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Thread: Favorite Pokémon Card

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    Favorite Pokémon Card

    We don't have a lot of TCG discussions here so lets change that. Do y'all have a favorite pokémon card?
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    Back when I was just a kid, my friend and I will just buy loads of packs just to score the Mew Card. It was a fun challenge and a goal for us to work towards to xD

    ..... and there has been no winners yet :<
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    I cant find mine atm, so i googled it.

    This is by far my favorite card, of my favorite pokemon. Back when i was a kid, id buy packs all the time, now i feel too old for that kind of thing. I miss those days.

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    suicune is one of my favorite pokemon by far and i just remember being really excited to open the vhs box for this movie when i was little and i was so happy to get this as a little surprise

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    I've only ever seen it online though. :c

    Close second:

    Also don't have that one, but I think it's the cutest official yanmega art.

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    Whilst they're not necessarily my favourites, these are the two cards that bring me the most nostalgia. They're from the first pack I ever opened, and they must have been the first two I saw because they're the ones I remember the most clearly. Just looking at the art reminds me of being a kid again, and by proxy that makes me really like the cards. :D

    And whilst it's not a card, this is the first pack I remember going out to buy; it was in a chain shop that usually sells books and that sort of thing. It was one of the first times I went to the city centre as well, if not the first, and I was so happy on the bus home because I had this pack of cards. One of the few times I thought Dusclops was cool. XD

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