“Quiet on the set!” A voice hidden behind the bushes that were outside of Mrs. Cunningham’s house calls out.
“Action!” It followed up
The bushes begin to shake wildly as brown furry creature started to break through the wall of leaves. The adorable creature shyly poked its head out. The teddiursa looked around before saying.
“Teddi?” It said with a curious smile
“Keep going!” a voice called at the little brown pokemon.
The teddiursa then fully emerged from the bushes. It is dressed in what looked like a dinosaur costume. It slowly walked forward stopping in front of a small city which was made of cardboard.
“ Cut!” The voice said again finally revealing himself
Renny then stood up calling his next action.
“Alright, we got it that one. Let's prepare for the action shot.” Renny said looking down at the dark type Meowth.
Before they could start Renny’s mom interrupted.
“Renny, its time to go. The professor is waiting for us.”
Renny let out a smile.
“Looks like were wrapping it up early. Shade you got lucky, make sure to have this set cleaned up before we get back. Aarink you wanna ride with us?” He asked the Teddiursa
Teddiursa smiled quickly tearing off the poorly made dinosaur costume. She ran over to Renny and joined him on the card ride to visit the professor. Aarink watched Renny as he recorded the whole ride there. When the family arrived at the professor’s lab, Renny’s mom Karen was the first out of the car.
“Renny! Let’s go, would you put that silly thing down!” She smiled
Renny didn’t respond as he got out of the car. He just kept recording the event as if he wasn’t there. Karen sighed turning towards the lab. Aarink quickly followed behind the two staying, making sure to stay close to them the entire way. As the 3 approached the lab they noticed a small crowd had gathered to cheer on the new trainers who were about to begin their journey.
Karen shifted a little nervously as she realized that soon she would be letting Renny finally go to start his journey. He was 18 now and it was time to let him explore on his own. Knowing that she still felt a little sadness but masked with a smile.
“Whoa, look at all these people who have come to say goodbye to you guys,” Karen said with a cautious smile.
Renny didn’t seem to react too much to all of this. He continued recording all the way through the crow. His camera zoomed past the people and towards the ocean and the Pokémon flying overhead.
” Welcome brother” A confident voice said behind him.
Renny turned around to see Professor Kukui standing right behind him. He dropped the camera for a moment.
“Hello Professor,” He said reaching out his hand to greet him.
Kukui, shook off the handshake and hugged Renny.
“No handshakes here, little brother.” He smiled leading Karen, Renny, and Arrink into his place.

Renny lifted the camera and recorded the amazing lab. There were different species of pokemon all around. Including a massive fist tank that ran from the basement up into the first floor. Renny couldn’t help but walk over and record as much of this as he could.
Kukui let out a little cough to get his attention.
“Little Brother, it’s time to focus on the task at hand.”
Kukui presented three pokeballs.
“These are Alola’s starter pokemon and it’s time for you to make the first big decision of your Pokémon journey.”
With that said he called out the three starters. In the blink of an eye a fire cat, a seal, and little owl were now in front of Renny. Arrink shyly poked her head from behind Rennys leg.
“Ursa?” She said looking at Renny
Renny looked down with a smile before walking forward. He bent down and took a knee.
“Hello, pokemon. I’m Renny. One of you will have a chance to join me on my journey. No matter which of you I choose please know all of you are amazing.” He smiled
Renny picked up his camera and took a couple of shots.
“What are you doing?” The Professor asked puzzled by the camera.
Renny politely responded “The partner I choose will be joining me on a journey through Alola and we will be documenting the whole thing. I need to make sure whichever partner I pick has a good presence on camera.”
One by one he took pictures of the young starters from different angles even going so far as to ask them to make a different facial expression. After a few minutes, he narrowed it down to just one.

“I think I got it!” He said confidently waving over his mother and the professor
“Professor Kukui, Mother I have made my choice.”
He then bent over and extended a hand to the little blue seal type, Popplio.
“After much deliberation, it is your little one that I have chosen. Would you like to accompany me on my journey? It will not always be a walk in the park but with time and focus you could be a true star.”
The little water type smiled taking a moment to responded. After the brief moment, the little seal moved forward nodding her head up and down.
“POP!!!” She responded making a dash for Renny.
Renny lifted the little her up proudly proclaiming.
“I dub you, queen of the waters, Valerie”
Popplio jumped up and down with joy.
Professor Kukui watched the whole thing take place a little puzzled. When it was all said though, he was happy the unique trainer had picked a partner. He walked over calling back the other two starters. Before turning to Renny and his family.
“Little brother congrats, There are some things we need to go over. But first lets me give yo….” He paused
Outside his lab, something was going on. The crowd of people who were out there happily waiting to greet the new trainers was now screaming for him to come outside. Kukui rushed out the door to find the crowd all looking at a sphere in the sky. Karen followed the professor out.

“Whats going on?” He questioned

Renny grabbed Val’s Pokeball calling her back and turned on his camera following the others out. No sooner had he reached the door a flash of bright light shot out of the sphere. Renny walked out the door completely blinded by the light.
“Mom? Arrnik??” He called out.
He stumbled out of the lab with his hands up trying to block the light from his eyes. As he walked forward he put on hand in front of him so that he could feel his way around. When he could find anyone he started to breath heavily. Had he died? Was this the afterlife? Maybe he just was whipped off the plan of existence. The deeper his breath got the more light-headed he started to feel. Renny fell to his knees as the situation was becoming to much.
“Ursa” a warming voice said behind.
Renny slowly started to feel more relaxed realizing he was not alone.
“Arnny!” He smiled weakly
“Where were you? I almost had to film this all on my own.”
Arrnik climbed in his arms as he got back to his feet.
“URSA!” she said driving him forward.

Renny got up and started to walk ahead. He continued to call out for his mom but heard nothing. He stopped as he felt a strange pull. At first, it was weak but as he got closer to the center of this oddity it got stronger and stronger.
“Holy S**T!” he called out
As he could see the center was a liquid sphere. The light around the area had dimmed enough to see what was going on. He lifted the camera to film.

Our hero had not realized that he was so close now that he couldn’t escape its pull.

Everything stopped.