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    They should really invest in a more sanitized building. There is no air, and that sweaty guy in the corner keeps staring at me. Oh well, i say that i WONT smell his puke stank later and go into the hell hole of a forest.

    I immediately kick a green shell telan thing, but i dont know if i have the musty guy's stank all over me because this thing wont leave me alone. I keep telling moo to tackle it but i dont think it knows that move.

    I pull out a lighter and light it and the forest on fire. I pick up another Wound Cure and a Detox Cure so if Moo ever gets hooked on Phonixs he is good. Now that would be the case, BUT I CANT USE YOU WORTHLESS THINGS! YOU MUST DESPISE ME, ARCEUS, YOU CRUEL DIETARY FUNCTION.

    I try to get out of this evil infested forest of hellbugs, but among the blazing inferno, some little dweeb with a net keeps staring menacingly at me. After beating him up and taking his money, i smell him later and exit out of this pie hole.

    The next building is just as creepy as the last. The two weirdos are on the opposite sides of the room just staring at each other. Oh well, nothing odd going on in here. I head out to Dark Grey City.


    Now I would love to introduce the new member of this barnyard crew.

    I named it chzz the bobird. BECAUSE I CANT DO CHEESE! Pidgey and Bulbasaur will make a nice core. Totally. Like, for sure.
    I do appreciate the naming convention this rom has, it is like Kindergarten on crack. Also, 5 letter limit on pokemon names hurt my soul.

    I took this time to grind in the patch of grass outside pewter city. I boxed the boid and took Moo on a montage.


    After throwing a ball at a bird and making it become one of us, and running around with Moo in a weird patch of grass with tiny beasts everywhere, AAAAND after teaching moo how to grow vines out of its butt, i make my way to the gym. Because that is our country, we sate our bloodthirsty appetite by throwing fertilizer at people in the name of sport! Oops, wrong anime.

    Anyway, after making my way through the lackies, i apparently went earlier 10000 light years (which doesny indicate time, fyi) and challenged the great trabach. I coulda swore the mans name was Brock, this pamphlet must be old.

    I go straight to the "head tarxi of rainbow cut gym."


    Am I at one of those weird conventions? How does one cut a rainbow?

    (Yo side note, Yeewa is a lit name for Onix)

    After beating the guy with a bunch of names, i head on over to the Pokemon Center to rest. Next up...wait, did they change the name too?

    Team So Far:
    Moo the Bulbasaur lvl 15
    Cheesestick the Pidgey lvl 5

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