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Thread: [GCEA Sinnoh Opening] Picking Up The Sword [Language]

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    [GCEA Sinnoh Opening] Picking Up The Sword [Language]

    Chapter 1
    “Damn it!” I shouted, as Stryker went down. I looked over at Dad who stood at the opposite end of the backyard with his Blaziken. Technically they were both his Pokemon, however I didn’t have any Pokemon of my own, and he insisted on doing this training every Saturday morning.

    I called back the Scizor, and let out my next Pokemon, Magnitude the Flygon. Magnitude had the type advantage over Blaziken being ground type, as well as a Dragon, doubly resisting its Fire type moves. I should stand a chance this time.

    “Dragon Tail!” I shouted, as the Flygon began to descend towards the Blaziken. Whilst Earthquake would be much more effective, it was also easy for Pyro to dodge, and Dad would expect that. At least if I can hit it with Dragon Tail, then use Earthquake, I should be able to take it down.

    “Jump, and land a kick from above!” Dad shouted, as Magnitude flipped in the air to strike Pyro with his tail. Like a flash, Pyro leapt into the air, barely avoiding the attack, before flipping, and charging towards the ground with his leg outstretched.

    The attack connected, knocking Magnitude out instantly.

    “What the hell, how did you do that?” I shouted, “That was a Fighting move! It should have been weak against Magnitude!”

    Dad called back Pyro.

    “No more battling today. If you don’t know how that happened, there is no way you can win. You need to go over your theory before we go.” Dad replied, “Your team could have beaten me if you knew what you were doing.”

    “That doesn’t answer my question?” I asked, “How did Pyro one-hit Magnitude with the disadvantage.”

    Dad sighed.

    “You’d be right about Pyro having the disadvantage over Magnitude, except you’re forgetting something.” Dad explained, “Magnitude isn’t Flying type. He is Ground and Dragon. And he is as vulnerable to Fighting moves as any other non-Flying type.”

    “Even then, that’s ridiculous!” I pleaded, “Magnitude is a tough Pokemon.”

    “Don’t you remember how I beat Stryker just then?” Dad asked. Suddenly I realized.

    “Damn it…”

    “What did I do?” Dad asked.

    “You knew that Pyro was resistant to both of Stryker’s types, double even. So you bought time by intentionally hitting him with fighting type moves that wouldn’t knock it out, but would power up Pyro. Power-Up Punch and Bulk Up.” I explained, “That way once you did beat it, Pyro could take out just about any other Pokemon.”

    Whilst I was somewhat impressed that he thought to let the battle drag out and take small amounts of damage, I was still annoyed. This lecture was humiliating.

    “It’s my last morning here before I leave.” I said, “Do I have to keep doing training?”

    We started this morning at the crack of dawn with Dad sparring with me. Ever since I was a kid, he’d been showing me how to defend myself. How to block a hit, or stop somebody with a knife, and how to incapacitate them. Sometimes we even used sticks, as if they were swords. Even though I hated it and thought it was ridiculous, he insisted. Said that I needed to be ready in case anything happens.

    After that was battling, however that was cut short with Dad beating me. Now I was going to have to study type match-ups and Pokemon attacks.

    “Yes, you do.” Dad replied, “This is the last chance I have to make sure you’re prepared before you go. This was if anything happens, you will be able to protect yourself.”

    “Anything happens?” I asked, “Like what apparently happened to you, that you still haven’t told me about?”

    “Don’t start Sophie.” Dad said irritably, “You’re too young, and don’t need to know these things right now.”

    This irritated the s*** out of me. Ever since I was a kid, he’d use that excuse to make me do this crap.

    “Not too young to travel Johto by myself though.” I muttered, “Very smart Dad.”

    “We’ve gone over this.” Dad replied angrily, “If you’re with people, and anything happens, you become responsible for their safety. When you’re by yourself, you aren’t looking out for anyone else. Just yourself. And you’re a lot less likely to get killed because of some stupid decision made by an idiot teenager.”

    “An idiot teenager?” I shouted, “Is that how you see all of us?”

    “All but you!” he shouted back, “I don’t see you as an idiot because I busted my a** to make sure you were prepared. But a stubborn teenager, that’s another story!”

    “That’s rich coming from you, a**hole.” I shouted back, before going inside.

    I walked up the stairs, and locked myself in my room. Slamming the door behind me. For a moment, I heard Dad’s heavy footsteps walk into the kitchen, however he was quickly stopped, I assume by Mum.

    I looked out of my bedroom window, which overlooked Ilex Forest, that our back yard was backed onto. Beyond that I could see Route 34 and Goldenrod City. And in all honesty, I couldn’t wait to get out of here. That being said, I more couldn’t wait to get away from him.

    I continued packing my belongings, before there was a knock at the door. It was too soft to be Dad.

    “I don’t want to talk, Mum.” I shouted.

    “Good thing I’m not your mum then.” said a familiar voice in my head.

    I walked over to the door, and opened it. On the other side stood Gwaine, Dad’s Gallade. I let him in before locking the door.

    “He sent you up to talk to me?” I asked, “He can’t even do that himself?”

    “Phoebe asked me to talk to you.” Gwaine replied, “Jacob was p***ed, so she sent him to the shops to get the stuff you need for your trip to cool off.”

    Whilst I was pissed, I was kinda glad that Mum sent Gwaine to talk to me. He had been around and looked after me since I was a little kid. He was the voice of reason around here, that I could talk to when I didn’t feel like talking to a parent.

    “You know this would all not be a problem if I actually knew why he made me do this?” I said to Gwaine.

    “I know.” Gwaine replied, “It would be frustrating being kept in the dark about this.”

    “So you agree?” I asked, “That he should cut the bulls*** and just tell me?”

    “No.” Gwaine said.

    “Why does everyone say that?” I asked irritably. He and Dad weren’t the only ones. Mum and Auntie Laura were the same.


    “I’m too young, I know.” I explained, “I’ve heard it before. I just don’t get how I’m supposed to understand if he refuses to tell me anything. The closest I have been told is that he has had to battle like his life depended on it, but Laura refused to say anything else, and even then Dad got p***ed.”

    “Maybe he doesn’t care if you understand or not.” Gwaine explained, “Maybe he just wants you to trust him?”

    “Why?” I asked.

    “Because he’s your dad.”

    Whilst Gwaine didn’t tell me what I wanted to hear, it felt good to let out my frustrations.

    “I’m gonna miss having you around Gwaine.” I said, before giving the Gallade a hug.

    “It’ll be too quiet around here.” Gwaine replied, “After fifteen years of you being around, it’d be strange not having you here...”

    Chapter 2
    Dad got home an hour or two later, and was back to his usual cold and stoic self. I packed the last of my things, and at about midday, I kissed and hugged Mum goodbye before getting into the passenger seat of Dad’s car, and beginning the trip to New Bark Town.

    The drive itself took about three hours, and most of the trip was in silence. Whilst Dad tried to make conversation, it seemed forced, and I really wasn’t in the mood to talk to him after this morning.

    Truth is, that I knew that this was gonna be the last time I saw him for a while, however didn’t want to let him think that him treating me like a kid, and intentionally keeping me in the dark, and making me suffer for it, was okay. I wished he’d just stop being so stubborn and tell me the truth.

    But, he made it clear he wouldn’t, so I remained silent.

    It was mid afternoon when we arrived in New Bark Town. Whilst it was the town where all Pokemon Trainers in Johto begin their journey, the town itself was small and quiet. It wasn’t much smaller than Azalea Town where I grew up. It didn’t take too long to find the lab.

    As we made our way in, there was a friendly looking receptionist who sat behind the desk. She looked to be in her late fifties, and put down the phone as we walked in.

    “Hello dear.” She greeted, “What can I do for you?”

    “I’m here to choose my first Pokemon.” I replied confidently. Even though it was a pain in the a**, the one thing about Dad’s training that didn’t feel useless was the battling against him. It gave me a bit of confidence with this. The self defense and extreme study of battling techniques however, still was a crock of s***.

    “Take a seat.” the receptionist said, gesturing towards the waiting area. We were lucky. I heard some days that this place was packed, when groups traveling together would go all at once. Today I was by myself. Maybe Dad wasn’t wrong about me traveling alone. But I’d never tell him that.

    Dad and I took a seat, and I spent a few minutes playing on my phone. Finally he spoke up.

    “Do you know which one you will pick?” Dad asked, “Which starter?”

    “I’m not sure.” I replied, “I am torn between Cyndaquil and Totodile.”

    Dad laughed, which I was almost shocked to hear. It was a rare thing.

    “What’s so funny?”

    “When I was in your position, I had the same problem.” Dad explained, “I couldn’t pick between Torchic and Mudkip.”

    I had almost forgotten that they were two of the Hoenn starters, the third being Treeko.

    “So how did you get both?” I asked, “Which did you pick?”

    “I had a Pokemon Egg.” Dad replied, “Which conveniently hatched before I had to pick. That was Pyro. So I picked Skipper.”

    “I just find it funny. Phoebe and Laura both say you take after me.” He continued, “I guess we can’t escape it.”

    I remained silent. I was still pissed off with him, and it wasn’t going to take some olden days story to change that.

    Soon after, we were called into the lab by an assistant, and brought before a table with three Pokeballs.

    “Feel free to let one, or all of them out.” the lab assistant said. I nodded before pressing each of the buttons, revealing a Chikorita, a Cyndaquil and a Totodile, as the lab assistant made his way to check on some of the equipment.

    Each of the three Pokemon looked up at me curiously.

    “Now I gotta pick.” I mumbled to myself. However what happened next shocked me.

    “Just make sure you don’t f*** it up somehow…”

    I was almost shocked hearing Dad say that, and hearing how cold his tone was.

    “Excuse me?” I asked almost instinctively.

    “Geez, you’re deaf and thick.” He replied even more coldly, “I said, don’t f*** it up.”

    I went silent, and felt my good mood start to disappear.

    Before he could say anything else, there was a sound, coming from the three Pokemon on the table in front of me. The Cyndaquil, staring at Dad, growling.

    “Looks like I’ve p***ed it off.” He laughed cynically.

    “You know what, why don’t you wait outside if you’re just going to be an a**hole.” I snapped at Dad, “I’ll deal with you when I am done here.”

    Dad gave me a menacing grin before walking out the door.

    I looked at the Pokemon, before finally making up my mind. I put the Chikorita and the Totodile back into their Pokeballs before speaking to the Cyndaquil.

    “You’re brave standing up to him.” I said, “So I think I’ll call you Wolverine.”

    I put Wolverine in his Pokeball, before finding the lab assistant and telling him that I had made my choice. After that, I filled in some paperwork, and got a New Trainer Package, before heading back outside the lab. As I walked outside, I let Wolverine out of his Pokeball.

    I found Dad around the corner, and shoved him in the chest.

    “What the f*** is your problem?” I shouted, “Were you trying to look like a bada**, or just humiliate me? Because all you did was made an a** of yourself!”

    Dad laughed at me, which made me more angry and caused me to shove him again.

    “I was helping you make the right decision.” Dad explained, “When I treated you badly and upset you, what happened?”

    “You looked like an a**hole?” I responded sarcastically.

    “Funny. But in addition to that. What did the Pokemon do?”

    I thought about it for a second.

    “The Chikorita recoiled, and the Totodile was oblivious to the whole thing.” Dad said, “This little guy stood up to me. That’s the sort of Pokemon I want my daughter having.”

    Whilst what he said made sense in some f***ed up way, I still wish he didn’t do it.

    “You could have at least told me…” I muttered.

    “They’d be able to tell you were faking it.” Dad replied, “I wanted to be sure. You’ll forgive me one day.”

    I glared at him when he made the comment.

    “Keep telling yourself that.” I said, “One day you might do something and prove yourself wrong…”

    Dad’s expression changed for a second to concern, before going back to his usual, annoying stoic face. If he was sorry, he wasn’t sorry enough to actually do anything.

    “Is there anything I can help you with before I head home?” He asked, “Any questions you have before you’re on your own?”

    “I’m fine.” I replied coldly.

    For a second, he almost seemed hurt.

    “I guess this is it then…”

    We walked back to the car to get my bag, before he spoke again.

    “It should take you two or three days to get to Azalea Town.” Dad said, “Make sure you stop by home on your way through. Mum and I will be eager to hear about your first few days.”

    “I will.”

    It almost seemed like Dad was putting off going, but gave up.

    “I guess I’ll see you in a few days.” He said as he climbed into the car, “Love you Sophie. Stay safe.”

    The engine started, as Dad left, and I was left with Wolverine.

    It was just after four, and I checked my map. Cherrygrove City was the closest city, and if I didn’t dawdle, I could potentially make it there before it got too dark and the Pokemon Centre there closed.

    I went to a nearby gas station, and bought myself a drink, and some food for Wolverine, before we made our way towards the city exit.

    As I was giving Wolverine a piece of Pokemon food, I felt the light in the sky start to dim, as if a large cloud crossed over the sun.

    “S***, it better not rain…” I muttered, as I looked up, expecting to see dark clouds, and was surprised when I saw there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky. But I wasn’t mistaken. It had gotten darker.

    “What the hell?” I muttered to myself. It was not even half past four, and the sun was supposed to be up for a few more hours.

    I looked at the sun, shielding my face from it, when I realized what was going on. The sun was going dim…

    “What the f***...” I muttered, before calling Wolvering to his Pokeball. Something was going on and I didn’t want him caught up in it.

    I turned to run back to the lab, before I saw something that shocked me. A hole in the air, and on the other side of it, another town. One that was well lit in what looked like midday sun, with a different style of buildings to New Bark Town.

    I tried to look closer, and see what it is, however as my concentration grew, I felt myself being drawn to it. Before I knew what was happening, I had stepped through, and everything went black…

    Chapter 3
    I pulled over when I noticed something was wrong. The clock on the dash read 4:20pm, however the sky was beginning to darken. Sunset wasn’t supposed to be for a few hours.

    “What the f***...” I muttered before pulling out my phone and calling Sophie. I don’t care what she says. Something big was happening, and I had no idea what. She wasn’t leaving my sight.

    The phone rang out until I reached Voicemail. I swore, and threw my phone against the passenger seat, before jumping out of the car, and letting Gwaine out of his Pokeball.

    We were still fairly close to the center of town, and it was small enough that Gwaine should be able to find her.

    “Jacob, what’s going on?” he asked.

    “I don’t know, but I need you to find Sophie.” I explained, “I don’t want her by herself until this is sorted.

    Gwaine nodded, and his eyes glowed for a second. Suddenly, he looked at me confused, before his eyes flashed again.

    “She isn’t here.” Gwaine replied.

    “That’s impossible. She is on foot, and I saw her not even fifteen minutes ago!” I shouted.

    “I’ve been with Sophie since she was born. I have spent hours talking to her telepathically. But I can’t sense her! She isn’t here.”

    I called Gwaine back, before jumping back in the car. Now it was dark enough that I needed my headlights.

    As I drove back to the lab, I noticed a crowd nearby. Immediately, my thoughts turned to something terrible. Something had happened to her. I pulled over and got out of the car, before rushing through the crowd, half expecting them to be crowded around her lifeless body. Instead, they were around a hysterical looking woman. After a moment, I recognized her as the receptionist from the lab.

    “It was terrifying! She looked at it, and seemed to be in some sort of trance, then walked into it!” She sobbed, “They both disappeared.”

    She looked up, and upon seeing me pointed.

    “You! Your daughter…” She stuttered, before breaking down again.

    “What was it?!” I shouted, “What did she look at?!”

    “A hole.” The woman replied, “A hole in the world. She walked into it, and disappeared…”

    It dawned on me what she was saying. What Gwaine was saying. She wasn’t here anymore. She wasn’t in this world.

    I immediately, turned around, and got back into the car, before speeding off, towards the freeway back to Azalea Town. If Sophie wasn’t in this world, there was only one person who could find her, and there was only one being who could take me to him.

    By the time I got on the freeway, the light of the sun was gone, and the sky was pitch black. There were no moon or stars. Just blackness, with the only light being the freeway lighting and the headlights of the cars. I drove well above the speed limit, weaving in and out of traffic.

    Things seemed like they couldn’t get worse until about an hour later, when I realized something. The street lights were growing dimmer. Not only that, so were my headlights. After about another hour, they were almost non existent, forcing me to turn on my high beams. What I had figured out was that any light was being sucked out of this world. However if it wasn’t shining, it wouldn’t be taken away until it started to shine.

    After what felt like forever, I abandoned the car on the edge of Azalea Town. There was not enough light for me to drive safely, and had to make the rest of the trip home on foot.

    I arrived home, tripping half a dozen times on my way there, and ran into the garage, feeling my way to the back shelf where there were a few torches. I grabbed one, and clicked it on for a moment, and saw it was shining at full brightness before quickly turning it off. I had limited light, and needed to make the most of it.

    “Jacob, what’s going on?” I heard Phoebe shout. She must have heard me tripping and swearing through the hallway, “Is Sophie with you?”

    “I don’t know.” I replied, “Sophie isn’t with me. I couldn’t find her before it went dark.”

    “So you left her there?!” Phoebe shouted hysterically.

    “I had no choice. Gwaine couldn’t find her. She wasn’t there.” I explained, “I came here, because there is somebody who might be able to find her.”

    I grabbed another two small torches, and rushed to the back door.

    “Where are you going?” Phoebe shouted.

    “Ilex Forest.”

    Chapter 4
    ”Get away from her!” I shouted, as I let Mushu out of his Pokeball.

    I stood at the back door of my house, where Sophie, barely even three years old, sat on a blanket in the backyard, looking curiously at the figure hovering next to her. Celebi.

    The Pokemon looked at me cautiously before floating a few meters away from Sophie, however from there it didn’t move.

    “Flamethrower.” I shouted to Mushu, who flew at the Legendary Pokemon, launching a jet of flame at it. Celebi blocked it with a psychic barrier, before fleeing.

    Whilst it never tried to get close to Sophie again, I did spot it a couple of times, hiding in the edge of the forest, watching her over the years.

    I rushed through the forest, clicking the torch on and off every few seconds. If I left it on, the light would be drained from it before I got to my destination. After half an hour, I finally arrived. The Shrine.

    “Celebi!” I shouted, “I need to speak to you!”

    There was silence, with the only sound being the wind through the trees.

    “Celebi! Please!”

    The silence continued, however I knew she was here.

    “My daughter has disappeared!” I shouted desperately, “I need your help!”

    The only noise was the wind. Finally I snapped, and used the name I knew I shouldn’t. Not in this world.

    “For f***’s sake Skye! I know you care about her, so help me!”

    There was silence for a second, before a flash of green light behind me, before I was lifted into the air, and thrown against a nearby tree. The torch dropped to the ground, revealing a young girl, who looked to be Sophie’s age, maybe a year or two older, with bright green hair, and eyes glowing green, with her hand outstretched.

    “Who told you that name?!” She shouted, sounding both angry and distressed. If somebody were to know a Legendary Pokemon’s human name, and they not be aware of it, they could be in mortal danger.

    “You did.” I grunted, “In my world we were friends.”

    “Is that why you attacked me?!” Skye shouted, before throwing her arm to the side, and in turn, throwing me across the clearing.

    “I attacked you because I wanted to keep my daughter safe!” I shouted, “And if you don’t believe we have met, look in my memories! I have nothing to hide!”

    Skye’s eyes flashed green as I felt a sharp pain in my head. When Gwaine would look through my mind, he’d move with what was on it. Skye however didn’t care, and tore through until she found what she was after.

    I heard my name, and turned to face who said it, and stood face to face with Celebi, who told me she needed my help, before taking me through a portal to Lewis’ realm. She then changed into her human form, and introduced herself as Skye.

    “What do you mean by your world?” Skye asked, still sounding angry, “And why did you attack me if we’re friends?”

    “My world faced a crisis of Shadow Pokemon. A Shadow Deoxys was created, and myself and my group killed it, however were killed in the process. However we won favor with Arceus, who let us live out the rest of our lives here if we’d like.” I explained, “I’ve been here for seventeen years…”

    “And I wanted to protect my daughter.” I explained, “That’s why I attacked you.”

    “I was playing with her!” Skye shouted, “I meant her absolutely no harm.”

    “You know what happened to people who got involved with Legendary Pokemon in my world?” I shouted back angrily, “They all got caught up fighting your war, and died!”

    “Lucian got involved with Kya and was killed! Clea became linked to Rayquaza, and it inadvertently killed her! My sister got involved with Deoxys and was killed in front of me!” I screamed, “I got involved with L, Lewis, and even you, and it got me killed! I don’t want that for Sophie!”

    Skye looked at me, before her expression changed.

    “You’ve seen a lot of s***, haven’t you.” Skye asked.

    “Too much.” I explained, “When Arceus put me here, I was thankful. I wanted a normal life. And I want a safe normal life for Sophie. But she is gone, not in this world, and I don’t know where!”

    “And how can I help?” Skye replied, “I’m just a time traveler.”

    “You can get in touch with somebody who knows all about the worlds.” I replied, “Chime.”

    Skye looked at me, slightly surprised.

    “I shouldn’t be overly surprised you’ve met Chime.” Skye explained, “If you truly have met myself, Lewis, Kya, L and Deoxys, then you’ve obviously kicked up dust in your own world.”

    “So will you help me?” I asked.

    “I’ll try.” Skye replied, “Go home, and prepare. Pack food, supplies, and pick your best team of Pokemon. Chime will meet you there.”

    “Thank you.” I replied, before turning to leave. I stopped, however, as another question sprung to mind.

    “Why did you approach Sophie?” I asked, “Why did you hang around our house?”

    Skye was silent for a second.

    “I’m a time traveler.” Skye replied, “I know Sophie is destined for great things. Whether you or I like it or not, our futures are intertwined.”

    I looked at Skye intently.

    “You’re helping me now, and for that I am grateful. And if what you say is true, Sophie will end up involved with you at some point.” I explained, “But if that happens and anything happens to her, I’m holding you responsible…”

    I expected Skye to snap at me, but instead quietly replied.

    “I understand.”

    I left it there, making my way back home to prepare for what came ahead. All I knew was that my nice, quiet, ordinary life, was about to change…

    Chapter 5
    “So his daughter was one of the people taken through the wormholes…” Chime said to Skye, as he looked through a window, showing the different worlds. One by one, they were all going dark. All except one.

    “This could be useful.”

    “How so?” Skye asked, “He just wants his daughter back.”

    “She is here.” Chime explained, pointing at the world that was still brightly lit, “And this is the source of all the wormholes. Something is happening there.”

    “So what, you think he will deal with it while he is there?” Skye asked, “He wants a normal life. I don’t think he will do anything beyond finding her.”

    “If he wants to take her home, he will.” Chime explained, “Ninety percent of the wormholes appearing are going there. And the sheer amount of worlds there are, it’d be near impossible for him to pick a wormhole at random and hope it takes him to the right place.”

    “So once he gets there, they’re trapped until this is fixed?” Skye asked.

    “Pretty much.” Chime said, before waving his hand. The worlds in the window disappeared, as the window turned into a portal. “Go back to Ilex Forest. There is nothing more you can do.”

    “What about Jacob?” Skye asked.

    “I’ll approach him.” Chime explained, “I just need to go by somewhere else first.”

    Chime stepped through the portal, and appeared in the hallway of an apartment building in Rustboro. Inside the apartment in front of him, he couldn’t sense any people. He placed his hand over the lock, as the mechanisms whirred and the door unlocked.

    The apartment was dark. Whilst it was midday, the blinds were all closed. He closed the door behind him, and started looking around. There were two things, he was after.

    The apartment looked slightly messy. On the table was a single bowl and spoon. Whoever lived her lived alone.

    On the bench, were a bunch of letters, all addressed to a single person. Phoebe.

    Chime made his way into one of the bedrooms, and began searching the cupboard. He had seen what happened after Deoxys was stopped, and knew what he was after was here.

    Suddenly the cupboard door slammed shut.

    “What are you doing?” said a voice in his head. Chime turned around and found himself face to face with a Gallade, who was a golden color. Gwaine. Jacob’s light type Gallade.

    “I’m looking for the sword and the flute.” Chime explained, “When Jacob died, I saw you take them, and his Pokemon. I saw you give them to Phoebe.”

    Gwaine looked at me intently.

    “Why do you want it?” Gwaine asked, “What do you want with a dead man’s sword?”

    “Jacob needs them.”

    Gwaine was silent for a second.

    “Jacob’s dead.” Gwaine said, “He died in my arms.”

    “He won the favor of Arceus. All the people who gave their lives did.” Chime explained, “Arceus allowed Jacob to live out his life in another timeline.”

    Gwaine remained silent for a moment.

    “He’s alive?”

    Chime nodded.

    “How come he never came back then?” Gwaine asked, “My trainer wouldn’t let all these people think he died. He wouldn’t let them suffer like that!”

    “He knew he couldn’t come back.” Chime said, “And he knew that eventually you would all be okay. But if that happened, and he managed to send a message, then you’d be hurting all over again.”

    Gwaine remained silent.

    “He wanted you all to live a normal life. Not waiting for him to come back.” Chime explained, “Which is why you cannot tell anyone that he or the others are alive.”

    Finally Gwaine spoke up.

    “Let’s pretend I believe you.” Gwaine replied, “Why does he need them?”

    “In his world, he never received them.” Chime said, “And now, he needs to rescue his daughter. I am on my way to see him after this.”

    “I’ll give them to you, on one condition.” Gwaine explained, “You deliver a message for me.”

    “Tell Jacob, that he was remembered as a hero. He wasn’t forgotten. Even now...”

    Chime smiled at the golden Gallade, admiring the Pokemon’s loyalty.

    “He was lucky to have you. I’ll tell him.”


    “So let me get this straight.” Phoebe asked, “Sophie isn’t in this world anymore?”

    “No.” I explained, “Somebody at the lab saw her pulled through a portal, and Gwaine couldn’t find her. She is in another world.”

    Phoebe began to sob.

    “But somebody is coming, who can take me there.” I explained, trying to calm her, “I will find her and bring her home.”

    There was a knock at the door. I ran to it, and opened the door, expecting to see Skye. Instead, Chime stood in front of me.

    “Chime…” I said, “It’s been a while.”

    “For you maybe.” Chime explained, “For me, it’s been both the blink of an eye and an eternity.”

    Before I could question what he was saying, he handed me two objects. One I immediately recognized as Titan, my old sword. Whilst it had been 17 years since it had been used, it still looked brand new. Jirachi’s blessing had worked. The other I didn’t recognize at first. It was a small box, however inside of it was something I recognized immediately. The Eon Flute.

    “Gwaine sends his greetings.” Chime explained, “He told me to tell you that you were remembered as a hero, and weren’t forgotten.”

    I couldn’t help but feel sadness at the thought of my old friend, who still remembered our final words.

    “So why are you giving me these? I asked, “I am just going to get her, and getting out.”

    “I’m afraid it’s not that simple.”

    “Why not?”

    “This isn’t the only world that has gone dark. All but one have. And ninety percent of the wormholes appearing lead there. It is the source of all this.” Chime explained, “Something is happening there, and until that is dealt with, I can’t get you back here.”

    I looked at the sword, something I’d happily left behind seventeen years ago. Now, I was being forced to pick it up again.

    “So if I want to get Sophie back, I need to stop this? Whatever is happening?” I asked.

    “You can find her. But getting both of you home won’t happen until this is over.” Chime replied, “Does this change anything?”

    “Of course not.” I explained, “I’m bringing her home.”

    Chapter 6
    I squinted as I opened my eyes. The sun was bright, and painful to look at. Suddenly, I remembered what happened.

    “S***!” I muttered, before letting Wolverine out of his Pokeball. The Cyndaquil came out, and looked at me confused before looking around. After a second, I joined him, with the confusion being mutual.

    Not too long ago, we were near the lab in New Bark Town, and the sun was going dark. Now we could see it setting, and we were somewhere completely different. I picked up Wolverine and began looking around, finally finding a sign.

    Twinleaf Town.

    I recognized the name. This was a town in Sinnoh. Somehow I had wound up in a different region. But why…

    “Wolverine… I have a feeling we’re not in Johto anymore…”
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