After my first attempt at a fantasy RP based on the Stalkers went absolutely nowhere, after thinking about what went wrong and talking over ways to improve, the biggest problem I found was giving the players too big of a world from the outset.

This time around, I have a new story idea that could work in a smaller setting:

Long ago, a fantastic Pokeworld far from the one we know was ruled by an evil king. The king was ruthless and selfish, only caring about himself. He sent legions of Grand Knights to each of the provinces he ruled.

The king ruled with an iron fist, and the knights ruthlessly enforced the harsh laws. They sent anyone that protested to a place called the Dark City. The Dark City had once been a prosperous place, but had fallen into ruin. The king repurposed the ruins into a prison city.

People were sent to the Dark City regardless of whether they did anything wrong or not. There, they waited until they are taken to the castle. Those that did not die in the brutal prisons were executed for the king’s entertainment.

The people long wished for their tyrannical ruler to be overthrown, but one day, a prophecy of hope came from the seer Sabrina:

"When the time comes that water rises to the sky, a promise shall bring forth the downfall of an empire."

This inspired the people, and though many tried to bring down the knights and the royal strongholds, not a single one returned.

But that hasn't stopped the rumblings of revolution and resistance from rippling across the land. If anything, it has only made it stronger.

You play the role of a member of a resistance force in a small town. Word has spread to the town that a band of four adventurers is even now making their way to the Dark City--and your town is on their route.

One day, you overheard a band of Grand Knights is planning to ambush the adventurers and destroy the town. You know from previous scouting missions that the adventurers will arrive in a week, and the Grand Knights will attack in another week.

Can you work together to help Ash, Misty, Brock, and Serena arrive in town safely, and drive back the Grand Knights with their help?

This bite-sized adventure would then connect to sequels to form an overarching plot.

Would anyone be interested in this sort of adventure?