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  • D/P/Pt

    10 31.25%
  • HG/SS

    11 34.38%
  • B/W

    4 12.50%
  • B2/W2

    7 21.88%
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    B/W for its dark and in-depth plot and evil team.
    I have B2 but have never managed to get too far into it, I should work on that. Though I also have a new Black file I have not completed so I should finish that as well.

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    God, you know if HG/SS actually fixed some stuff and had an OG game corner that the JAP version got (no, voltorb flip is crumbs compared to having a normal sized GC and a few games along with coin buying) and played around with Kanto to make it NOT be one of the worst things in the game it would probably have been the Ace of the entire DS/3ds era.

    BW2 was alright and a generally solid game... didnt really feel like a pokemon game in the bad way where the plot wasnt much of a hook and the style was kinda weak. Was still a pretty good experience with some cool, albeit low effort, stuff in it.

    I didnt hate but didnt really like DPPL either, was kinda generic and milk toast anime plot but had actual villains despite their flamboyance I guess. If I had a friend and that was their only game I would probably tolerate it to the point where I unlocked all the multiplayer stuff. Meh. Atleast someone cared.

    BW1 is the weakest link here, pulling a nonsense plot where you are supposed to think that maybe pokemon battling bad when the entire meta of the franchise is to GET OUT THERE AND BECOME THE STRONGEST POKEMON WARRIOR. They use some loose leaf idea that it harbors bad relationships even though half the time you can barely stop pokemon from fighting eachother. Does pikachu use thunderbolt mean nothing to them or are their idea's really just generated by AI and then hastily scribbled by some high school drop out? between that and EXP manipulation being some poorly executed difficulty tweak just to be tossed out.... Blegh.

    Oh and Dreamworld getting cancelled was a huge mistake that renders the black and white series far less fun, being the biggest minigame in all of pokemon. Sorry professor Fennel, your invention was destroyed by a couple of awful business men.

    I'd say it comes down to BW2 and HG/SS. I liked pokewalker.
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