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    Have you had any experience moderating before?
    Sadly no, this would be a first for me ;)

    Do you intend to be active in the SS board?
    Of course, I love what Im seeing so far. I also love reading and chatting about speculation on the game and new designs.

    How often do you post on PXR?
    Every other day normally

    What's your favourite thing about the new games so far?
    Scorbunny and how beautiful the gameplay looks. Im truly excited about getting to see a new gen story play out on the switch.

    additionally, new games always bring in new members and I think keeping the section updated and easy to navigate will help out.

    Proud partner with @Pokemon Trainer Sarah


    Gible bite's Comic

    GCEA Trainer Links based on title characters

    ....GCEA Diamond/Platnium/ Blizard Blue/Platnium 2/ Pokemon Prism.......

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