Me? I gotta stick to all fours. I mean I could try, but..." She tries getting up on her hind legs and falls to her back. Laughing as she rolls over to her belly. Ross laughs with her.

    "Yeah, stick to what you need to. I'll surely be better on two feet soon enough. Thanks Luna" Ross said

    The time is upon us...

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    Fya was apparently the last of her kind with made Gregory a bit sad. That has to be really lonely

    as everyone continued on they were suddenly attacked by a spooky rock monster Gregory ran away with the group but was really tempted to actuarly fight the thing.

    the unexpected events did not stop there however. As another group of pokemon showed up and were here to rescue Fya

    Gregory was helped to the boat by a Blue pokemon that was of the mantyke variety she was named Como and was both very shy,polite and excited about
    Meeting a new acquaintance.

    "If you don't mind me asking, how did you end up in this cold place..if you don't want to answer thats fine of course but i am curious" Como asked stumbling over her words a little bit.

    "No its fine" Gregory replied "The thing is its a long and weird story" Gregory didn't really know how to repsond but he hoped that would satisfy Comos question for now.

    then they both got on the boat.

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    "Okay, why am I in a refrigerator?"

    That was my first thought as I regained consciousness in an unknown territory. Soon enough, I did catch on and realize that I was not in a refrigerator; however, I was in a very cold area. My eyes shot open, and as they did so, they widened.

    I was not at an amusement park. There was no way they would have the air conditioning on this high. I was in a dimly lit cave. But it wasn't just me. There were others in it with me. As their images came into focus, I was able to identify them as... Pokemon? The fictional creatures I had only seen on a TV? There was no way...

    But that was definitely an Emolga. That was definitely a Tyrunt. That was definitely a Pikachu. There is no mistaking a Pikachu. The first emotion that came to me was fear. Did they trap me here? Are they going to do something to me? But if they were going to hurt me, surely wouldn't they have done so already?

    It seemed that I was safe. At least, from these... Pokemon. It felt really strange referring to a real-life image as a Pokemon. But that was not my biggest surprise of the first five minutes after I became conscious.

    It came as I tried to stand up. Standing up wasn't really a thing. I was standing on all fours. Something weird was going on. Last I checked, I wasn't a dog. I walked in a circle for a few seconds. Those were definitely four feet. I felt fear again, and started shaking a little bit. I let out a whimper that sounded strangely like a noise a Bulbasaur would make.

    Wait. What? Why did that sound like I was a Bulbasaur? I exclaimed the question "Huh?" just to test the waters. That was not my own voice. That was a grittier, harsher voice. My suspicions were getting bigger. I turned my head around, and my heart almost stopped at what I saw.

    It was a bulb.

    I had become the first Pokemon in the National Pokedex.

    No. How is that even possible? Pokemon aren't even real! But that was a silly thing to think, after looking back at the other Pokemon in the cave. They seemed to be walking away, now.

    The only way I was going to figure out what was happening was by following them out of this ugly cave. I stumbled for a second. Still needed to get used to walking with four legs. I was able to regain my balance and follow them out of the cave, step by step.

    Jeez, this cold can't be good for a Bulbasaur...

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