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    Anime Remix Special: Giratina and the Remixed Sky Warrior (COMPLETE!)

    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    (rated E10+ for fantasy violence and frightening images)

    Since the remix of movie 10 was well received, we continue the remixed D/P movie trilogy with a remix of movie 11.

    Be warned: This is not quite the same movie you remember!

    In case you are coming in blind, and have not read Shine Diamond, here are what the gang's lineups are at this point:


    Tintri the Pikachu (The Pikachu we all know and love. His name is pronounced "chin-tree")

    Estrella the Staravia

    Tails the Floatzel

    Diddy the Chimchar

    Gaia the Budew

    Erin the Riolu

    Ash's team is complete at this point.


    Kori the Piplup

    Lola the Buneary

    Stormy the Pachirisu

    Satomi the Kirlia


    Argent the Steelix (main induceable Pokemon)

    Terra the Sandshrew

    Hinata the Vulpix

    Ripple the Marshtomp

    Tarina the Pichu

    Kage the Croagunk

    Brock's team is complete at this point

    Prologue: A Link Between Worlds

    "Wow..." Ash gasped as the group arrived by a quiet mountain lake. "This is the place Paris told you about?"

    Dawn nodded. "Yeah--one of the very few places you can see the Legendary Pokemon Shaymin in its natural habitat."

    "Funny you should say that--I think I see one way out there." Brock pointed out a tiny white and green hedgehog-like Pokemon romping through a clearing.

    Piqued, Ash read up on the Pokemon as it frolicked with some Combee:

    "Shaymin, the gratitude Pokemon. It lives in flower patches and avoids detection by curling up to look like a flowering plant."

    "I'm sure that must look cute!" Dawn smiled as she admired the picture on the Pokedex screen.

    "Just remember that a Legendary Pokemon won't show itself to just anyone..." Brock cautioned. "But if it wants you do something, you'd better do what it says, for better or worse."

    None of the group noticed that a swirl in the lake displayed a large gray draconic Pokémon with gold half rings circling the back of its neck floating inside a dark place with platforms floating at many different angles. They also didn't see a sleek black airship hovering over the lake.

    Inside the airship, a white haired boy in a pale yellow flight suit observed a familiar Dialga approaching the lake. "There he is...that's Dialga, all right." he smiled as Dialga started lapping at the water.

    Suddenly, a shadow of the odd dragon Pokemon emerged from the water, grabbed Dialga, and shifted to a snake-like form. "Incredible!" the boy gasped as the snake-dragon disappeared with Dialga as quickly as it had come. "Infi, what just happened here?" he asked the image of a robot girl with swirly multicolored hair on a screen.

    "I don't know, but this is my best analysis..." the girl replied. "It seems that Giratina forced Dialga to enter the Distortion World."

    "Really? Then what's that odd green and white thing on the Giratina's tail?" Zero pointed out Shaymin holding on to Giratina.

    "Analysis confirms this Pokemon is Shaymin." Infi reported back.

    In another location in the real world, a man with slightly graying brown hair watched Giratina and Dialga battle from the safety of a lab near the lake. "This is amazing--I've never seen Giratina actually take another Pokemon to the Distortion World..." he smiled.

    He watched Dialga break free from Giratina's grip and flee towards a portal. "Oh, it brought two Pokemon?" he noted as he watched Shaymin go flying towards an edge.

    Both observers watched the chaos unfold as Giratina and Dialga clashed, unaware of the Shaymin in between them. Giratina fired a ring of glowing blue-purple flames, trapping both Dialga and Shaymin. In desperation, Shaymin fired a huge green burst of light, creating a portal to the real world. "Wow! That was Seed Flare!" Zero gasped as he watched Shaymin land in the lake. "Who knew it could create a waypoint between both worlds?"

    Dialga unleashed a Roar of Time seconds later, freezing Giratina in time. It managed to elegantly leap through the portal as Giratina roared in frustration...

    To Be Continued...
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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 1: Chaos Before Breakfast!

    In the real world, Ash watched the Wingulls weave and whirl through the morning sky from a balcony. It's so peaceful out here...I could stay here forever... he thought as Tintri jumped aboard his shoulder.

    Brock's voice snapped him to attention. "Okay! Pancakes are ready!"

    "Coming!" Ash hurried back inside the house, with Tintri not far behind. "Staying in this house by the lake was a great idea!"

    "Have you washed your hands yet?" Brock asked, making Ash stop in his tracks.

    "Why? They don't look dirty or anything..." Ash protested, showing Brock his hands.

    "Just because there's no visible dirt doesn't necessarily mean they're clean." Brock reminded Ash. "Besides, it only takes a few minutes to wash up."

    "Okay..." Ash reluctantly trudged to the bathroom. Dawn was already present, rinsing her hands as Kori looked on.

    "What kind of soap do you want?" Dawn asked as Ash turned on the other sink. "Midnight Beach, Seaside Vanilla Cone, Dancing Water, Sea Mist and Citrus..."

    Ash took the Seaside Vanilla Cone bottle and sniffed it. "Mm...with soap like this, maybe washing hands won't be so bad."

    "Brock will ask if you used soap if you just run your hands under water, so it's better just to scrub in the first place." Dawn reminded Ash as Kori gave her a towel to dry off with.

    "Point noted." Ash replied--he had been asked "Did you use soap?" and "What color was the soap?" when he had failed to wash on previous trips.

    After rinsing and drying his hands, Ash returned to the kitchen in time to find Brock revealing a small buffet of Pokemon safe food. "Okay, everyone--breakfast is served!"

    "Satomi, Lola, Stormy, time to eat!" Dawn heaved her Poke Balls skyward as Kori hurried to help herself to some Berries.

    "Everyone, time for breakfast!" Ash heaved his Poke Balls skyward.

    "I'll make yours in a minute, okay?" Brock assured Tarina as he put the finishing touches on his own plate.

    [Not a bad spread, Coach!] Kage smiled before getting a small plate.

    [Top notch!] Satomi agreed as she warped over to the Oran Berry bowl.

    "Nice--three different kinds of syrup." Dawn smiled.

    "There's Golden Maple, Butter Pecan, and my recreation of a Pewter City specialty--Mountain Maple." Brock explained. "So named because it is a Grade B maple syrup, which is a darker and richer taste than the average Grade A you find in the grocery store. They next infuse a little chocolate into the syrup, which gives Mountain Maple its chocolate-like taste."

    "Cool!" Ash smiled. "No wonder I've always wanted to gorge Mountain Maple by the bottle!"

    Brock just smiled. "It's surprisingly easy to make at home, if you're lucky enough to have maple trees in the yard."

    Ash was about to reply when he noticed the white hedgehog crawling on top of the table, leaving a trail of grey dust behind it. "Oh, hello--how did you get all covered in soot, little guy?"

    He balked when he saw the small Pokemon muching on his dry pancakes. "Hey, that's MY breakfast!"

    [Get your own!] Kori snapped as she rushed to grab the plate away. But in her zeal to defend Ash's breakfast, the hedgehog Pokemon bit her! [YEEEEEEOW!]

    "Kori!" Dawn hurried to assess Kori's left fin.

    The hedgehog Pokemon shook itself off, spraying soot everywhere. As the group coughed and sputtered; it jumped on top of Tintri!

    "Hey!" Ash managed to sputter in between coughs as the tiny Pokemon used his cap to climb on his head.

    "Oh no..." was all Brock could say before the tiny Pokemon unleashed a massive green explosion, sending everyone flying.

    "What was THAT?" Dawn asked as she collected herself.

    "I don't know, but it cleared the air!" Ash replied as he eased himself to his feet.

    Dawn caught the tiny hedgehog Pokemon in her arms. "Here--let's give you a bath." she offered as she carried it into the bathroom.

    "I'll go clean up the mess in the kitchen while you clean our guest up." With that, Brock hurried out.

    Ash smiled as Dawn gently scrubbed the hedgehog Pokemon. "I think it likes that..."

    After a few minutes, Brock returned. "Okay...the good news is, the kitchen wasn't--!"

    He did not expect the tiny hedgehog Pokemon to crouch down in preparation to dry off. "Whoa!" Brock shielded himself as the little Pokemon shook itself dry, spraying water all over the bathroom.

    Thank you for your kindness, everyone. the Pokemon smiled. I am Shaymin, guardian of nature. Can you take me to that place?

    "Well, where is that place?" Dawn asked, confused.

    Brock gasped when he noticed Shaymin's cheeks had turned red and the flowers in her fur were wilting. "She's warm..." he noted as he felt around Shaymin's head. "Let's get to the Pokemon Center, right now! A fever can be serious if left untreated!"

    "Right!" Ash hurried off to round up his team...

    To Be Continued...
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    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 2: Brave New Distortion World

    At the Pokémon Center, Nurse Joy studied the results of the battery of scans. "It appears to be reacting to the large amount of pollen in the air. This is why I have to wear safety glasses."

    "So, an allergy on a much larger scale?" Brock asked as he found a pair of safety glasses for himself.

    Nurse Joy nodded. "If Shaymin takes in too much dirt and dust, it will have this sort of reaction. Luckily, it is very treatable."

    Ash watched as Dawn fed Shaymin a piece of Pokechow. "At least Shaymin is eating..."

    He looked down at the tiny hedgehog Pokemon. "Hi--I'm Ash, and this is Tintri."

    Surprisingly, Shaymin heaved a cloud of smoke in Ash's face, spurring both him and Tintri to cough profusely! "Shaymin helps out an area's ecosystem by absorbing dirt, dust, and pollen, then purifying it in a blast of earth energy. This is known as Seed Flare." Nurse Joy explained.

    "That explains the green blast I saw before..." Ash wheezed as a Chansey gave him a hanky to wipe the smoke induced tears from his eyes.

    "So if I hypothetically wanted to use Shaymin in a Contest, what would Seed Flare's appeal be?" Dawn was curious.

    Ash brought up the move in his Pokedex. "Seed Flare is an amazing Beautiful move. Have it follow Seed Bomb for an amazing combo!"

    "Oh my!" Dawn gasped, amazed at the move's six heart base rating.

    Just then, Shaymin elegantly jumped on Ash's head. "Well! Maybe she likes you after all." Nurse Joy smiled. "Shaymin is known to spray smoke at people and things she doesn't like."

    "That explains why she sprayed smoke at me before..." Ash mused as a green light appeared on the monitor assessing Shaymin's condition, signaling she was cured.

    Will you take me somewhere? Shaymin asked Ash.

    "Okay...where would you like to go?" Ash asked as the group reunited at the front desk.

    Come on--I'll show you. Shaymin replied as the group departed the Pokemon Center.


    Take a left over here... Shaymin instructed as the group arrived in a garden by some triangle-shaped statues. And we are here!

    "Oh, so this is 'that place' you were asking about?" Dawn asked as she noticed one of the statues' mirrors rippling like water.

    Shaymin gasped when she saw Giratina in the statue's reflection. I have a bad feeling about this...

    Just then, the mirror glowed a bright cyan, revealing the strangely colored gloom of the Distortion World! "SHAYMIIIIIN!" Dawn gasped as she desperately grabbed at Shaymin.

    "If you're going into that weird world, I'm coming too!" Ash vowed, leaving Brock to watch in shock and amazement as they were both pulled inside...


    "OOF!!!" Ash and Dawn landed on a stone pillar somewhere in the Distortion World, with Shaymin still in Dawn's arms.

    Is everyone okay? Shaymin asked as the boy and the girl collected themselves.

    "I think so..." Dawn replied as she brushed herself off.

    "Although...where are we?" Ash wondered as he glanced around the purple gloom filled landscape the pilar was a part of. "Although I can definitely say we're not in Shinou anymore..."

    Shaymin shuddered as Giratina floated nearby. He is here...

    She gasped and rolled up into a green ball as Giratina charged at them with a roar! "Where's a weapon when you need one?" Ash gasped, both awed and afraid at the massive dragon-like Pokemon before him and Dawn.

    [Take THIS!!!] Tintri cried before unleashing a Thunderbolt. Giratina warped away into a shadow to dodge the Thunderbolt, reappearing behind the group seconds later!

    "Stop!" a male voice cried. "You'll only make Giratina angrier!"

    "There's someone else here?" Dawn asked as Kori fruitlessly tried firing a Bubblebeam at Giratina.

    The brown haired man from before ran to meet Ash and Dawn. "If you'll come with me, I know a safe place. We can make introductions and explanations there."

    "Okay!" Dawn smiled, relieved another human was present in the strange world. "Come on, Kori!"

    "You too, Tintri!" Ash called as a small brown reptilian Pokemon with a metallic face fired an Ice Beam to distract Giratina.

    After flying across a platform, the man led them down a stairwell that led deep underground to what Ash figured was a lab. "There...we'll be safe here for the moment."

    "Who are you?" Dawn asked.

    "And why do you want to help us?" Ash asked. "Why should we trust you?"

    "I am Newton Graceland, Genius Scientist." the man replied. "I have been studying Giratina and the Distortion World for a long time, and how it might connect with and interact with the normal world."

    "I dunno about the genius part, but he seems friendly enough..." Dawn mused.

    "I guess we can trust him for now..." Ash agreed.

    After making sure he looked presentable, he told Newton "I am Ash, and this is my companion Dawn."

    "Nice to meet you." Dawn smiled.

    "We were pulled here by accident after Dawn tried to keep Shaymin from being pulled here." Ash explained. "Do you know how we can get back to the real world?"

    "Yes, I can." Newton replied before tuning a radar like device. "This portal finder should be able to locate a way back to the real world, and manifest it here."

    After a few tense minutes, a familiar cyan light manifested in a hallway near the lab. "Bingo! This is your way out." Newton explained before taking a 3DS-like device. "Even though we are underground, my viewfinder should allow us to see what is going on on the surface. This way, I can see anything that happens in this world and document it for my research."

    Tintri noticed purple smoke swirling around the group as they made their way down the hallway. [I don't like the looks of that smoke...]

    Kori coughed profusely as she waved the smoke away. [What are you trying to do? Poison us?]

    "Not at all." Newton replied as Dawn tied a napkin around Kori's beak to block the smoke. "I would advise you not to breathe in the smoke, as it is very dangerous."

    "Mental note: bring respirators next time we're sucked in here." Dawn mused before using her hat to block the smoke.

    "How did all this smoke get there?" Ash asked before pulling up his shirt to block the smoke.

    "Well, during the battle between Dialga and Palkia that almost destroyed Alamos Town and the world some months ago, time and space were distorted, causing purple smoke to enter the Distortion World." Newton explained. "This made Giratina very angry, so that is why Giratina attacked Dialga before. However, Shaymin used Seed Flare, which allowed Dialga to escape."

    Ash remembered that Shaymin was not with them. "Speaking of which....where IS Shaymin?"

    A thud got the group's attention. "Something's happening!" Newton gasped before pulling up an image of Giratina grabbing what looked like Shaymin on the viewfinder.

    "SHAYMIN!!!" Ash cried.

    A prescence on his head spurred Ash to take off his hat, revealing Shaymin inside! "Shaymin! You had me worried for a minute!" he smiled as Dawn hugged Shaymin.

    Oh, Mr. Warped Dragon only has a Substitute. Shaymin assured Ash. I'm all right.

    "Let's go!" Dawn led Kori and Tintri into the real world.

    "Are you coming back with us?" Ash asked as he approached the portal.

    "Not yet--I must stay here for now." Newton replied.

    Ash nodded. "Okay...but please be careful."

    With that, he made a running jump into the real world, Newton waving goodbye all the while.

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Episode 3: The Light Blooming in the Darkness

    "Whoa!" Brock gasped as Ash and Dawn tumbled out of the statue in a heap. "Are you guys okay?"

    "I think so..." Ash replied as he dusted himself off. "We were taken to this weird purply world with all these platforms and underground tunnels..." He gestured to the statue, which displayed Giratina floating around the Distortion World.

    "Not just that, we met a guy actually researching the place." Dawn added as she shakily stood up. "He was the one that led us back to the real world."

    Brock glanced at the image in the statue. "How could a regular human survive somewhere like that?"

    "Well, it helped we were underground..." Ash replied.

    [Don't remind me about the smoke...] Tintri shuddered.

    Dawn gasped as some Magnemite and Magneton surrounded the group. "I have a bad feeling about these Pokemon..."

    "Maybe it has something to do with that spaceship?" Ash asked, pointing out Zero's ship as it landed on a hill.

    After a few tense moments, Zero emerged from the ship, with a massive magnet Pokemon by his side. "An astute observation, hot shot." he began. "You three have something that I want...hand over the Shaymin, and no one gets hurt."

    Ash, meanwhile, decided to read up on Zero's Pokemon:

    "Magnezone, the magnet area Pokemon. It evolved from exposure to a special magnetic field. Three units generate magnetism."

    [You want the Shaymin?] Tintri challenged. [You'll have to get through me first!]

    With that, he fired a Thunderbolt. The Magnezone countered with a green beam of light, forcing the group to roll away from the ensuing explosion.

    "Is everyone okay?" Brock asked as the group collected themselves.

    "I think so..." Ash replied.

    He looked back at the crater the explosion created, where many of the Magnemite had fainted. "That takes care of most of our problem..."

    "But not all of it." Brock cautioned. "That guy could be anywhere in this area, so we need to find somewhere safe to regroup and plan our next move."

    Ash noticed an alleyway near their location. "An alley! There's no way that guy could find us in town!"

    [I'll distract these magnet rejects while you make a break for it!] Kori offered.

    With that, she fired a Whirlpool, buying the group time to dash down the alley and into a town.


    "I think we lost them..." Dawn smiled as she and Kori reunited in the town square some time later.

    [Those Magnemite and Magneton won't be getting up for a while.] Kori smiled.

    [The next question is, where do we go from here?] Tintri asked. [That guy could very well have spies in town!]

    Ash noticed a poster nearby a train station. "Gracidea Point Scenic Train Ride, 500 credits per person..."

    He noticed Shaymin seemed excited over the poster. "Is Gracidea Point your home, maybe?"

    Brock smiled. "I think we've found our way out of here, and a clue to what Shaymin means by 'that place'."

    "I've always wanted to take a train somewhere." Dawn smiled as the group got in line to buy tickets for the excursion.


    "Tickets, please!" the conductor called as the group stepped aboard the train.

    "Here you are." Ash handed over his ticket.

    "Thank you." the conductor replied as he tore Ash's ticket. "Just have a seat anywhere--the dining car will open at noon."

    Dawn smiled as Shaymin jumped into her arms. "Fingers crossed we got space-boy off our backs..." she mused as she and the boys settled into a window seat.

    "And we get to see an amazing view or three in peace." Brock agreed as he connected to the train's Wi-fi network. "According to the itinerary, we'll get lunch, dinner, and excursions all across Gracidea Point."

    Dawn gasped as Shaymin jumped into a woman's arms. "Oh! I guess the Shaymin we were looking after seems to like you, ma'am." she giggled as Shaymin settled in the woman's arms.

    "I'm not surprised--Shaymin is a very friendly Pokemon." the woman replied. "Gracidea Point is said to be their ancestral homeland, but to see one outside of a forest or plain is very rare."

    Ash smiled as Shaymin purred, creating three more flowers on her body. "So what exactly is Gracidea Point named for?"

    A man showed the other passengers a basket of large pink flowers. "These are Gracidea flowers, a very rare species of flower that only blooms in a few places." he explained.

    "Gracidea Point is the mountain that serves as Shaymin's ancestral home." another woman agreed. "According to one legend, Shaymin transforms when exposed to Gracidea Flowers, allowing it to soar through the sky."

    "Wow!" Dawn was impressed.

    "That could inspire at least a few tunes." Brock smiled. "A song about the point itself, a song about the legend of the Gracidea Flower, and a song about Shaymin's flying form..."

    "It's decided!" Ash announced. "We will find a way to bring Shaymin home, or die trying!"

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Interlude: The Gracidea Express

    For a while, the train ride was uneventful. Shaymin had found her way back to Dawn, and was now snoozing in her lap. Ash was enjoying the view of the plains rolling by his window, thankful that at least for a little while, their foes wouldn't find them.

    I wonder if Newton's okay... he thought. Or why did that guy want Shaymin?

    "What other legends are there about the Gracidea flower?" Brock asking a man a question snapped Ash from his thoughts.

    "Well, one story goes they protected a pair of young lovers from evil magic." the man replied. "Another says a warrior gave one to his lady as a token of his love, and their love lasted for all time."

    "In some versions of the tale of Princess Kaguya, Kaguya was said to have emerged from a Gracidea flower." an old woman added.

    "Strangely enough, while most other flowers have a mix of happy and sad tales, the Gracidea is featured in very few tragic tales." a boy noted as he typed up some notes. "If they do appear in a tragic tale at all, it is to memorialize a noble sacrifice."

    "Interesting." Brock mused as he wrote in his storyteller's notebook for a moment. "Thank you all for helping me out in my research. I would also welcome anyone willing to share what tales they have, or at least their basic plots."

    "Then I will tell you one of mine." the man replied as he set down his basket of Gracidea flowers on the seat.

    "When you are ready." Brock assured the man as he flipped to a new page to write on.

    "All right--you'll most often see this tale named 'The Guardian Gracidea', but it is also known by the title 'The Two Lovers'." the man explained before beginning his tale. "Basically, there was once a castle deep in a forest, where an old witch lived. During the day, she skulked about as a Pokemon, but at night, she became human again. She could entice Pokemon to come to her, which she would then eat."

    Shaymin shuddered at the thought of being eaten. "If any young man came within a hundred feet of the castle, he was frozen in time." the man went on. "If a young lady came, the old witch transformed her into a bird Pokemon, and locked her away in a golden cage. She had about seven thousand of these in the castle, all with shining bird Pokemon inside..."


    "...he used the Gracidea's magic to return the maidens to their true forms." the man concluded his tale some time later. "Needless to say, the two lovers lived happily ever after, grateful that the Gracidea had saved them all."

    Dawn led the applause. "That was actually a very sweet story."

    "If you would like, I can tell you the tale of the warrior and the Gracidea flower, young man." the old woman offered. "It is a very old tale that has been adapted to the stage and the screen."

    "I'm sure it is a beautiful play." Ash smiled.

    "Come to think of it, I think it has been adapted to a TV drama..." Dawn remembered.

    "Well, it is best enjoyed on the stage, if you can find a troupe performing it." the old woman smiled before beginning the story. "Long ago, in a Shinou long past, there lived a lady named Aya. Her mother had joined Arceus when she was very young; but her father was a highly respected man. If he was not at court, he was in the capital, or on the battlefield. This meant that Aya did not see him often."

    "Poor Aya..." Dawn mused. Some of Shaymin's flowers drooped in agreement.

    "Eventually, Aya turned sixteen, meaning she had come of age." the old woman went on. "Her father returned home for the occassion, and Aya went with her maids to meet him. Once all the festivities were over, Aya's father asked her if she had given any thought to her future husband. He mentioned that a neighboring lord had three sons that were of age, in hopes she would marry one of them. After thinking the matter over, Aya told her father that she wished to marry the middle son. Both families rejoiced--the middle son was a kind young man, well versed in the way of the world."

    "And then?" Ash was interested now.

    "The middle son sent Aya many gifts, as tokens of his love." the old woman replied. "But among all of these was a single Gracidea flower, a sign that the middle son was thankful to have Aya as his future bride."

    Shaymin purred again, reviving the wilted flowers. "One day, Shinou was invaded by a rival king, and Aya's beloved was called away to war." the old woman continued. "Yet Aya kept the Gracidea flower close--so long as it bloomed, her beloved was safe."

    Just then, the train passed into a tunnel. "I hate to interrupt the story, but it seems we have invaders of our own!" Ash called, pointing out odd lights from the window.

    Brock gasped. "The Magnemites and Magnetons from before...they somehow followed us here!"

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    Episode 4: Pursued Between Worlds

    Panic ensued on the train as a Magneton used Thunderbolt to shatter one of the train windows. [I have to stop them!] Shaymin gasped in horror.

    She wriggled out of Dawn's arms, and crawled to the basket of Gracidea flowers. [I'm gonna take to the sky!]

    The group watched in awe as Shaymin touched one of the flowers and glowed. "Is Shaymin evolving?" Ash gasped.

    "No...this is the form change mentioned in all the stories." Brock replied as Shaymin emerged in a deer-like form with long antler-like ears.

    [Don't you dare hurt my friends!] Shaymin vowed as she flew into the chaos.

    "Go, Shaymin!" Dawn cheered as Shaymin wove through Thunderbolts; forcing many Magnemite to collide with each other.

    Ash spotted the Magnezone cornering the other passengers. "There! There's the ringleader!"

    [HAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!] Shaymin cried as she fired a large Energy Ball. The glowing green ball flew through the gaggle of Magnemite, sending some of them onto the track. Two more Magnemite tried to fire Thunderbolts at Shaymin, but Shaymin gracefully dodged both attacks; sending her attackers flying into the tunnel.

    [This is for ruining our trip!] Tintri cried as he whacked two Magneton onto the tunnel wall with Iron Tail. He leaped away from two Magnemite, making them crash into each other.

    [Take THIS for ruining our journey!] Kori cried, sending the remainder of the swarm flying out of the train with a massive Bubblebeam.

    The passengers cheered when they saw that the Magnezone, Magneton, and Magnemite were all firmly wedged into the wall of the tunnel. [That should be all of them.] Shaymin smiled as she healed the broken window and any damage on the train. [Now we can continue our trip in peace.]


    Now arriving at Gracidea Point Station. the conductor announced as the train pulled into the station some hours later.

    "Thank you for your courage." the conductor smiled as he watched the group gather their belongings. "I don't know what that gaggle of Magnemites and Magnetons would've wanted; but you managed to save the train and our passengers.'

    "Aw, it was nothin'." Ash smiled.

    "In fact, we'll wave your payment for the return trip, as thanks for your brave deed." the conductor added.

    "Thanks." Brock replied before shepherding Tarina close to him.

    "Yes, thank you." Dawn agreed.

    She looked out at the rolling plains and a majestic mountain in the distance. "Is that Gracidea Point?"

    The conductor nodded. "In order to get there, you have to take a boat."

    "This has gotta be worth the long way here." Ash smiled as the group departed the train station into a flower decorated town. "I can only imagine the view at the top!"


    "Wow!" Dawn gasped as a family of Sealeos swam near the boat.

    "Oh, these are cool!" Ash smiled as some shimmering butterfly-like fish Pokemon leaped over the boat.

    "Those are Lumineon." Dawn explained. "It is said that a lot of them swimming in the darkness of the deep sea look like stars shining in the night sky."

    "That has to look amazing!" Brock smiled. "Good thing we remembered to pack the dive gear..."

    "Sunyshore City's a good spot for scuba diving, if you have the training for it." Dawn replied. "I've always wanted to learn, but Mom always said it was too expensive..."

    "Pity Misty's not here at the moment..." Ash mused as he admired the familiar red and white dive flag on his trainer card. "She would love all these water Pokemon..."

    A splish snapped him to attention. "Kori? What are you doing in the water?" he asked as Kori paddled by the boat.

    [The Pokemon here were having so much fun, I wanted to join them.] Kori explained.

    Tintri watched Shaymin performing elegant loops in the sunny sky. [That looks like fun...]

    [Who said you couldn't join Shaymin?] Estrella asked as she landed by Tintri. [Climb aboard, and I'll take you on a scenic flight.]

    [Okay!] Tintri replied, giggling all the while at Kori frolicking in the water.

    As Estrella soared off with Tintri in tow, the boat sailed into a cave that glittered in hundreds of natural rainbows created from the water and the sunlight.


    As the boat rounded a corner of the river some time later, a glowing ripple snapped Dawn to attention. "Oh, no not again..."

    "Huh?" was all Brock could say before the river expanded into a portal, sending the group falling into the Distortion World.

    After collecting themselves, Brock glanced around the strange gloomy landscape. "This is the weird world you and Dawn were telling me about?"

    Ash was about to answer whem Giratina floated by. "Giratina!"

    He watched Shaymin fire an Energy Ball at Giratina, only for it to dissapate. Undeterred, Shaymin darted closer to the massive dragon-like Pokemon and charged another Energy Ball.

    "Shaymin!" Dawn yelped as Giratina whacked away Shaymin's attack with a shadowy aura, sending Shaymin careening towards a rock wall!

    [This is for trying to hurt Shaymin!] Tintri vowed before firing a Thunderbolt.

    Giratina looked unfazed by Tintri's attack. "No dice, bud--I doubt that even made a scratch!" Ash shuddered as Estrella swooped to rescue Shaymin.

    "You three--up here!" a voice called.

    Dawn looked up to see Newton looking down at them. "Newton? How are you able to stand on the sky and not fall?"

    "Gravity is reversed in this area--come on." Newton explained.

    "Coming!" Ash let the jump to the upside down path as Giratina floated by. Surprisingly, he found the group was standing upside down.

    "I feel like we've walked into a Super Mario Galaxy level..." Brock mused. "All we need are the coins and Star Bits..."

    Ash noticed Shaymin in Dawn's arms, now back in hedgehog form. "Where did all that bravery and confidence from before go?"

    [It's back in the sky...] Shaymin sighed.

    Ash suddenly gasped when he saw Zero eying Giratina. "That guy from before...he followed us here!"

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf @Soups

    Episode 5: The Origin of a Rescue

    Shaymin elegantly jumped off of Ash's head and onto a rock facing Zero. If you're going to hurt my friends, you'll have to take me first.

    Brock gasped as a couple of Magnemite grabbed Shaymin. "I don't think that was the greatest of challenges..." he mused as he watched Zero accept Shaymin.

    Newton gasped when he saw Zero. "It can't be...he's turned against me!"

    "What do you mean?" Ash asked.

    "Zero was once my assistant--!" Newton started before several Magnemite created an electrical barrier around the group. Once this was done, they fired bursts of the dangerous purple gas; causing the group to cough profusely.

    "Here!" Newton sputtered as he offered a spherical device to Ash. "These respirators will protect you from the gas!"

    "Thanks." Ash managed to gasp before putting the respirator in. Once sure he could breathe again, he and Newton worked as fast as they could to get respirators to the others.

    Dawn discovered a TALK button on the respirator. "SunrisePearl, standing by."

    "PokeMaster01, reporting." Ash replied.

    "PewterSong, standing by." Brock replied. "I can see the Magnemite taking Shaymin inside the purple gas cloud."

    The group watched Shaymin absorb the gas just as Giratina headed for her! [HAAAAAAAAAAAH!] Shaymin screeched as she used Seed Flare.

    The impact of the attack sent the group flying back into the real world...


    Brock removed his respirator. "Everyone okay?"

    "I think so..." Dawn replied as she removed her respirator.

    Newton knelt before the shuddering Shaymin. "Shaymin... Giratina only wanted your Seed Flare so that it could regain its ability to travel between the real world and the Distortion World."

    I see... Shaymin replied. That explains that pink shadow over there...

    Ash suddenly saw Giratina land in a patch of trees, transforming into a winged dragon form. "Whoa! Giratina transformed!"

    "That's likely due to gravity changes." Newton explained.

    Suddenly, Zero's airship streaked towards the group! "Hit the dirt!" Brock called, diving to the ground as the ship fired a laser at Giratina.

    Dawn gasped as the laser expanded into a red cage. "No way! Zero captured Giratina!"

    "We have to save him!" Ash vowed as he got up. "Who knows what nefarious plan Zero has for Giratina?"

    He spotted an open airlock just as Zero jumped onto the cage. "We can sneak aboard there while Zero's occupied with the laser cage!"


    "Good thinking, Ash--that airlock led us right where Giratina's being held." Dawn smiled.

    She looked over at Giratina suspended inside a red diamond. "The next question is how to save Giratina..."

    "I designed the airship." Newton explained. "I wanted to absorb Giratina's power so that I could traverse between the two worlds at will. However, I was forced to cancel the project when I realized that this would kill Giratina."

    The group nodded. "I next deleted all of the blueprints, which led to Zero and I leaving on rocky terms." Newton continued "I'm sure that Zero remembers everything I designed."

    A bang got Brock's attention. "Get ready!" he called as the banging continued.

    He smiled at Ash as Shaymin transformed back into Sky Forme. "If you have to, it's okay to use your Swanna Song."

    About then, the door burst open! "Get them!" Zero ordered his team.

    The Magnezone fired Shock Wave at Shaymin, but Shaymin weaved around all the thunderbolts. <i>Take THIS!</i> she screeched before firing an Energy Ball, sending the Magnezone flying into a wall.

    "JUMP!" Dawn screamed as the Magnezone fired a massive Thunderbolt.

    Tintri attempted to shock the diamond cage surrounding Giratina. [No go--this thing's powerful!]

    Brock caught a glance of a computer tracking Giratina's energy drainage as the battle raged on. "We have to find a way to stop the energy drainage before Giratina dies!"

    "Diddy, Tails, help Tintri support Shaymin!" Ash heaved two Poke Balls skyward.

    Dawn watched Diddy use Flamethrower, Tintri use Thunderbolt, and Tails use Sonic Boom to hold off their assailants. "Satomi, Kori, Lola, you guys help, too!"

    [Take THIS!] Satomi growled before using Psybeam.

    [For Giratina!] Kori called before using Bubblebeam.

    [And both worlds!] Lola cried before using Ice Beam.

    "Thanks, everyone--this should buy me time to disable the energy draining system." Newton smiled before hurrying to the computer to stop the draining process.

    "Hurry if you can--it's at 74 percent." Brock warned as Newton went to work. "I don't know how long our teams can hold Zero's team back."

    The group tensely watched as Newton typed a few commands as quickly as he could. After a few tense moments, the cage around Giratina dispelled. Energy drain interrupted--99 percent complete. the system reported.

    Dawn gasped as the whir of the engines stopped, and all the doors on he ship blew open! "I have a bad feeling about this..." she stammered as the weakened Giratina slid across the floor and down to the earth below.

    "If there was ever a good time to use the Swanna Song, this would be it!" Brock gasped as the group recalled their teams.

    "Follow me!" Ash called, motioning for the group to follow him out of an airlock.

    Once all four humans and Shaymin were in the air, Ash sang Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
    Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
    At this, a rainbow aura formed around the group, slowing their descent as the airship crashed into the forest.
    Emusto koron zen fine, si...

    Newton heaved a sigh of relief as the rainbow bubble touched down in the grass. "I don't know where you learned to use such a great power, Ash...but you saved our lives."

    "Where's Giratina?" Dawn asked as Brock came to tend to Ash.

    Brock looked over to see Giratina's body lying by the shore of a lake. "There! I see him!"

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 6: A Clash of Both Worlds

    Ash's heart pounded as he led the group to where Giratina lay. "Oh" he groaned, fighting back tears when he saw Giratina's seemingly lifeless body.

    Everyone heaved a huge sigh of relief as they saw Giratina take a weak breath. He's still breathing...I can try to save him! Shaymin offered.

    "But, aren't you afraid of Giratina?" Dawn was confused.

    Scary or not, I can't just leave him here to die! Shaymin explained. With that, her body glowed light green, healing Giratina completely.

    Giratina gave a low purr. Thank you...who is the one that brought me back to life?

    Ash stepped forward. "We all had a part to play, Giratina--what matters is that you're okay."

    "We were all afraid you weren't going to make it." Brock agreed.

    Giratina purred again. I must thank you all for saving my life.

    Dawn looked down at Shaymin. "See? Giratina doesn't want to hurt you."

    She gasped as she spotted Zero approaching the clearing. "No way! Zero survived all of that?"

    "It'll take more than crashing my ship to keep me down!" Zero retorted as he fired a laser at Giratina.

    Tintri spotted a smaller ship floating in the lake. [There! That's how Zero was able to find us!] he explained as Newton's Shieldon joined the group.

    [Let's destroy it so Zero can't get away!] Kori suggested.

    As Giratina countered the rain of lasers with Will-O-Wisp; Tintri used a massive Thunderbolt. Kori tried Bubblebeam, and the Shieldon used Flash Cannon. [I got it!] Neton's Shieldon smiled as the Flash Cannon impacted the ship.

    Zero was unfazed as he drew a circle in the air, creating a portal to the Distortion World. "You forget I can go into the Distortion World..."

    Brock swallowed hard as Zero jumped into the portal. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

    Suddenly, a massive shockwave knocked everyone to the ground. "What was that?" Dawn asked as she collected herself.

    The human you call Zero shattered one of the mirrors connecting my home to this world. Giratina explained. He wanted to be sure you could not pursue him.

    "Is there a way we can follow him, and bring him to justice once and for all?" Dawn asked.

    Giratina fired a clear beam from his mouth, reopening the portal Zero had used. Come--we can capture this rogue if we hurry!

    "Permission to come aboard?" Ash asked.

    He thought he saw Giratina smile. Permission granted, heroes. Now, let us hurry!

    "Lola, Satomi, be ready to rally the wild Pokemon to help us." Dawn instructed her team as she climbed onto Giratina.

    "You guys, as well." Ash instructed the rest of his team. "I don't know what our efforts will do in this world, but be ready to help us."

    [Got it!] Tails smiled. Gaia nodded in agreement as Giratina flew through the portal.


    In the Distortion World, Dawn noticed Zero was flying on another small ship. "He must have a million of those..."

    Zero punched another crystal, causing a glacier to break apart and slide down towards a village in the real world. In the village temple, a large, white, golem-like Pokémon stirred from its slumber. There has been disruption in the balance of nature...this balance must be corrected, and soon!

    In the Distortion World, Dawn watched as Zero punched another crystal. "I see--those crystals are connected to glaciers in our world.

    "Then that means that the glaciers are gonna crush whole cities!" Ash gasped. "We need to do something!" He let that hang as Giratina fired Will-O-Wisp at the ship. Tintri helped with Thunderbolt, and Shaymin contributed an Energy Ball.

    In the real world, an Alolan Ninetales rallied the rest of the group's Pokemon and the wild Pokemon to stop the glacier that was lurching forward towards the village. [All Pokemon that can use Ice moves, help me create a barrier!]

    In the Distortion World, Giratina used Dragon Claw on the ship, but Zero pushed the massive shining claw against a wall. "Whoa!" Ash yelped as the ship fired a laser.

    Giratina wove around the laser, and used Will-O-Wisp to hit the ship. I have it damaged, here's your chance! he called as he sent Ash the Poke Balls holding his team.

    Ash heaved the Poke Balls skyward. "Gaia use your Energy Ball to help Shaymin! Tintri, use Thunderbolt! Diddy, use Flamethrower on the ship to help Giratina!"

    The flurry of attacks and a laser created a massive explosion that could be felt in the real world.

    [Oh no...] Lola gasped as Newton joined the Pokemon.

    "I must applaud your efforts, little one." Newton smiled. "Something like this has happened before..."

    Is there a chance we can save both worlds? Satomi asked as she helped Lola hold the glacier back with Psychic.

    Newton watched the psychic-tinged ice slow the glacier. "Yes--but you must hurry!"

    He smiled when he saw the large white golem with a herd of Mamoswine. "Oh, of course! Regigigas saved the world when this happened before."

    I come bearing assistance. Regigigas explained. <i>We will take over holding the glacier back while the little Pokemon rest.[/i]

    With that, the Mamoswines all fired their strongest icy attacks. Regigigas conjured some orange energy, pushing back the glacier with divine strength.


    Back in the Distortion World, a small ship zoomed through the purple sky, chasing Giratina. "I hope Zero doesn't mind us borrowing one of his ships." Ash smiled. "This is surprisingly easy to drive!"

    He gasped in horror as Zero fired another laser, hitting Giratina! "GIRATINAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!" he screamed in terror as Giratina was pinned to the ground by ice pillars...

    To Be Continued...
    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"

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    @Scytherwolf; @Soups;

    Episode 7: Dawn of a New Day

    After landing the ship near where Giratina struggled to get free, Ash threw on a respirator and climbed out. Please, Arceus--I hope I'm not too late! he prayed as Tintri, Shaymin, and Diddy looked on.

    "Giratina? Are you okay?" he asked as he knelt down to assess the majestic dragon Pokemon.

    "Perfect timing--now I can destroy you both!" he heard a voice say.

    [You're not gonna hurt my master!] Tintri screeched before firing at the red laser flying towards Ash and Giratina, creating a massive explosion in the sky.

    Ash ducked to avoid Zero's ship as it swooped down in an attempt to slice him. Say...maybe if I found a way to jump aboard... he thought.

    He watched Shaymin use Energy Ball, and Diddy use Flamethrower as the ship flew down in another attempt to crush him. Inspired, Ash made a flying jump onto the low flying ship, surprising Zero! "Why do you want to destroy both worlds?" he demanded as Tintri rejoined him. "Why?"

    "So I can have my revenge on the fool that spurned me!". Zero sneered, showing Ash Diddy and Gaia struggling to get free from a pair of gripping claws.

    [RUN!!!] Tintri called as Zero fired a larger claw and a small claw.

    After jumping to avoid the claws, Ash soon found himself cornered by the ship's tail fin. "You've got nowhere to go, now..." Zero sneered. "You're mine!"

    Ash turned his cap back as Shaymin arrived. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

    "What?" Zero gasped as Ash's Heart Song gave Shaymin's Energy Ball a red tinge of fire. The flame enhanced attack easily destroyed the claws.

    "Gaia, Diddy, return!" Ash called back his Budew and Diddy before challenging "I have more tricks where that came from!"

    Zero was unfazed by Ash's challenge. "I'll deal with you later..." he growled as his ship flew into a cloud of purple smoke.

    "The respirators!" Ash remembered. He quickly put his back in as Shaymin cleared the smoke.


    There...I've cleared away enough for you two to safely remove the respirators. Shaymin reported.

    [Thanks.] Tintri smiled as he removed the tiny Pikachu sized respirator his wore.

    He gasped as he saw two more claws headed for him and Shaymin. [Not today, punk!] he cried as he fired a Thunderbolt, turning the claws back on Zero.

    [HAAAAAAH!!!!] Shaymin cried as she fired a Seed Flare, opening a way back to the real world.

    Zero tried to fire at Shaymin, but something seemed to be holding down his ship. Surprise. Giratina purred before trying to throw the ship.

    "Giratina!" Ash gasped. "I thought you were done for back there!"

    It takes more than that to keep a Legendary Pokemon down! Giratina replied. Come aboard--we'll find a way to be sure this rogue's plan does not come to fruition!

    Ash nodded, and jumped from the ship onto Giratina's back. Giratina next used Will-O-Wisp on the ship as it hurtled through the portal, crashing onto the ice in the real world.

    [Now to be sure that this Zero guy won't be going anywhere for a while!] Lola cried before she and the Alolan Ninetales used Ice Beam to freeze the ship in place.

    Shaymin popped through the portal into the real world, and crashed down onto the ice. "Shyamin!" Dawn scooped Shaymin in her arms. "Is Ash okay?" she asked as Shaymin returned to Land Forme.

    Not yet. Shaymin replied. He is still with Giratina in the Distortion World.

    Brock looked at where the portal had been moments earlier. "The question is, how do we get Ash back, and save both worlds?


    In the Distortion World, Ash saw Brock looking back at him in one of the crystals. "The are we going to save both worlds?"

    You already have the power needed to do so inside of you. Giratina explained. Now, let both worlds hear the holy Swanna Song!

    Ash nodded. Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
    Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...


    ...Katoradis favel siicletu edena... Ash's voice rang through the air, causing the glacier to come to a stop.

    Dawn recognized the voice coming from seemingly nowhere. "Ash! That's Ash's voice!"

    Emusto koron zen fine, si... As the final Bb rang through the air, the glacier and the ice melted in a holy rainbow fire. Giratina emerged into the real world seconds later, with Ash aboard him!

    "Ash!" Brock waved to Giratina.

    "Hi, you guys!" Ash waved back, still a little tired from his performance.

    Giratina elegantly circled down to the lake shoreline, allowing Ash to reunite with Brock and Dawn. It is done--both worlds are safe again. he purred.

    "Thank you..." Dawn smiled as she hugged Giratina.

    "Yes, thanks so much." Brock agreed as he tended to Ash.

    I will be watching over you all from my home. Giratina replied. You're welcome to come visit anytime!

    "We will!" Ash replied. He waved goodbye as Giratina gave a triumphant roar before disappearing back into the Distortion World.

    In a bush, Newton analyzed the energy levels left behind from Ash's Swanna Song. "Fascinating...apparently the Swanna Song can affect multiple worlds at once..."


    A few days later, Dawn led the group onto the peak of Gracidea Point. "Here we are...we made it!" she smiled as hundreds of Shaymin gathered in the grass.

    "Coming up here was a great idea!" Ash agreed as he watched the slowly lightening sky. "Even if we had to get up early..."

    "I have Midori Mist waiting for you back in the camp." Brock assured Ash as the sun began to peek over the hill.

    As the sun rose, the Gracidea Flowers on the mountain began bursting into bloom. The group watched in awe as the other Shaymin transformed into their Sky Forme and soared into the sky.

    I'm home! Shaymin cried as she too transformed.

    She looked back at the group. Thank you...for all you've done.

    "Bye, Shaymin..." Dawn brushed away a tear. "Be safe."

    "I'm gonna miss you." Ash agreed as he gave Shaymin one last hug.

    The group waved goodbye as the Shaymin circled around in the sky in an elegant dance of flower petals and light...


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    Everyone has a dream that fills their heart. A journey they must take. A destiny to fulfill. As close as your imagination exists a magical place, where wondrous creatures with incredible powers help make dreams come true. It's the world of Pokemon!!"


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